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  • Kmart 42994756 Vibration Trainer Instruction Manual

    Kmart 42994756 Vibration Trainer Instruction Manual

    VIBRATION TRAINERKey Code: 42994756 WARNING! READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THIS PRODUCT. FAILURE OR INCORRECT OR EXCESSIVE  TRAINING MAY CAUSE INJURIES. Safety Instruction If you have joint problems, hypertension, bronchitis, heart condition, skin disease, diabetes, pregnancy, obesity, middle ear infection, bone weakness, osteoporosis, stomach illness, or other diseases, please consult your doctor before using […]

  • POWER PLATE pro5HP Vibration Trainer Instruction Manual

    Instructions for Use pro5HP™ModelConsumer & Commercial Fitness Download the Power Plate App today for even more ways to get the most out of your Power Plate. ©2020 Performance Health Systems, LLC. All rights reserved. Power Plate, the Power Plate device/logo, pro7, Pro7M, Pro7HC, pro6+, pro5, Pro5M,  pro5HP, my7, My7M, Pro4PlusM, my5, my3, Personal, MOVE, and […]