Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine Instructions Manual

perfect prep™ machineINSTRUCTIONS FOR USE(these instructions and cleaning videos can be found at


Keep this instruction sheet for future reference as it includes important information.This appliance is intended for household use only. Do not use the outdoors. Before plugging in the Perfect Prep for the first time ensure that the voltage is compatible with your electricity supply by checking the label on the base of the unit. Ensure water has been added to the unit before switching the unit on. Do not immerse in water. To protect against fire, electric shock, and injury to persons. Do not immerse cord, plugs or other parts of the unit in water or other liquid. Misuse of the product may result in the risk of fire, electric shock, and/or personal injury. This appliance shall not be used by children. Keep the appliance and its cord out of reach of children. Appliances can be used by persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning the use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved. Children shall not play with the appliance. User maintenance other than cleaning and descaling is not required for this product. Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children.Do not touch hot surfaces. When in use the Perfect Prep contains hot water and steam. Keep hands away from dispensing spout as it can cause burns and scalds. Use in a well-ventilated area. Do not operate any appliance with a damaged cord or plug or after the appliance malfunctions or has been damaged in any manner. If the supply cord is damaged it must be changed by a qualified person in order to avoid a hazard. If the damage is from a new the unit must be returned to the manufacturer. If within a retail warranty period this product should be exchanged at the place of purchase. The manufacturer will then be made aware. Any questions? Visit our website Always use on a flat heat-resistant surface. Do not move the appliance when in use. Do not let the cord hang over the edge of the kitchen work surface or touch hot surfaces. The product has been fitted with a cold wind on the rear of the unit to allow you to adjust the length of the cord safely. It is recommended that the cord be kept as short as possible. Do not use any accessories other than those supplied with this appliance.



As with any other method of making up a feed, it’s essential that good hygiene practices are observed in the use and maintenance of your Perfect Prep machine. Ensure your hands and all surfaces that come in to contact with the machine and its components are clean, and that the unit is away from direct sunlight and heat sources.REGULAR CLEANING: For hygiene and safety reasons you should clean your unit on a regular basis. We recommend you carry this out at least every 4 weeks, whenever you replace your filter or if the machine has been unused for a period of 7 days.


Before each use you must ensure that your water tank is above the minimum fill mark. Always use cold water when filling the water tank, other than when cleaning.


The Perfect Prep should be kept in a cool dry location, avoiding direct sunlight and keeping away from warm appliances. This is recommended to avoid the water tank temperature getting too warm. Don’t worry if your temperature light does illuminate, as we have some tips for you:1 Flush your cold tap for 10 seconds before filling the water tank.2 Regularly top up with cold water rather than letting a full tank stand and warm for long periods of time.3 Keep a cold jug of tap water in the fridge ready to top up the tank.


If at any point you need to stop the Perfect Prep machine you can do so by pressing the start/stop button. The pump may continue to run for a few seconds and the green light will illuminate to show that the process has ended. It will not be possible to restart the machine for 20 seconds. If you have to stop the Perfect Prep machine, please discard of any incomplete feed.


We recommend you complete a cleaning cycle every 4 weeks, whenever you replace your Tommee Tippee water filter or if the machine has been unused for a period of 7 days.TIP: carry out the cleaning process when your tank empty light is illuminated (L) so there’s no need to discard any water.

Once this is done, insert the hopper and follow SET UP steps 1-15 (no need to use step 9a or 12 if re-fitting current Tommee Tippee filter).


We recommend that you complete a cleaning cycle, whenever you replace your Tommee Tippee water filter. Your unit comes with a Tommee Tippee water filter which lasts 150 litres (this is approximately 3 months based on 6 x 260ml feeds per day). Replacement Tommee Tippee water filters are available from all Perfect Prep stockists. Using this machine without a water filter or with a non Tommee Tippee water filter could put your child’s health at risk.


The descaling process will remove deposits of calcium and other minerals in the system that may affect its performance.


DOSIt is essential that good hygiene practices are observed in the use and maintenance of your Perfect Prep Machine.✔ Ensure your hands and all surfaces that come into contact with the machine and its components (including filter) are clean.✔ This product is intended for use with Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Perfect Prep Water Filters which are available from all Perfect Prep machine stockists.USE OF ANY OTHER WATER FILTER WITH THIS PRODUCT COULD PUT YOUR CHILD’S HEALTH AT RISK.✔ Before first use clean the unit following the setup steps provided in this leaflet.✔ Keep the unit away from direct sunlight.✔ Only use cold tap water during regular use.✔ Keep the outside of the unit clean.✔ For your child’s safety always check the food temperature before feeding on a sensitive part of your skin.✔ Be careful when handling boiling water.✔ Always adjust the height of the bottle stand so the bottleneck is close to the dispensing spout. This is to maintain the temperature of the water and to avoid any splashes.✔ Keep well clear of the dispensing spout as the unit produces steam and very hot water.DON’TS✘ Do not allow the water tank to be contaminated. The inside of the unit should only be cleaned by following the cleaning process steps provided in this leaflet.✘ Do not clean with solvents or harsh chemicals.✘ The appliance is intended for use in a kitchen. It is not suitable for use in a nursery.✘ Do not use hot water other than during cleaning cycles. If the water in the tank is higher than 25°C, the unit will not operate. If this happens, either change the water or allow the water to cool and restart.✘ Do not pour boiling water over the water filter.✘ When topping up the hopper, do not fill beyond the max line.✘ Be careful not to spill any water on the outside of the machine.✘ Do not remove the back panel from the unit.

INFORMATION ON THE DISPOSAL FOR WASTE ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT (WEEE)This symbol on the products and accompanying documents means that used electrical and electronic products should not be mixed with general household waste.For proper disposal for treatment, recovery, and recycling, please take these products to designated collection points where they will be accepted on a free of charge basis. In some countries, you may be able to return your products to your local retailer upon the purchase of a new product. Disposing of this product correctly will help you save valuable resources and prevent any possible effects on human health and the environment, which could otherwise arise from inappropriate waste handling. Please contact your local authority for further details of your nearest collection point for WEEE. Penalties may be applicable for the incorrect disposal of this product in accordance with national legislation.The product is fitted with a BS 1363 mains plug containing a 13A fuse. If it ever becomes necessary to replace the fuse, only use fuses that are marked BS 1362, and rated at 13A. In the unlikely event that this plug is not suitable for the sockets in your home, it should be removed and a suitable plug fitted as follows: The wires of the mains lead are colored in accordance with the following code:GREEN AND YELLOW – EARTHBLUE – NEUTRALBROWN – LIVEAs these colors may not correspond with the coloured markings sometimes used to identify the terminals in the plug, connect as follows. The wire coloured GREEN AND YELLOW must be connected to the terminal marked E or by the earth symbol or coloured GREEN or GREEN AND YELLOW. The wire-coloured BLUE must be connected to the terminal marked N or coloured BLACK. The wire-coloured BROWN must be connected to the terminal marked L or coloured RED. If you are in any doubt about how to wire a plug or replace a fuse safely, consult a qualified electrician.Jackel International Limited trading as Mayborn Group, Northumberland Business Park West, Cramlington Northumberland NE23 7RH, UK Made in China

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine Instructions Manual – Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine Instructions Manual –

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