SKYRC PC1500 Dual Channel Intelligent 12/14S Battery Charger Instruction Manual

Version: 1.0Instruction ManualPC1500Dual-Channel Intelligent 12/14S Battery Charger


SkyRC PC1500 is a smart charger that integrates CAN communication for smart batteries and ordinary lithium batteries. It can connect two batteries at the same time. The charger’s maximum output power is up to 1500W. It has three working modes of Fast Charge, Charge, and Storage. Additionally, PC1500 is capable of charging smartbatteries with customized CAN communication. It also comes with multiple protections: over-current, over-charge, over-temperature protection, and LED indicator with easy operations and reliable performances.


  • Support 2 packs of 12S or 14S LiPo batteries
  • Support 2 packs of 12S LiHV batteries
  • Three working modes of Fast Charge, Charge, and Storage
  • Maximum safety of short circuit protection, reverse polarity protection & over-temperature protection
  • Support customization for CAN communication
  • Maximum Output Power of 1500W
  • Chinese & English language screen
  • Battery Voltage Meter


Please make sure the AC power is well-grounded before using and strictly follow the operating procedures below.The charger can connect up to 2 batteries.1) Power on Connect AC power, the charger will beep once, and the fan will start to rotate during self-check;2) Select the language:Initial Use: short-press the MODE button, choose the expected language in the interface, then press the START button to confirm.Routinely use long-press the MODE button for 10 seconds to enter the language selection interface.

After choosing the expected language, press and hold the START button to confirm.

3) Select the battery type: Press and hold both the MODE & START buttons simultaneously for three seconds to select the battery type: LiPo or LiHV.4) Connect the Battery: please follow the diagram below to connect the battery. (The charger will automatically detect the battery cells)

5) Select the Charge Mode: Fast Charge or Charge to long-press the START button for three seconds to start charging.Note: 12S and 14S batteries cannot be charged simultaneously; short-press the START button to stop charging or exit the abnormal state.


If a Lithium battery will not be used for a long time, it’s highly recommended to charge or discharge the single-cell battery to 3.8V±0.05V with the STORAGE mode to extend the battery life. If the battery voltage is lower than 3.8V±0.05V per cell, the charger will charge the battery to 3.8V±0.05V per cell in the STORAGE mode; If the battery voltage is higher than 3.8V±0.05V per cell, the charger will discharge the battery to 3.8V±0.05V per cell in the STORAGE mode. Select the STORAGE mode and long-press the START button for three seconds to start battery maintenance. Short-press the START button to stop maintenance or exit the abnormal state.

In the Box

  1. PC1500 Charger *1
  2. Instruction Manual *1
  3. 10A AC Power Cord *1


Message Problems


Charging Malfunction MAIN PORT BROKEN Check if the connection between battery and charger is correct
COMM BROKEN Communication Error
CELL VOLT DIFF 1)  The voltage difference is higher than 300mV between the highest and the lowest one when the single-cell voltage is higher than 3.8V.

2)  The voltage difference is higher than 300mV. the connection is not good. please connect again.

BAL PORT ERROR Connect again or change the balance cable and battery to charge again.
SAL PORT OVER The voltage difference is too high between the main and balance port.  change a shorter balance cable to charge again.
HI-POWER TEMP The charger worked overload: please wait until the charger temperature drops.
AC INPUT ERROR Check if the input voltage is too high or too low
BAT TEMP PROT Please wait until the battery temperature drops.
BAL MISMATCH Check if you are charging 12S & 14S batteries simultaneously, the cell number must be the same on the two channels.
REV POLARITY Check if the battery cable polarity is connected reversely.


  • Input: 100-240V/50-60Hz
  • Cells: LiPo 12S/14S LiHV 12S
  • Working Mode: Fast charge / Charge / Storage
  • Storage Discharge Power: 60W
  • Storage Cut-off Voltage: 3.8V/Cell
  • Size: 294mmx135.5mmx212mm
  • Weight:4.2KG
  • Charge Current:AC220V Fast Charge: 25ACharge: 25A(Total 25A for two channels)AC120V Fast Charge: 9ACharge: 9A(Total 9A for two channels)
  • AC220V Output Power: 1500W
  • AC120V Output Power: 600W


