SOEHNLE 68122 400 Air Fresh Clean Purifier Instruction Manual


Safety instructions

Read these operating instructions carefully before using the Airfresh Clean 400.Warning!

  • Before commissioning, check that the voltage specification corresponds to the local mains voltage.
  • This device may only be used by children 8 years of age and older and by persons with limited physical, sensory or mental abilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been supervised or instructed in the safe use of the device and understand the resulting hazards. Cleaning and maintenance of the appliance must not be carried out by children without supervision. Children are not allowed to play with the device.
  • Always turn off the appliance and unplug the power cord from the outlet before moving or transporting the appliance.
  • Do not operate the device with a defective mains plug or mains cable.
  • Do not spray flammable materials, such as in­ sect poisons or fragrances around the Airfresh Clean 400.
  • Make sure that the air inlet and outlet are not covered.
  • Do not insert any objects into the air inlet of the unit. It may damage the device or cause injury.
  • Do not use or store the product where it may fall into a bathtub, sink, water or other liquid.Do not reach for a device that has fallen into water or other liquid. Do not reach into water or other liquids, even if the unit is not con­nected at this time. If damp, there is a risk of electric shock when the unit is reconnected to the wall outlet. Wipe off moisture with a dry cloth. Do not touch the plug or device with wet hands
  • The filter has to be changed, do not unscrew the device beyond that. In particular, replacement of the UV­C lamp by the user is not permitted.


  • If the power outlet used to operate the Air­ fresh Clean 400 is not properly connected, the appliance’s plug will become hot. Make sure that you are using a properly connected pow­ er outlet for the device.
  • Do not place any objects on the Airfresh Clean 400 and do not sit or stand on it.
  • Only use the original Soehnle filter, which is specially designed for this Airfresh Clean 400.
  • Do not use the Airfresh Clean 400 after using incense as an insect repellent or in places where oil residues, chemical vapors, or incense sticks are present.
  •  Do not use the Airfresh Clean 400 near heaters open fireplaces or gas­powered devices.

Scope of delivery

1x Soehnle Airfresh Clean 4001x Soehnle HEPA combination filterfor Airfresh Clean 4001x instruction manual

Device description (Fig. 1.1)

A: control consoleB: air outletC: PM 2.5 Sensor (fine dust sensor)with protective flapD: Housing and air inletE: UV­C lampF : Soehnle HEPA combination filter (68129)G: removable case backH: screw cap

Intended Use

The Airfresh Clean 400 is used exclusively for cleaning the room air.

Air purification

With the Soehnle HEPA combi filter, you can remove a large number of unwanted particles and odors from the room air. Microorganisms and viruses are destroyed by switching on the UV­C light.Pre-filter:Captures coarse dust.Soehnle HEPA combination filter: A HEPA filter detects dust, smoke, pollen and other allergens. An activated carbon filter filters odors from the air.UV-C light: Destroys microorganisms such as germs, viruses, bacteria, fungal spores, and mold toxins (mycotoxins).

Before first use

  1. Place the unit upright on a firm, level surface.Maintain a minimum distance of half a meter from the unit to each wall.
  2. To ensure optimum performance of the unit, ensure that the air inlets and outlets are not blocked.
  3. Check the power cord to make sure it is free of damage.
  4. Turn and open the underside of the unit as described in Chapter 8. Remove and unpack the Soehnle HEPA combi filter. Then insert the unpacked filter again, close the device again and turn it over again.
  5. Wait until the device has reached room temperature (approx. 2 hours).
  6.  Connect the power cord to a wall outlet.

