SVEN SF-08-16 Power Strip Surge Protector User Manual

SVEN SF-08-16 Power Strip Surge Protector User Manual


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SF-08-16 power strip purge protector is designed for connection of electrical appliances to the electric mains and computer equipment and protection against short circuits, overloads, impulse noises.


  • Double-pole switch with the on-state light indication
  • Eight universal grounded sockets
  • Automatic restorable thermal fuse

Package contents

  • Surge protector — 1 pc
  • User’s Manual — 1 pc
  • Warranty card — 1 pc

Safety precautions

  • Do not connect the surge protector to power mains with overrating voltage.
  • Do not use outdoors.
  • Do not install in places with possible ingress of liquid, moisture, dust and high temperature exposure. Do not expose it to direct sunlight.
  • Do not close terminals of sockets and prevent ingress of foreign objects into openings of sockets.
  • Do not connect simultaneously the load to the surge protector, the total power of which exceeds that specified in the technical data of this device.
  • Do not open and do not make any repairs by yourself.
  • Shipping and transportation equipment is permitted only in the original container.
  • Does not require special conditions for realization.
  • Dispose of in accordance with regulations for the disposal of household and computer equipment.

Connection, operation

  1. Connect the required devices to surge protector sockets.
  2. Connect the power strip to the mains 230V.
  3. Turn the main switch on. The LED voltage indicator built-in the switch button will light.



Rated voltage, W/ Operating frequency, Hz 230(+/-10%)/50
Rated power, W up to 3600
Thermoelectric cut-off fuse operating current, A > 16
Maximum energy of pulse interference, J up to 150
Pulse interference current, which a limiter can withstand, A up to 4500
Input plug CEE 7/7
Output sockets 8 x CEE 7/4
Dimensions, mm 235 x 93 x 51
Cable length, m 1.8; 3.0


Technical specifications given in this table are supplemental information and cannot give occasion to claims. Technical specifications and package contents are subject to change without notice due to the improvement of SVEN production.

Technical support is on can nd there an updated version of the operation manual.

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Manufacturer: SVEN PTE. LTD, 176 Joo Chiat Road,№ 02-02, Singapore, 427447. Produced under thecontrol of Oy Sven Scandinavia Ltd. 15, Kotolahdentie,Kotka, Finland, 48310. Made in China.


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