Togo POWER TSP-120FM Power 100W Portable Foldable Solar Panel Charger User Manual


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To ensure safe operation and service of the meter, read and understand all instructions.Failure to follow all instructions may result in severe injury or property damage.



Peak Power:  100W Cell Type: Monocrystalline * 2pcs
DC Output: 18V/5.5A Max Dimensions (Unfolded): 1212*540*25mm
USB-A Output: 5V3.4A/9V2.5A/12V2A Max Dimensions (Folded):  540*605*40mm
USB-C Output: 5V4.5A/9V3A/12V3A/15V3A Max Weight: 11lbs (5.0kg) Excluding Accessories



  • Please make sure that the connecting cables match Solar Panel and charging equipment.
  • In theory, Solar Panel can charge all kinds of batteries. It depends on the charging circuit of the batteries. Please make sure that the charging voltage of the Solar Panel matches the input voltage of your batteries.
  • Note that the red part of the Anderson plug is positive, and the black part is negative. Please connect positive to positive and negative to negative to ensure using correctly.


  • The output power of the Solar Panel is related to the intensity and angle of sunlight. Solar Panel form a 90-degree angle with sunlight has the best charging efficiency. To ensure your user experience, please use Solar Panel in a place with sufficient sunlight.Using Example


The warnings in this manual cannot cover all possible conditions or situations that could occur. Using this product with common sense and caution. Always be aware of the environment and ensure that the product is used in a safe and responsible manner.

  • Do NOT operate or assemble the Solar Panel until reading this manual and understand how it works.
  • When using the solar panel, place it upward in direct sunlight to ensure the best charging effect.
  • Use the Solar Panel to charge proper equipment.Do NOT attempt to force it to do the work of larger industrial equipment.
  • Do NOT break, dismantle, or drop the Solar Panel.
  • Do NOT use nails or sharp objects to scratch the Solar Panel surface.
  • Do NOT place heavy objects or step on it.
  • Do NOT immerse the Solar Panel in water. Try to avoid exposure in the rain and moist environments. Scrub the Solar Panel with a damp cloth when clean it.
  • Keep the Solar Panel away from excessive-high temperatures, such as fire or heater.Do NOT put the Solar Panel into a fire or apply direct heat to it.
  • Do NOT contact the Solar Panel with strong corrosive objects.
  • Do NOT modify this product in any way. Unauthorized modification may impair function and safety. Also, it could affect the life span of the product.


Q: Is the Solar Panel waterproof?A: Both sides of the Solar Panel are protected well from splashing water. However, the connectors which on the bag are not waterproof. Do not immerse the Solar Panel in water, and we don’t recommend using the Solar Panel in the rain and moist environments.

Q: Is this chainable with other Solar Panels?A: Yes. You can chain other Solar Panels that have the same nominal output voltage power in parallel. You should note that the superimposed current cannot exceed the current that the connecting cables and plugs can bear. Our warranty does not cover any property loss caused by misoperation when chaining Solar Panels.

Q: What if the foldable USB port solar charger is not charging my devices?A:1. Check the manual of your device to ensure the input voltage fits 5V or support QC3.0&PD.2. Cloudy weather and indirect sunlight may cause fluctuations in the current. This in turn may hinder or prevent charging. Place the Solar Panel in direct sunlight or wait for the weather to clear.3. Wipe the panels clean with a damp cloth between usage to prevent scratching.4. Avoid exposure to fire, water and chemical liquid.

Q: If it is partially cloudy or shady will the solar charger still work?A: Yes, although the charging efficiency will be low causing prolonged charging time.

Q: Will this panel charge a power station?A: Yes. The Solar Panel can charge BALDR/TogoPOWER series power station, and also the products of other brands with appropriate power. Note that charging power station which has excessive power will lead to longer charging time.


TogoPOWER provides a limited warranty for the original consumer purchaser, which covers the TogoPOWER products from defects in workmanship and material under consumer for 12 months from the date of purchase. In order to establish the start date of the warranty period, the sales receipt from the first consumer purchase, or other reasonable documentary proof is required.

TogoPOWER’s warranty does not apply to (i) any product that is misused, abused, modified, damaged by accident, or used for anything other than normal consumer use as authorized in TogoPOWER’s current product literature, or (ii) any product purchased through an online auction house.

To know more and obtain warranty service, contact our customer service team at [email protected]


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