TANNOY Plaster Ring Installation Guide

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Mechanical Installation Instructions for Optional Tannoy Plaster RingAn optional plaster (mud) ring bracket is available from TANNOY. This bracket is designed to be pre-installed into newly constructed, non-suspended ceilings.

  1. Nail or screw the plaster ring to the joists.
  2. Lay the speaker wiring to where the speaker will be fitted and complete the plastering work on the ceiling.
  3. Cut out the hole in the ceiling using a circular saw or pad saw.
  4. Wire the speaker as described in the product’s documentation.
  5. Slide the speaker assembly through the hole and turn the screws to extend the mounting wings. Tighten the screws until a firm grip is achieved. If using a power driver, TANNOY recommends a torque setting of 1.5 Nm.Do Not Overtighten!Refer to the speaker’s documentation for specific mounting instructions for that model.
  6. Connect a Secondary Support Line to the safety tab. Some construction codes require the use of this secondary support point, which should connect to a separate secure support point using a suitable support line. Consult construction codes in your region.
  7. Insert the grille by pushing it onto the speaker.

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