STAYFENCE Transmitter Installation Guide

STAYFENCE Transmitter Installation Guide


Place the transmitter in a dry, well ventilated area and then plan and lay out the boundary wire that best suits your property boundary. The boundary wire must be asingle continous loop starting and finishing at the transmitter box.

To connect the boundary wire into your transmitter, locate the 2 holed block in the bottom of the transmitter (above 1 ), remove the green block (above 2), strip back the yelow plastic to expose the copper wire of each wire (above 3). Insert both copper ends and tighten screws with Flathead screwdriver (above 4). Finally, put the complete wired up block back into the original position in the transmitter (above 5).

To set the warning zone. Plug the transmitter into an electrical supply and press the POWER ON button, the LCD screen will come on (above A), then press the “p” button (above B), and note the symbol in the top right corner of the screen and make sure the symbol is directly over the letter ‘M’ on the screen (above C). To move the symbol you may need to press “p” again. Once you have this symbol use the down/up buttons (above D) to set the warning zone, we recommend 2.0m(6ft), you may choose a different setting if you wish.

Next set the correction zone, press the”p’ button again (above b) and note that the symbol in the right corner of the LCD screen will now change to the correction zone symbol, it will show above the ‘M’ and slightly to the right (above E). Once selected, use the down/up buttons (above D) to set the warning zone, we recommend 1.Sm(5ft). You may choose a different setting if you wish.

Prepare the receiver collar by removing the silver cap on the side of the receiver and insert one CR-2, 3 Volt battery. Thepositive+ must be facing back out toward the silver cap, or follow plus/minus symbols printed on receiver collar (seeimage above). Replace the silver cap once you have installed the battery correctly. Your receiver is set to Level One. We recommend you use this level. Only a few dogs may require higher levels. Go to pg 11 in the Product Manual for more information.

Next, mark the edge of the warning zone with the provided flags, about 1.Sm(5ft) from the boundary wire.Fit the receiver collar around you dogs neck, the aim is to be able to get the top of your index finger between the tip of the contact point and your dogs neck. If you can’t, it’s too tight and if you can without difficulty , it’s too loose.

Train your dog to the system for 10-15 minutes each day for the next few days, so that they learn where their new boundary is. Remember to remove the receiver collar from the dog before you take the dog off the property. Try not to leave the collar on the dog for more than 12 hours a day. For more information on your Stayfence containment system,please refer to the Product Manual or search ‘StayFence’ on YouTube for our Stayfence installation video:



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