Daily use and operation

PM 2,5 sensor and LED ringThe current air quality is continuously determined by Airfresh Clean 400 in the form of the PM 2.5 value. The PM 2.5 value is the fine dust load (50% of particles approx. 2.5μm) in μg/m 3.The illuminated LED ring on the upper side indicates the current level of fine dust pollution caused by different colors:RED = high load (>50 µg/m³)PINK = medium load (20 ­ 50 µg/m³)LILA = low load (10 ­ 20 µg/m³)BLUE = no load (0 ­ 10 µg/m³)Please remove the protective flap in front of the PM2.5 sensor (C) only in an emergency. Please do not allow any objects or other foreign bodies to come into contact with the sensor.Switching on and off Press the ON/OFF button (L) to turn the Air fresh Clean 400 on or off. The ON/OFF control lamp lights up.First press:The device is switched onPress twice:Activates the automatic modePress the third time:Deactivates the automatic mode.Press four times:The device is switched offThe control lamps light up accordingly.Automatic mode By pressing the (L) button as described above, the Airfresh Clean 400 is also set to automatic mode. In this mode, the unit automatically adjusts the fan speed in relation to the air quality in the room. This ensures you always get the best possible air quality. The control lamp for AUTO lights up.

Setting the operating timePress button (I) to set the desired oper­ating time. Choose between 2, 4, and 8 hours. The control lamp lights up ac­ accordingly. The device switches off  auto­matically after the time has elapsed. If no operating time has been selected (no indicator light is lit), the Airfresh Clean 400 runs in continuous operation.Changing the fan speed Press button (K) to select the fan speed and thus the desired intensity of air discharge:Low (I) – Medium (II) – High (III) –Turbo (all indicator lights on)UV-C lamp and night mode Press button (J) once to switch on the UV­C lamp inside the Airfresh Clean 400 (UV­C control lamp lights up). Press again to activate the night mode without switching off the UV­C lamp (UV­Ccontrol lamp lights up, NIGHT control lamp flashes). By further pressing the button (J) you can switch off the  UV­C lamp (UV­C control lamp is off, NIGHT control lamp flashes) or switch both off (UV­C control lamp is off, NIGHT control lamp is off ).Night modeIn night mode, you can run the Airfresh Clean 400 without being disturbed by additional light sources. If you activate the night mode, all indicator lights on the device are switched off after 10 sec­ones without the device being switched off. Previously made settings for operat­ ing time and fan speed are retained. The activation of the night mode is initiated by a flashing of the control lamp before the lighting is switched off completely.The device can run either in night mode or in auto­matic mode. These two modes cannot be activated at the same time.

Active Restart FunctionEnables operation via a controllable socket or timer. If the power supply is interrupted, the device remembers all settings and continues to run automatically with the same settings as soon as the power supply is restored.

Cleaning and care

Cleaning the combination filterRegular cleaning of the combination filter (once a month) guarantees trouble­free operation of the Airfresh Clean 400 and maximum indoor air quality.Proceed as follows:

  1. Switch off the device before each cleaning and unplug the mains plug.
  2. Turn the unit upside down and place it on a firm surface (2.1).
  3. Open the screw cap on the bottom of the unit (2.2).
  4. Lift off the bottom of the housing (2.3).
  5. Remove the Soehnle HEPA combi filter (2.4) and clean it.The prefilter is attached to the filter with Velcro. Clean the prefilter under running water. Make sure the prefilter is dry before reattaching it to the  Soehnle HEPA combi filter. The Soehnle HEPA combination filter should only be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.
  6. Reinsert the filter and make sure it is properly inserted.
  7. Close the device (3) and tighten the screw cap. Turn the device back the right way round and place it on a firm surface. Make sure that the base plate is correctly inserted and locked into the locking guide. Also, note the arrow marking on the opposite side of the bottom gap (3). This closes the plate airtight with the bodies.
  8. Reconnect the power cord to a wall outlet and turn on the power.

Cleaning the housingSwitch off the device before each cleaning and unplug the mains plug. Clean the housing of the Airfresh Clean 400 with a lightly moistened cloth.

Replacing the filter

The combination filter should be replaced by a new one after approx. 4320 operating hours. After approximately 4320 operating hours, the ON/OFF  indicator light on the instrument’s con­trol panel flashes to indicate the recommended filter change. Only use original Soehnle filters! To change the  filter, proceed as follows:

  1. Switch off the appliance and unplug it from the main supply.
  2. Open the unit as described in chapter 8 and remove the Soehnle HEPA combi filter (2.4).
  3. Now insert the new Soehnle HEPA combina­ tion filter into the housing. Make sure that the new filter unit is inserted correctly.
  4. Close the device and tighten the screw please make sure that the device is proper closed (see chapter 8, point 7). Turn the device back the right way round and place it on a firm surface.
  5. Reconnect the power cord to a wall outlet and turn on the power.
  6. Press the ON/OFF button (L) for 5 seconds filter time is reset.

