SUREZEN X6 Electronic Thermometer Instructions

SUREZEN X6 Electronic Thermometer


Product Overview

  • Product Name: Non medical thermometer
  • Product Model: X6
  • Scope of Use: display the body temperature of the measured object by receiving the thermal radiation of the forehead
  • Contraindications: None

Product Performance

Temperature measurement range: Body temperature mode: 32°C ~ 42.9°C (89.6°F ~ 109.2°F)Temperature mode: 0-50°C (32 °F ~ 122 °F)Temperature measurement time: about 1 secondsResolution: 0.1°C

Maximum allowable error (body temperature mode):Within the range of 35.0 °C ~ 42.0 °C, ± 0.2 °C / ± 32.36 °F;Outside the range of 35.0 °C ~ 42.0 °C, ± 0.3 °C / ± 32.54 °F

Maximum allowable error (material temperature mode):Within the range of 0 °C ~ 50.0 °C, ± 2 °C / ± 35.6 °F;Display method: LCD displayAppearance size: 13.8×8.3×4.4cm ( height x length x width )Weight: body about 130g (Battery free)Infrared thermometer with automatic shutdown and self-check function Current consumption: static OFF≤20uA, dynamic ON≤20mADC power supply: two AAA batteries (No batteries, please buy your own AAA batteries)

Working Conditions

  1. Ambient temperature: 10°C ~ 40°C
  2. Relative humidity: 15% ~ 85%
  3. Atmospheric pressure: 70kpa ~ 106kpa
  4. Internal DC power dc 2.7v-3V

Technical Characteristics

  1. The measurement time is about two seconds
  2. 10 seconds automatic shutdown
  3. Switch between °F/°C with flashing function
  4. With backlight, the backlight is blue and orange.
  5. Memory reading function
  6. Measuring range of infrared thermometer:32°C -42.9°C / 90°F -109°F
  7. Service life: more than 100,000 times normal use
  8. This product is tested and verified at a standard 25°C ambient temperature and 3 cm away from the standard 37°C thermal radiation source (constant temperature water tank).

Use and Operation

  1. This product provides two main modes of body temperature measurement and physical measurement
  2. Before taking the temperature, please make sure to select the temperature measurement modeStep 1: under the shutdown state, press the measurement key once to turn on the machine and light up the display screen to enter the state to be testedStep 2: place the measuring probe close to the forehead. Make sure that the probe plane is parallel to the forehead plane, and the forehead temperature is measured 1 ~ 3cm away from the forehead. Press the temperature measurement key and hear a drop. The LCD displays the current test value.

(when the screen is on, press the measurement key once to measure. If the measurement result is normal, please refer to the data in the following table.)

Temperature reference value of different measuring parts

Detection Site

Normal Temperature

Normal Temperature



97.5ºF – 100.4ºF

Oral cavity


92.3ºF – 99.5ºF



94.7ºF – 99.1ºF



96.4ºF – 100.4ºF



96.4ºF – 100.4ºF

Reference values of body temperature at different ages


Normal Temperature

Normal Temperature

0 ~ 2 years old 36.4ºC~38ºC 97.5ºF-100.4ºF
3 ~ 10 years old 36.1ºC~37.8ºC 97.0ºF-100.0ºF
11 ~ 65 years old 35.9ºC~37.6ºC 96.6ºF-99.7ºF
≥65 years old 35.8ºC~37.5ºC 96.4ºF-99.5ºF

The maximum allowable error of human clinical diagnostic test accuracy is regulated by the following formula:

T1 and T2 are the temperature readings of the tested thermometer twice, and Tref is the fixed reference temperature.

