SVEN SB-2150A Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer User Manual

SVEN SB-2150A Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer User Manual

Congratulations on your purchase of the Sven speaker system!

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  • Unpack the device carefully. Make sure there are no accessories left in the box. Check up the device for damage; if the product was damaged during transportation, address the firm which carried out the delivery; if the product functions incorrectly, address the dealer at once.
  • Check up the package contents and availability of the warranty card. Make sure the warranty card has a shop stamp, a legible signature or the seller’s stamp and purchase date, and the goods number corresponds to that in the warranty card. Remember: in case of warranty card loss or discrepancy of numbers you forfeit the right for warranty repairs.
  • Do not switch on the speaker system immediately after you bring it into a room from environment with negative temperature! After unpacking, the speaker system should be kept in conditions of room temperature for at least 4 hours.
  • Before installing and using the speaker system, read this Manual carefully and keep it for future reference.
  • Shipping and transportation equipment is permitted only in the original container.
  • Does not require special conditions for realization.
  • Dispose of in accordance with regulations for the disposal of household and computer equipment.

Operation Manual


  • Subwoofer — 1 pc
  • Soundbar — 1 pc
  • Remote control (RC) — 1 pc
  • AAA type batteries — 2 pcs
  • Mini-jack to mini-jack signal cable – 1 pc
  • Optical cable – 1 pc
  • 3.5mm jack – 2xRCA аdapter – 1 pc
  • Power adapter – 1 pc
  • Wall-mounting set – 2 pcs
  • Operation manual — 1 pc
  • Warranty card — 1 pc


Caution! High voltage inside! To avoid the risk of electric shock do not open or touch elements inside.

  • To avoid electric shock, do not open the MSS and do not perform repairs by yourself. Service and repairs should be performed only by qualified specialists in an authorized service center. The list of authorized service centers is available on
  • Do not put foreign objects inside the holes of the MSS.
  • Protect the MSS from high humidity, water and dust.
  • Protect the MSS from heating: do not place it closer than 1 m from a heat source. Do not expose it to direct sunlight.
  • Do not place any open flame sources on MSS.
  • Do not place the MSS in poorly ventilated areas. Leave an air gap of 10 cm or more. When operating the MSS, do not put any devices on it, do not cover it with cloth or other objects preventing it from cooling.
  • Do not use any chemical agents for cleaning. Clean it with dry soft cloth only.


SB-2150A soundbar with a wireless subwoofer provides virual surround sound. The device is designed for playing music and sounding games, movies, etc. The soundbar is equipped with abuilt-in power amplifier and tone control, compatible with TVs (ARC) and DVD/CD/Media players. Remote control is included. Has built-in LED-display, Bluetooth-module, optical input and audioplayer with USB-flash.

Special features

  • Wireless pairing with the subwoofer
  • Optical input
  • Bluetooth wireless signal transmission
  • 3D surround support, EQ
  • Play music from USB flush
  • LED-display
  • Remote control
  • Wall mountable soundbar
  • HDMI ARC — technology for transmitting audio from a TV to a soundbar via an HDMI cable

Upper and rear soundbar controls

  1. POWER/MODE: power button (long pressing); the MSS mode selection
  2. BT: Bluetooth mode selection; disconnecting from the Bluetooth source (long pressing in Bluetooth mode)
  3. VOL-/ : volume decrease button (short pressing); previous track (long pressing in Player and Bluetooth mode)
  4. Play/Pause button (short pressing in Player and Bluetooth mode)
  5. VOL+/ : volume increase button (short pressing); next track (long pressing in Player and Bluetooth mode)
  6. USB: port for a USB flash device containing МР3 audio files
  7. OPT: optical inpu
  8.  HDMI(ARC): HDMI input
  9. AUX IN: jack to connect linear input
  10. DC IN: power cable connection jack                  Fig. 2. Soundbar control panel

Remote control

  1. POWER button
  2.  Sound off/on button
  3. TREBLE-/+: HF volume control
  4. BASS-/+: Bass level up/down.
  5.  +: Volume increase button
  6. : Previous track in Player and Bluetooth mode
  7. : Play/Pause in Player and Bluetooth mode
  8.  -: Volume decrease button
  9.  : Next track in Player and Bluetooth mode
  10.  MODE: Source selection
  11.  BT: Bluetooth mode selection
  12. AUX: AUX input selection button
  13.  OPT: OPT input selection button
  14. EQ: EQ mode switch (short pressing); return to default settings (long pressing)
  15.  3D: 3D mode
  16.  USB: MP3 player mode switch-on button (playing MP3 files from a USB flash device)
  17. HDMI ARC: HDMI ARC input selection button
  18.  : Repeat mode selection button (in Player mode)


  • Open the battery compartment on the back of the remote control.
  • Insert the included AAA batteries (included, observing polarity).
  • Close the battery compartment.

