Telectronics Mechanism Smartwatch AD0095 User Manual

User Manual

Telectronics Mechanism Smartwatch AD0095


Platform requirements:

  • Android 4.2 and above.
  • IOS 9.0 and above.
  • Bluetooth BT4.0


APP download method:

DOS / Android mobile phone users: scan the QR code to download and install the app:Android: Search for “M2 Wear” through the software app shop to download and install the app.Apple: Search for “M2 Wear” through the app shop to download and install the app


When using for the first time:

To ensure normal use of the smartwatch, charge it first.

The contact point of the charging clip connected to the power supply is aligned with the contact point on the back of the smartwatch to charge it. Note: Reversed contact point will short-circuit the battery.

Connecting the Smartwatch and the APP:

All permissions in the APP installation process must be accepted. Smartwatch and mobile phone must be connected with Bluetooth 3.0 and 4.0 to achieve all functions.

Bluetooth 4.0 connection method: open the APP and Bluetooth with the mobile phone, the APP remembers to enable the notification point to confirm. Click Add device, search for the device name and connect. Android phones need to turn on GPS to find the Bluetooth name of the smartwatch. It is important that GPS access is always allowed, not just over Wi-Fi.

Bluetooth 3.0 connection: Apple: Insert the Bluetooth mobile phone when Bluetooth 4.0 is connected, search for the Hry Bluetooth 3.0 device and click connect to pair. Android: When Bluetooth 4.0 Bluetooth is connected, enter the Bluetooth of the mobile phone. When entering the Bluetooth function, it will automatically remember the 3.0 pairing. If there is no reminder, search for Bluetooth device connection with 3.0.

Simple solution to common Bluetooth problems: Because the Bluetooth protocols of various brands of mobile phones are not uniform, sometimes the connection between the mobile phone and the Bluetooth of the Smartwatch is unstable, you can turn off the Bluetooth of the mobile phone and reconnect it. Problems resulting from the instability of the Bluetooth connection of your mobile phone are not covered by the warranty of the watch.

If the smartwatch, when receiving calls or notifications, does not have a notification reminder, it is necessary to set the notification settings of the mobile phone, open the corresponding application and open the notification application to receive the notification information.


Instructions for operating the smartwatch:

  • Power key: short press to wake up / turn off the screen display time, long press can be used to turn on and off.
  •  Clock interface: slide the clock interface to the left or right to enter the system menu.
  • Clock in menu: battery info, ringer/mute, find my device, torch, SIRI voice, Bluetooth.
  • Clock switch: long press the clock interface screen, the clock selection will appear, slide left and right to select the desired clock and press to confirm the setting.


Main functions:

  • Phone dialling: dial when connected to a mobile phone, you can call from the watch.
  • Contacts: You can synchronise your mobile phone contacts.
  • Call history: You can synchronise the call history of your mobile phone.
  • Messages: Synchronise SMS content on your mobile phone (IOS 12 and above will block SMS reminders by default).
  • Bluetooth: Search for devices to connect or disconnect.
  • Heart rate monitoring: The watch is held close to the wrist, and the best wearing position is above the wrist bone against the arm, and the real-time heart rate value can be measured. The normal value of common people is 60-90 times/minute. Enter the automatic heart rate measurement, it will be about 20 seconds, the current heart rate, resting heart rate and average heart rate.
  • Turn on display when turning the wrist: the watch display will turn on when turning the wrist.
  • Language: Set the watch language.
  • Volume: Adjust the volume of the watch in each situation.
  • Ringtone: Set the ringtone music in each situation.
  • Bluetooth camera: When the phone can not lock the screen, the watch enters the Bluetooth camera, the phone enters the camera interface, click the camera to take a picture, the phone will take a picture and save the picture to the phone.
  • Bluetooth music: Control and play music from the phone
  • Find your phone: When the watch and the phone are connected, the watch can ring your phone
  • Alarm clock: You can customize the alarm clock, long press to delete the alarm clock
  • Clock: Set the clock time
  • Calendar: View the calendar.
  • Settings: Various local settings can be made.
  • SIRI: Press and hold for remote access to Siri (Must be enabled, iOS only).
  • Multisystem: Can be configured to change the style of the user interface.
  • QR Code: QR code to download the mobile APP.
  • Sleep monitoring: Enable sleep detection to monitor sleep quality while sleeping.


Precautions for use

  • Do not wear when taking a bath or swimming. When syncing data, please connect the smartwatch.
  • Use the built-in charging cable to charge.
  • Do not expose the grip ring to high humidity or extremely high or low temperature for a long time.


Maintenance of the smartwatch

  • Do not scratch the sensor, protect it from damage.
  • Clean the display surface with a damp cloth and use mild soap, water to remove oil or dust.
  • Do not expose the smartwatch to the environment with strong chemicals, such as gasoline, cleaning solvents, propanol, alcohol or insect repellent. Chemicals will damage the sealing ability of the smartwatch and the case surface.
  • Avoid subjecting the smartwatch to strong impacts and extreme exposure to high temperatures.
  • When the lens and casing are intact, it is resistant to water splashes. Violent disassembly will affect the waterproofness.


Common problem

– Can’t find the Smartwatch?Answer: Because the Bluetooth radio of the Smartwatch is not searched by the mobile phone, please make sure that the Smartwatch is turned on and activated, and is not connected to other mobile phones. Move the Smartwatch closer to the mobile phone and search again. If it is still not valid, turn off the Bluetooth on the mobile phone for 20 seconds and then restart the Bluetooth and search again.

– Should the Bluetooth connection always be active and will there be data if it is closed?Answer: Before syncing the date, exercise and sleep date will be kept in the wristband host. When the mobile phone and Bluetooth of the smartwatch are successfully connected, the smartwatch will automatically upload data to the mobile phone, but the data stored by the smartwatch is limited, and only one week of Bluetooth data can be stored. When the space is full, the oldest data will be automatically overwritten to generate the newest data, so please sync the smartwatch with your phone in time.

Remarks: If you turn on the incoming call and SMS reminder function, you need to keep Bluetooth connected, the alarm will work with bluetooth disconnected.

– What should I do if the smartwatch cannot be charged?

  1. Please confirm if the direction of the charging cradle is correct and if the charging clip is in good contact with the smartwatch.
  2. When the power of the smartwatch is lower than 3.6V, there will be a period of precharging the battery.Remarks: After plugging in the charger, it will immediately enter the charging state. If there is no display, it will take 3 to 5 minutes to enter the charging state.
  3. Can wearing the smartwatch for a long time harm the human body? Answer: The radiation from the device is well below the US FCC standard and is basically negligible. Long-term use will not cause radiation damage to the human body.


Telectronics Mechanism Smartwatch AD0095 User Manual – Telectronics Mechanism Smartwatch AD0095 User Manual –

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