Starkey Micro Receiver-In-Canal With Earbud User Guide

PRODUCT GUIDEMicro Receiver-In-Canal (mRIC) With Earbud

Your new hearing aids offer Starkey’s most advanced technology with supreme sound quality and features.They are customizable to fit your unique hearing needs, helping you to stay connected to the people and things you love most.

Hearing Aid Parts

  1. Hearing Aid
  2. Cable
  3. Receiver
  4. Microphone
  5. Push Button User Control
  6. Comfort Bud Earbud
  7. Battery Compartment (On/Off Control)
  8. Retention Lock

Insertion and RemovalTo insert the hearing aid:

  1. Gently wrap the hearing aid over your ear until it rests securely behind your ear.
  2. Insert the earbud into your ear canal.
  3. Place the lock into the bowl of your ear.
  4. The earbud should not be visible and the cable should be snug against the head.

To remove the hearing aid:

  1. Gently grasp the cable at the opening of the ear canal with your thumb and forefinger.
  2. Gently pull the earbud out of your ear canal.
  3.  Remove the hearing aid from behind your ear.

How-to Video

BatteriesYour hearing aid uses a battery as its power source.To insert or replace the battery:

  1. Use the finger pick to gently open the battery door.
  2. Remove the old battery.
  3. Remove the colored tab from the new battery.For best results, wait 3-5 minutes after removing the tab before inserting the battery.
  4. Insert into the battery door, “+” side up.
  5. Close the battery door.

How-to Video

Battery IndicatorYou will hear an indicator through your hearing aid when battery voltage is low and the battery needs replacing,

Hearing Aid CareCleaning Your Hearing Aids

  •  Use the cleaning brush or soft cloth to clean debris from around the user control, microphone, battery compartment, receiver and earbud.
  • Replace the earbud if it becomes misshapen or no longer fits comfortably in your ear.
  • Never use water, solvents, cleaning fluids or oil to clean your hearing aid.

Changing Hear Clear Wax Guards

  1. Hold onto the cable where it enters the receiver. With the other hand, pull firmly on the earbud until it separates from the receiver.
  2.  Insert the empty end of the application stick straight into the used wax guard in the receiver.
  3. Pull the stick straight out to remove the used wax guard (do not twist).Changing Hear Clear Wax Guards (Continued)
  4. Use the opposite end of the stick to firmly insert the clean wax guard straight into the receiver.
  5. Pull the stick straight out (do not twist) and discard the stick.
  6. To attach the earbud, place the end of the receiver into the cylinder-shaped opening in the middle of the earbud. Push firmly to ensure the earbud is secure. The earbud should be pushed on far enough so that the threaded portion of the receiver is inside of the earbud.

How-to Video

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