STIRLING SFLW75 Front Load Washing Machine Instruction Manual

Front LoadWashing MachineInstruction Manual


Important! Remove the Transport Bolts Before Using the MachineBefore using this washing machine, transport bolts must be removed from the backside of this machine. Please take the following steps to remove the bolts: 1 Loosen all bolts with a spanner and then remove them. 2 Stop the holes with transport hole plugs. 3 Keep the transport bolts properly for future use.Checklist Before Washing ClothesPlease read this section carefully to ensure proper use of the appliance and to avoid damaging your clothes.

  • Check first if clothes will be damaged by detergent
  • Place your liquid detergent on a spare white towel and put this in contact with a hidden part of your color clothing. Check if the towel takes on any of the colors.
  • When washing scarves and other clothes that easily get decolorized, please wash them separately before washing.

Washing Clothes for the First TimeBefore washing clothes, the washing machine should be operated once without clothes, as follows:

  1. Connect power source and water.
  2. Put a little detergent into the box and close.
  3. Press the button “On/Off”.
  4. Press the button “Start/Pause”.

The drawer is separated as follows:I. Pre-detergent or washing powderII Main detergent Washing additive/Fabric softener

Keep in Mind: Never leave clothes in the washing machine for prolonged periods of time, to avoid spotting and possible mold. The clothes also may get the color changed or distorted if they are not washed according to the stated washing temperature.Model Number: SFLW75Warranty:3 yearsFor more information please call 1300 11 43 57 or visit 1.0

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