Structural Function

  1. The main structureInfrared thermometer consists of abs plastic shell, temperature probe, buttons, LCD display and battery.
  2. Material temperature / body temperature testClick the temperature measurement key, the machine will automatically turn on the power and start the test automatically, and the temperature of the measured object will be displayed on the screen. When the temperature is lower than 37.4 ℃ and higher than 32.0 ℃, the screen will use green backlight to light the LCD, and at the same time “drop” sound will remind.
    1. Short press the temperature key to test the temperature
    2. Click the temperature measurement key once, and then press the key again to switch the OC / OF, and then turn on the machine again to memorize the temperature mode
  3. High / Low temperature alarm

    Object Mode

    Human Mode




    Ambient temperature

    < 1℃ < 10℃


    err drop

    DI” DI” DI”

    Object temperature

    < 32.0℃


    Lo drop

    DI” DI” DI”

    Object temperature

    32.0℃ – 37.3℃


    temperature value


    Object temperature

    37.4℃ – 38.0℃


    temperature value


    Object temperature

    38.1℃ – 42.8℃


    temperature value


    Object temperature

    > 42.8℃



    DI” DI” DI”

  4. Memory ReadingIn the power on mode, press the temperature measurement key twice, query and remember to flip down, press the temperature measurement key three times, query and remember to flip up, and you can view 32 groups of measurement data at most.
  5. Temperature measurement mode switchingIn the power on state, click and long press for 2 seconds to switch between body mode and object mode. The default body mode is when the power is turned on.
  6. Restore factory settingsIn power on mode, press and hold test key for 10s.

Precautions for Use

Infrared thermometer is a precision electronic product, please use it carefully

  1. The infrared temperature gun must be used under the working conditions required by this manual.
  2. Do not remove the thermometer from the measurement area before the “drip” sound ends
  3. Always place the thermometer in the same position, because different positions may cause deviations in body temperature.
  4. According to the difference of human skin color and thickness, the measured temperature will be different.
  5. When measuring the temperature of the forehead, make sure that the forehead is clean, and there must be no sweat, hair or hat blocking, otherwise the measured temperature will be low.
  6. Do not drop the ground or twist the body
  7. It is not necessary to be close to or stacked with other equipment. If it must be close to or stacked, it can only be stacked up to two layers at best.
  8. The temperature sensor can be wiped and disinfected with an alcohol cloth in front of the display. Never put it in water or boil it in hot water for disinfection.

Note: For the following situations, it is recommended to measure three times, and take the highest reading as the final result.

  1. For children under the age of three with impaired immune system and people who have a huge impact on fever.
  2. When the user first learns how to use it for measurement, the measurement is repeated many times until he and she are familiar with the device and can read stable data.
  3. If the measurement result is abnormally low.In short, the temperature readings measured at different measurement points should not be compared, because the measured values will vary depending on the measurement time. During a day, the person’s body temperature is highest in the evening and lowest in the morning before waking up in the morning.

Error Message and Solution

Screen Display

Beep Prompt

Possible Cause




When the measurement result is >43C Please read the instruction carefully and take another measurement



When the measurement result is <32C

Battery Installation and Replacement

Please follow the steps below to install the batteries:

  • Step 1: Push the battery cover down in the direction indicated by the arrow.
  • Step 2: Remove the battery cover.
  • Step 3: Put the battery into the battery slot, and pay attention to the positive and negative polarity indications of the battery.
  • Step 4: Close the battery cover.

Battery replacement:When the LCD display is dark, it means that the battery is in a low battery state, and the battery must be replaced as soon as possible to ensure measurement accuracy.

