TENLOG TL-D3 Pro User Manual


This manual is for reference only.The structure and parts list of the Tenlog DMP 3D printer are subject to the actual product in the carton, and subject to change,without notice.

Parts list

How to Assemble


Enable Filament Runout Detection

How to Use Touch Screen

How to Use

  1. How to Level
  2. How to Set Nozzle Offset

Interface Overview

  1. Open file. Opens a 3D file.
  2. Primer selection panel. Displays t”e selected p(mer
  3. Configura1ion panel. Contains the material and print core setup Stages.
  4. The prepare. Preview Nand monitor stage. Fach stage is arranged to efficiertly go through eacll 3D printing slep.
  5. Print settings panel. Contairs a I slice strategy pa’Bmeters.
  6. Marketplace. Contains p’ugi”S and mater al packages
  7. Ultimaker account. Allows access to c oud funct onality, Marketplace plug·ns ard prirt profiles. backups and more.
  8. Action panel, Conto ns on t!Ction button dependent on the ClJrrcnt smg-c.
  9. Print over the network. Save to removable disk or Save to file.
  10. Preview. Proceeds to the next stage. the preview stage.
  11. Camera position tool.
  12. Model information.
  13. Adjustment Tools.

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