TeKKiWear DMT141 Wireless Speaker User Manual

TeKKiWear DMT141 Wireless Speaker User Manual

Wireless speaker specification

  • Charge External 5V charge for this machine, charging LED light
  • ON/OFF switch to the “ON” position to boot, the “OFF” position for shutdown
  • The key operation
  1. M” short press: wireless/autodyne/USB/TF/RADIO/AUX switching
  2. Long press: for the volume reduction. Short press radio model for the last station.MP3 mode is a song. The self timer mode short press button for the self timer function,(Only for apply mobile phone system)
  3. Long press: the volume and. Short press: Radio model for the next stage, the MP3 mode for the next song. The self timer mode short press button for the self timer function(Only for android phones) 
  4. MP3 /radio /wireless state short play / pause. Radio status long Press for the auto channel search Incoming short press the key to answer the phone Long press to hang up the call, short press the key “to switch between phone calls/wireless  speaker answer” Wireless status long press the key to dial back the telephone

The timer function

Click “M” form the wireless mode to the self timer modeOpen the wireless mobile phone, search for the “shutter” click on the linkOpen mobile phone camera interface, press button to take picturesAttached: Android system requires 4.2.2 IOS requires version 6.0nd above, the other version does not support. Mobile phone with independent pictures button generally does not support.

Bluetooth connections to t other Bluetooth operation methods

  1. Open two Bluetooth speakers at the same times
  2. Long press “MODE” key(Heard “ tick” is ok)
  3. Wait for the Bluetooth speaker to interconnect( two speakers also appear the sound at the same time, express connect success)
  4. Open the phone Bluetooth, search for the matching name for another Bluetooth speaker and connect it
  5. Two Bluetooth speakers are connected successfully, and can start play music


  1. Two Bluetooth speakers that already connected successfully, can automatic connect another Bluetooth speaker when open the speaker again
  2. If no automatic connection, please turn off the Bluetooth, reset two speakers(didn’t need press any key)
  • When two speakers automatic connect, open the phone Bluetooth again and connect the two Bluetooth speakers



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