Transport and storage

TransportWARNING!Always switch off the device before transport.Always unplug the power cord from the outlet.StorageWe recommend that you carefully clean your Airfresh Clean 400 before storing it. Please make sure that all parts are clean and dry before storage. Store the Airfresh Clean 400 in a cool, dry place.


Before performing any of the following tests, turn off the power and unplug the appliance. Problem: The device does not work

  • Check that the Airfresh Clean 400 is connected to a power source.
  • Check that a filter is inserted and correctly positioned.
  • Check that the bottom cover is correctly seated and firmly closed with the screw cap (see chapter 8).

Problem: Insufficient airflow

  • Check that the filter is clean. If dirty, clean it.
  • Check that the air inlets and outlets are not blocked or obstructed.

Problem: Excessive noise

  • Check whether there are any foreign objects in the fan and remove them if necessary by turning the unit upside down.
  • Check that the filter is clean. If dirty, clean it.
  • Check that the filter is seated correctly.
  • Check that the unit is standing securely and straight on a firm surface.

Problem: The device shows constantly high values

  • Reset the sensor: Switch on the device. Press the ON/OFF button (L) for 5 seconds and let the unit run for 2­5 hours (depending on room size). The device indicates by flashing the two control lamps ON/OFF and AUTO as soon as the sensor has been reset.

Spare and wear parts

  • 68129 Soehnle HEPA Combifilter(Prefilter, HEPA Filter & Activated Carbon Filter)Further spare parts can be ordered directly from us. Please contact our customer service depart­ ment.

Soehnle Customer Service

For questions and suggestions please contact our consumer service.Contact possibilities and further information on our products can be found at

Further information

Declaration of conformityProducts marked with this symbol comply with applicable European directives.The EU Declaration of Conformity can be found under

Disposal of used electrical productsPlease do not dispose of the device in the household waste.Should you need to dispose of your appliance, it should first be rendered unusable (e.g. by cutting off the cord and the plug) and then disposed of in accord­ ance with current regulations.Your local authority will be able to provide you­ with the necessary information.Dispose of packaging appropriately.


Leifheit AG grants you a 2­year warranty on this quality product from the date of purchase (or, in the case of orders, from the date of receipt of the goods). The warranty claims must be asserted immediately after the occurrence of the defect within the warranty period. The warranty extends to the quality of the products.Excluded from the warranty are:

  1. Wear and tear caused by use or other natural causes,
  2. Damage due to improper use or handling (e.g. B. shock, impact, fall),
  3. Damage caused by non­observance of the specified operating instructions. In the event of a warranty claim, Leifheit will either repair defective parts or replace the product at its own discretion. If a repair cannot be carried out and an identical product is no longer available in the assortment for the purpose of replacement, you will receive a replacement product that is as similar as possible. A refund of the purchase price is not possible in case of a warranty. Furthermore, this warranty does not grant any claims for damages. To make a warranty claim, please contact the dealer from whom you purchased the product by presenting the defective product and the proof of purchase (copy). This warranty is valid worldwide. Your statutory rights, in particular warranty rights, continue to apply to you and are not limited by this warranty.

Technical data

Article number 68122
Room size up to 38 m
Working environment 5°C ∼ 40°C, 10 ∼95% RH
operating voltage range 220 – 240V∼Alternating current
current frequency 50 / 60Hz
Rated power of the system 6W [±2096] (I), 7W [±20%] (II), 10W [±1596] (III), 26W [±1096] (Turbo)
Dimensions 231 (0) x 391 (H) mm
Volume 30 dB (I), c37 dB (II), 5.47 dB (III), .60 dB (Turbo)
Weight 2.8 kg
UV light Wavelength 254 nm
The service life of the IN-C lamp approx. 15,000 hours

  The product is double insulated and corresponds to protection class 2.

(I) = Fan stage 1(II) = Fan stage 2(III) = Fan stage 3(Turbo) = Fan stage 4

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