tc electronic Plethora X5 Firmware User Manual

tc electronic Plethora X5 Firmware User Manual

PLETHORA X5 Firmware Update Release Notes Version 1.1 (15 Apr 2020)

Dear customer,We are proud to present the first firmware update for your PLETHORA X5. The 1.1 version adds a chromatic tuner that can be activated via either triple tap on footswitch 5 or pressing and holding the TONEPRINT push-encoder, a board organizer and several improvements and bug fixes.

What’s new?

  • Chromatic guitar tuner (hold TONEPRINT push encoder)
  • Triple click board up/down and tuner selection feature can be enabled/disabled in SETTINGS/GLOBAL
  • New board organizer in app let’s you reorder your boards and rename them. All boards now sync with the TonePrint app on app connection.

Improvements/bug fixes:

  • Tap Tempo is not reset when changing toneprint within the same effect
  • Fix true bypass in edit mode Triple step board switch is funky when having tap-tempo FSW on FSW 1 or 2
  • Level drop of Quintessence harmoniser (bypass versus 100% dry MIX) – fixed
  • List of tone prints is visible after clearing board
  • Mimiq output level too low – fixed
  • Noise gate routing issue – fixed
  • Pedal duplicates toneprint effekt or freezes when toggling fast between to FSW fast and have the app connected – fixed
  • Level boost of Brainwaves Pitch shifter’s wet signal – fixed

How to update your PLETHORA firmware to version 1.1.00?

To update your PLETHORA to the latest firmware, just download the “plethoraX5_1_1_43.bin” firmware file and drag and drop it your explorer/finder’s PLETHORAX5 icon that will appear once you connected your pedal via USB to your computer. Now disconnect the USB cable and power cycle your device for the firmware to be uploaded. Wait until the procedure has finished and the pedal has rebooted. Congratulations your PLETHORA is now updated to the latest firmware! You can check the firmware version in your PX5 under SETTINGS/GLOBAL/SERVICE/FIRMWARE.

For detailed instructions, please use the firmware update guide available here: Please note that in order to use the new board organizer, you will need the latest version of the Toneprint app 4.3.00 (b99) that can be found in the app store, google PLAY store or downloaded for MAC and PC here:|en) With best regards from the TC Electronic guitar team!


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