SUNNY Power Zone Strength Flat Bench SF-BH6996 User Manual


IMPORTANT! Please retain owner’s manual for maintenance and adjustment instructions. Your satisfaction is very important to us, PLEASE DO NOT RETURN UNTIL YOU HAVE CONTACTED US: [email protected] or 1- 877 – 90SUNNY (877-907-8669).


We thank you for choosing our product. To ensure your safety and health, please use this equipment correctly. It is important to read this entire manual before assembling and using the equipment. Safe and effective use can only be achieved if the equipment is assembled, maintained, and used properly. It is your responsibility to ensure that all users of the equipment are informed of all warnings and precautions.

  1. Before starting any exercise program, you should consult your physician to determine if you have any medical or physical conditions that could put your health and safety at risk or prevent you from using the equipment properly. Your physician’s advice is essential if you are taking medication that affects your heart rate, blood pressure, or cholesterol level.
  2. Be aware of your body’s signals. Incorrect or excessive exercise can damage your health. Stop exercising if you experience any of the following symptoms: pain, tightness in your chest, irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath, lightheadedness, dizziness, or feelings of nausea. If you do experience any of these conditions, you should consult your physician before continuing with your exercise program.
  3. Keep children and pets away from the equipment. The equipment is designed for adult use only.
  4. Use the equipment on a solid, flat-level surface with a protective cover for your floor or carpet. To ensure safety, the equipment should have at least 2 feet (60 CM) of free space all around it.
  5. Ensure that all nuts and bolts are securely tightened before using the equipment. The safety of the equipment can only be maintained if it is regularly examined for damage and/or wear and tear.
  6. Always use the equipment as indicated. If you find any defective components while assembling or checking the equipment, or if you hear any unusual noises coming from the equipment during exercise, discontinue use of the equipment immediately and do not use it until the problem has been rectified.
  7. Wear suitable clothing while using the equipment. Avoid wearing loose clothing that may become entangled in the equipment.
  8. Do not place fingers or objects into the moving parts of the equipment.
  9. The maximum weight capacity of this bench is 1000 pounds (454 KG). The maximum weight capacity of the dumbbell rack is 300 pounds (136 KG).
  10. The equipment is not suitable for therapeutic use.
  11. To avoid bodily injury and/or damage to the product or property, proper lifting and moving are required.
  12. Your product is intended for use in cool and dry conditions. You should avoid storage in extreme cold, hot or damp areas as this may lead to corrosion and other related problems.
  13. This equipment is designed for indoor and home use only; it is not intended for commercial use.




No. Description Spec. Qty.
1 Front Stabilizer 1
2 Support Tube 2
3 Dumbbell Rack 1
4 Rear Stabilizer 1
5 Seat Cushion 1
6 Transportation Wheel € 42.5*22* € 8.2 2
7 End Cap € 38 4
8 Bolt M8*40 2
9 Bolt M10•55 4
10 Bolt M8*50 6
11 Spring Washer 0 8.1 * € 12.3*2.1 6
12 Washer 0 8.4*016*1.6 10
13 Spring Washer 0 10.2*€

15.4* 1.6

14 Washer 0 10.5*€ 20*2 4
15 Hex Nut M8 2
16 Allen Wrench S5 1
17 Allen Wrench S6 1

Ordering Replacement Parts (U.S. and Canadian Customers Only)

Please provide the following information in order for us to accurately identify the part(s) needed:

The model number (found on cover of manual)The product name (found on cover of manual) The part number found on the “EXPLODED DIAGRAM” and “PARTS LIST” (found near the front of the manual)

Please contact us at [email protected] or 1-877-90SUNNY (877-907-8669).


We value your experience using Sunny Health and Fitness products. For assistance with parts or troubleshooting, please contact us at [email protected] or 1-877-90SUNNY (877-907-8669).

STEP 1:Attach Front & Rear Stabilizers (No. 1 & No. 4) onto 2 Support Tubes (No. 2) respectively.

Attach Front & Rear Stabilizers (No. 1 & No. 4) and Dumbbell Rack (No. 3) onto 2 Support Tubes (No. 2) using 4 Bolts (No. 9), 4 Spring Washers (No. 13), and 4 Washers (No. 14). Secure with Allen Wrench (No. 17). Do not tighten the 4 Bolts (No. 9) during this step.

STEP 2:Attach Seat Cushion (No. 5) onto 2 Support Tubes (No. 2) using 6 Bolts (No. 10), 6 Spring Washers (No. 11), and 6 Washers (No. 12). Tighten and securewith Allen Wrench (No. 16).

Now you can tighten all the Bolts (No. 9) from STEP 1. The assembly is complete!



To move the bench, lift the Front Stabilizer (No. 1) up until the Transportation Wheels (No. 6) on the Rear Stabilizer (No. 4) touch the ground. With the wheels on the ground, you can transport the bench to the desired location with ease.

NOTE: Always use caution when moving the bench as unexpected impacts such as dropping the bench may cause injury and damage to the product.


DAILY MAINTENANCEInspect and tighten all parts regularly. (Nuts, Bolts, Rubber Pads, Steel Brackets, etc.)Replace any worn or torn parts immediately. Check and ensure the bench is leveled at all times. Check and tighten all adjustment pins/knobs regularly.

WEEKLY MAINTENANCEUse a damp cloth on plastic parts only, use a dry cloth on metal frames. Inspect the metal frame structure of the equipment.





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