These warnings and safety notes are particularly important. Please follow the instructions for maximum safety. Otherwise, the charger and the battery can be damaged, or at worst, it can catch fire.Never leave the charger unattended when it is connected to its power supply. If any malfunction occurs, TERMINATE THE PROCESS AT ONCE and refer to the operation manual.Keep the charger well away from dust, moisture, rain, heat, direct sunshine, and vibration.The allowable AC input voltage is AC 100-240V. Please make sure the electric generator can provide stable voltage and power if used outdoors. The significant voltage fluctuation will damage the charger; please use a voltage regulator if needed.This charger and the battery should be put on a heat-resistant, non-inflammable, and non-conductive surface. Never place them on a car seat, carpet, or the like. Keep all the inflammable and volatile materials away from the operating area.

Make sure you know the battery’s specifications to ensure it meets this charger’s requirements. If the charger is programmed incorrectly, the battery and charger may be damaged. It can cause fire or explosion due to overcharging.Never attempt to charge or discharge the following types of batteries1) A battery pack that consists of different types of cells (including different manufacturers);2) A battery already fully charged or just slightly discharged;3) Non-rechargeable batteries (Explosion hazard);4) A battery requires a different charge technique;5) A faulty or damaged battery;6) A battery fitted with an integral charge circuit or a protection circuit;7) Batteries installed in other devices or connected to other parts;8) Batteries that are not expressly stated by the manufacturer to be suitable for the currents the charger delivers during the charging process.

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Please bear in mind the following points before charging:1) Did you select the appropriate program suitable for the battery type you are charging?2) Did you set up an adequate current for charging?3) Have you checked that all connections are firm and secure? Make sure there are no intermittent contacts at any point in the circuit.

Charging1) During the charging process, a specific quantity of electrical energy is fed into the battery. The charge capacity is calculated by multiplying charge current by charge time. The maximum permissible charge current varies depending on the battery type or its performance and can be found in the battery manufacturer’s information. Only batteries expressly stated to be capable of quick-charge are allowed to be charged at rates higher than the standard charge current.2) Connect the battery to the terminal of the charger. Red is positive and black is negative. Due to the difference between cable and connector resistance, the charger cannot detect the battery pack’s resistance. The charger’s essential requirement to work properly is that the charge lead should be of adequate conductor cross-section and that high-quality connectors that are typically gold-plated should be fitted to both ends.3) Always refer to the battery manufacturer’s manual about charging methods, recommended charging current, and charging time. Especially, the lithium battery should be charged strictly according to the charging instruction by the manufacturer.4) Special attention should be paid to the connection of lithium batteries.5) Do not attempt to disassemble the battery pack arbitrarily.

The charger is not suitable for children under 14 years old. People with behavior disturbance, mental disorder, or no experience should use it under supervision and guidance. Children are forbidden to play with it. They are also NOT allowed to clean and maintain the device without supervision.


This charger is designed and approved exclusively for use with the battery types stated in this Instruction Manual. SkyRC accepts no liability of any kind if the charger is used for any purpose other than that stated. We are unable to ensure that you follow the instructions supplied with the charger. We have no control over the methods you employ for using, operating, and maintaining the device.

For this reason, we are obliged to deny all liability for loss, damage, or costs which are incurred due to the incompetent or incorrect use and operation of our products, or which are connected with such operation in any way. Unless otherwise prescribed by law, our obligation to pay compensation, regardless of the legal argument employed, is limitedto only the invoice value of those SkyRC products which were immediately and directly involved in the event in which the damage occurred.


We guarantee this product to be free of manufacturing and assembly defects for a period of one year from the time of purchase. The warranty only applies to material or operational defects, which are present at the time of purchase. During that period, we will repair or replace free of service charge for products deemed defective due to those causes. This warranty is not valid for any damage or subsequent damage arising as a result of misuse, modification, or as a result of failure to observe the procedures outlined in this manual.Note:

  1. The warranty service is valid in China only.
  2. If you need warranty service overseas, please contact your dealer in the first instance, who is responsible for processing guarantee claims overseas. Due to high shipping costs, complicated custom clearance procedures to send back to China. Please understand SkyRC can’t provide warranty service to overseas end-users directly.
  3. If you have any questions which are not mentioned in the manual, please feel free to send email to [email protected]

All specifications and dates are subject to change without notice.

Manufactured bySKYRC TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.www.skyrc.com2020.127504-1409-01


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