Notes. Use the RC at an angle no more than 30° at a distance of no more than 7 meters. Direct the remote control to the infrared receiver on the subwoofer. If the remote control does not operate, check the batteries or replace the discharged batteries with new ones. Remove the batteries from the RC if you don’t intend to use it for a long time (more than one week).


Installation of the system

  • The soundbar is delivered in assembled form. A wireless subwoofer emits a non-directional sound, so it can be placed anywhere in the room in which the subwoofer will sound best. Installation completed.Note: If necessary, the soundbar can be hung on the wall under the TV set using the wall mount set (installed on soundbar).

MSS сonnecting and control

SB-2150A soundbar with a wireless subwoofer can be connected to virtually any audio source: DVD/CD player, TV, PC, laptop, etc. (see connection diagram in Fig. 4).

To connect the speakers to a PC, TV, mobile devices, etc., use the mini-jack signal cables tothe mini-jack (included).

  • To connect Speaker System to PC and TV use optical cable (included).
  • Connect the power cable with the power adapter (included). Then connect it to the the DC IN j jack of the soundbar (see Fig. 4).
  • Connect the subwoofer power cable to the mains oulet.
  • Connect the power adapter to the mains oulet. The power LED on the front control panel will light up. Then switch on the subwoofer with the POWER switch (ON position) on the subwoofer rear panel.
  • To switch on the soundbar, press button a on the control panel or button a on the remote control. To switch the soundbar off, press the Standby mode button again.
  • At the first turn on, the soundbar and subwoofer will automatically establish a connection between themselves. As soon as the connection is installed, the LED on the rear panel of the subwoofers will change the light from intermittent to permanent.
  • Select the signal source.
  • Adjust the master volume with the e and h buttons on the RC.
  • Select the equalizer option, by pressing the n button on the RC.
  • After using the MSS, mind to switch it off using button a on the RC, switch off the subwoofer using the POWER switch (OFF position) on the subwoofer rear panel and unplug the power adapter from the socket.                            Fig. 4 · Co nnection d.t agram


Operation Manual

Player mode

  • The system will automatically switch to the Player mode if you install USB flash in the slot f or use the a button on the top panel or the p button on the remote control. The selected mode is displayed on the LED-display. Playback starts automatically.

Bluetooth mode

  • To transmit a signal in this mode, at first connect the device to the signal source (see Fig. 6). To do this, select the Bluetooth mode using the b button on the top of the soundbar or the k button on the remote control. The MSS switches to the search mode, the display a displays «BT».
  • It is necessary to select the search mode of devices with Bluetooth on a signal source (telephone, notebook, smartphone, etc.). «SVEN SB-2150A», massage will be displayed on the screen which is to be connected to*.
  • If the connection is successful, the «BT» indicator has a steady glow. If the connection fails, the «BT» indicator is intermittent. It is necessary to re-translate the system into the search mode (turn it off and on again) **.

Wireless connection between Soundbar and Subwoofer

  • Automate connection. Connect subwoofer power cable to wall power. Turn on the power switch. Connect soundbar power adapter to wall power, turn on the soundbar, display will turn on. Soundbar and subwoofer will pair automatically. If pairing successfully, LED on rear of subwoofer will always light up.
  • Manual connection. For the first time, the forced subwoofer connection with the soundbar is required in some cases, press and hold «PAIR» button on the back of the subwoofer to turn off the LED. Then press «PAIR» button again, the LED flashes blue several times and turns red when connected.

Note. Due to the constant development of the software, the actual MSS operation may differ from that described in this manual. The most recent version of the manual is available at

* You might have to enter «0000» code to connect some models of devices via Bluetooth If the item has been already registered in the device list of a source, then the second search modeactivation is not obligatory. Choose the item name «SVEN SB-2150A» and the «connect» command on the source.


Problem Cause Solution
The system does not turn on. The system is not connected to a mains outlet. Check the connection.
The power adapter is not connected. Connect the power adapter.
No sound or the sound is too quiet. Volume level is set at minimum value. Adjust the volume control knob.
Improperly connected audio source. Connect the audio sources correctly.
Distortion of sound. Large amplitude of the input signal. Turn down the source volume and the MSS volume.
The remote control is not working. The battery is discharged. Replace the battery with a new one.

If none of the above methods can solve the problem, please seek professional advice at your nearest service center. Never attempt to repair the product yourself.


Parameter, measurement unit Value
Power, W 180 (100 + 2 × 40)
soundbar 100
subwoofer 2 × 40
Rated current consumption, A  
soundbar 0.03
subwoofer 0.03
Frequency response, Hz  
soundbar 50 – 150
subwoofer 150 – 20 000
Speaker diameter, mm  
soundbar Ø 46
subwoofer Ø 145
Voltage supply, V/Hz ~230/50
Dimensions, mm  
soundbar 900 × 70 × 102
subwoofer 200 × 305 × 300
Weight, kg 5.6
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Notes. Technical specifications given in this table are supplemental information and cannot give occasion to claims. Technical specifications and package contents are subject to change without notice due to the improvement of SVEN production.



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