Toshiba IoT Solution Pack for Water Treatment Instruction

Toshiba IoT Solution Pack

Accelerate your success and unleash your IoT potential

There’s a huge transformation occurring that will have a dramatic impact on both your business and your customers—a transformation made possible by harnessing real-world machine data and turning it into amazing business value.

Gaining visibility and insight into your operations through remote monitoring is a job one for joining this revolution. Early adopters are already realizing incredible gains by implementing IoT-enhanced processes.

The Toshiba IoT Solution Pack is your fast track to getting there.

Gaining visibility and insight into your operations through remote monitoring

Visualize. Analyze. Optimize.Introducing the Toshiba IoT Solution Pack

Bringing you essential remote monitoring, visualization, and data collection capabilities, Toshiba IoT Solution Pack is easy to use, easily expandable, and cloud-based for rapid deployment and lower cost of entry.

It empowers you to quickly begin collecting data that will help you improve processes, reduce costs and enjoy a level of operational control that was once impossible.

Fast and easy implementation is made possible with these key elements:

Quick StartUsing templates enables easy and fast configuration and connection of pre-verified gateways.

Edge ComputingIntegration of technology at the edge to enable optimal communication and translation of data to the cloud or at the edge in a secure environment.

Flexible and ScalableStart with a small number of target devices, and grow by adding more devices and/or integrating with other systems, depending on your budget or business volume.

Quickly realize the benefits of Toshiba IoT Solution Pack:

Edge ComputingCreate smart, connected facilities and drive near-real-time visualization and optimization by connecting equipment and shifting processes to the cloud through sensors, adapters provided APIs, and IoT gateways. You’ll be up and running faster than you can imagine.

Data Collection and Remote MonitoringFast-track your digital transformation by remotely monitoring equipment across your entire organizational footprint. Toshiba IoT Solution Pack makes it easy to start amassing machine data to help enable optimal performance and facility compliance.

AnalyticsGain insight into equipment performance, detect anomalies sooner and improve resource utilization across your entire operation with an excellent user interface based on predefined templates that present data in a clear, actionable way. Advanced analytics can be added by using data via API.

Propel your facility into the future—faster

Trust the IoT experts at ToshibaA world-class technology leader and global manufacturing powerhouse, Toshiba offer:

  • Social infrastructure industry remote monitoring and maintenance expertise
  • Decades of manufacturing experience—from semiconductors to social infrastructure
  • The partnerships, flexibility, and field-tested insights for highly effective co-creation
  • Deep knowledge of using essential data and KPI to solve real-world industrial challenges
  • A full range of Toshiba-developed IoT components—databases, sensors, gateways, and agents
  • Strong, longstanding global alliances

A platform to give you a competitive edge

Toshiba IoT Solution Pack provides the essentials you need to optimize your operation and stay ahead in your industry.

Quick to configureWhy wait months or more to connect your operations and facilities you need now? Toshiba IoT Solution Pack can have you up and running faster than you can imagine.

Cloud-based for lower cost-of-entryYou don’t need to build out a complex IT infrastructure to accommodate Toshiba IoT Solution Pack. It operates on the cloud, which lowers your cost of entry and makes scaling very cost-effective.

Simple to useToshiba IoT Solution Pack is engineered to offer a simple, intuitive user experience with screens that make it easy for you and your people to see what’s happening, to react, and optimize your operation.

Easily expandableToshiba IoT Solution Pack not only gives you basic connectivity, visualization, and insight, but it also helps you gather the data needed to create more complex and cognitive analytic modules by using our APIs.

Quick-start your digital transformation

Discover Toshiba IoT Solution PackThe new age of industrial potential is already here. Don’t let the competition see possibilities you don’t— or innovate in ways you can’t.Get the essential remote monitoring and data collection you need now with Toshiba IoT Solution Pack.

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Toshiba IoT Solution Pack for Water Treatment Instruction – Toshiba IoT Solution Pack for Water Treatment Instruction –

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