TRACEABLE Jumbo Display Dial Thermometer Instructions

TRACEABLE Jumbo Display Dial Thermometer


Range –58 to 302°F / –50 to 150°C
Cat# 4049 ±1°C between –20 and 100°C
Cat# 4355- ±1°C between –20 and 100°C
Cat# 4374- ±0.3°C (–20 and 100°C) otherwise ±1°C
Resolution 0.1° above –20° and below 200°
1° below –20° and above 200°
Sampling Rate: 1 second


Ultra™ thermometers are tested at selected test points to be within tighter than normal tolerances to assist in providing improved accuracy. Other points will not necessarily fall within the same accuracy as those found at the selected test points, but will be within an accuracy of ±1°C.


Slide the ON/OFF switch to ON to turn the unit on. Slide the °C/°F switch to °F to display the temperature in Fahrenheit or °C to display the temperature in Celsius. Insert the stem into the material to be measured. Slide the ON/OFF switch to OFF to turn the unit off. To conserve battery life, always turn the unit off when not in use.


If this unit does not function properly for any reason, replace the battery with a new high-quality battery (see “Battery Replacement” section). Low battery power can occasionally cause any number of “apparent” operational difficulties. Replacing the battery with a new fresh battery will solve most difficulties.


Erratic readings, a faint display, or no display are all indications that the battery must be replaced. To replace the battery, remove the battery cap screw. Remove the battery cap by turning it in the direction of the arrow (counter clockwise). Remove the exhausted battery and replace it with a new 1.5 volt size G-13 battery. Equivalent replacement batteries are: Ray-O-Vac RW42, Duracell D357, Eveready 357. Make certain that the positive (+) side is facing you. Replace the battery cap. Replace the battery cap screw and tighten securely.

WARRANTY, SERVICE, OR RECALIBRATIONFor warranty, service, or recalibration, contact:

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Traceable® Products are ISO 9001:2018 Quality Certified by DNV and ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited as a Calibration Laboratory by A2LA.

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