STIRLING PA19W Wi-Fi Portable Air Conditioner User Guide

STIRLING PA19W Wi-Fi Portable Air Conditioner

Let’s get your new 1.9kW Wi-Fi portable air conditioner ready to use!

This quick start guide contains basic instructions to get you started. For the full picture, please refer to the supplied manuals which have comprehensive installation and usage instructions and important safety advice.

Setting up the portable air conditioner

For best performance, your new Wi-Fi portable air conditioner must be properly installed with the supplied window kit so you can vent the warm exhaust air to the outside.Please consult the instruction manual for comprehensive installation instructions.

  1. Fit the flexible air exhaust hose and housing connectors to the ends of the flexible air exhaust hose, twisting them into place.
  2. Insert the fixing clip of the housing connector into the openings at the back of the air conditioner.
  3. Adjust the window slider to the length of a horizontally (or height of a vertically) opening window and fix it with a dowel.Fit the slider to the bottom of the window sill (or to the side of the window, if it opens vertically), then close the window.
  4. Fit the exhaust hose connector (window end) through the opening to the outside.NOTE: For certain types of windows it may be necessary for you to improvise/modify some aspects of the installation procedure.Controlling the portable air conditioner
  5. When you are at home, you can use the buttons on the control panel to switch the portable air conditioner on or off, select an operation mode, or set the desired room temperature and fan speed.
  6. Alternatively, use the remote control. The buttons control the same functions as the control panel.
  7. Because of its in-built Wi-Fi technology, you can also control this portable air conditioner remotely so that on your arrival your home is comfortably cool.All you need is an Android smartphone or tablet (or an Apple iPhone or iPad), and an internet connection and Wi-Fi network router set up at your home.You must also have our STIRLING App installed or updated on your smartphone or mobile device. This app is available from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Give us a callWhat? You mean this Quick Start Guide didn’t have ALL the answers? The manual has more comprehensive instructions, or speak to us. Call our After Sales Support on 1300 886 649.

Well done, you made it! Now sit back and relax … your new 1.9kW Wi-Fi portable air conditioner is automatically covered by a 3 year warranty.

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