Important Safety Instructions

  1. This infrared body temperature gun performs temperature test by detecting the infrared energy radiated from the person’s forehead or other targets. He collects the energy through the lens and converts it to a temperature value. By detecting the temperature reading obtained from the area above the eyebrow, the maximum accuracy value .
  2. Only applicable for the purposes described in the instructions. If the damage is caused by incorrect use, the manufacturer does not assume legal responsibility.
  3. Never immerse this device in water or other liquids.
  4. If it is found that the product is obviously abnormal, it is recommended to seek medical treatment in a timely manner and send the product for repair. Except for replacing the battery, please do not open this device without authorization.
  5. The operation mode is: continuous operation. Anti-shock type classification: internal power supply equipment.Classification of degree of protection against electric shock: type b application part.
  6. Keep away from the following conditions: extreme temperatures, shocks and drops, pollution and dust, and direct sunlightWarning: The use of this device is not a substitute for medical treatment. This device is not waterproof and do not immerse it in liquids.
  7. In the early stage of fever, blood vessel contraction occurs and the temperature of the skin surface drops. The temperature measured at this time will be abnormally low.
  8. If the measurement result does not match the patient’s diagnosis or the measurement temperature is abnormally low, repeat the measurement every 15 minutes or measure another core body temperature zone to verify the previous measurement result.
  9. This equipment includes sensitive components and must be treated with caution. For storage and operating conditions, please refer to the section “Symbols and meanings of safety requirements in this machine”.
  10. Contains small parts, in order to avoid swallowing, children need to use under adult supervision.
  11. Please take out the battery when you are not using the device for a period of time, please do not throw away the discarded batteries, pay attention to environmental protection.
  12. Ingress protection degree: ipx o. Non-ap / apg, equipment that cannot be used in the presence of flammable anesthetic gas mixed with air or flammable anesthetic gas mixed with oxygen or nitrous oxide.

Maintenance Method

  1. Always keep the surface of the thermometer clean and tidy, which helps to extend the life of the thermometer.
  2. If the machine is dirty, wipe it with a clean soft cotton cloth. If the dirt is not easy to remove, you can wipe the soft cotton cloth with water or a neutral detergent, and then dry it with a dry cloth.Note: Do not allow water or other liquids to enter the body.

Precautions for Storage

  1. The temperature gun contains sensitive electronic components, and it should be avoided to use directly in the environment with electromagnet-ic wave interference (for example: near mobile phones, microwave ovens, etc.), in order to prevent temporarily affecting its accuracy.
  2. Please don’t use volatile oil, thinner or gasoline to wipe the thermometer with liquid thermometer.
  3. Do not store the product in direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity; dusty, corrosive gas.
  4. When the temperature gun is not used for a long time (more than 3 months), please remove the battery from the body.
  5. Please do not use the thermometer for purposes other than its original design. When used on children, please observe the general safety precautions.
  6. If there are signs of damage to the probe or the thermometer itself, please do not continue to use it.
  7. Please do not drop the temperature gun to the ground to avoid strong shock and shock.
  8. In order to avoid short circuit, please do not put the battery together with metal objects such as coins or keychains in the same pocket or other containers that may be short circuited by the battery.
  9. Do not put the battery close to the fire or put it into the fire to avoid battery explosion. Do not use the battery when it leaks or molds. Discard the battery or this product in accordance with local regulations.
  10. When performing warranty service, if you need to provide circuit diagrams, necessary materials, and troubleshooting of electrical circuits, please contact the manufacturer.

Note: If you fail to observe the above storage precautions and other correct use methods caused by machine failure, our company will not be responsible for quality.

Thirteen Other Considerations

Period of useUnder the conditions that meet the storage regulations, the product life span is 3 years (except for vulnerable and consumable parts),The temperature gun calibration must be returned to the manufacturer. See certificate of production date.Product transportation and storageProduct transportation and storage environment:Temperature: -20°C ~ + 50°C Relative humidity: 85% in winter Atmospheric pressure: 70kpa ~ 106kpa

Clinical measurement accuracy and safety verification

Through clinical comparison of this product, the clinical accuracy and safety of the infrared body temperature gun meet the clinical use requirements and can meet the clinical application needs.

List of attachments

Host: 1;Instructions: 1;Qualification certificate: 1;Alkaline batteries, two No. 5 batteries (aa batteries): 2 cells.During the warranty service, if you need to provide circuit diagrams, necessary materials, and electrical circuit troubleshooting, please contact the manufacturer.

Guidance on the use of electromagnetic environment

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Excerpts from the manufacturer’s random documents related to emc guidelines and statements If you fail to observe the above storage precautions and other correct use methods caused by machine failure, our company will not be responsible for quality.

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