Trinity TR-4167 S Wildcat XX Stage 5 Slip On Installation Instruction Manual



  1. Remove rear plastic frame protector (4 bolts)
  2. Remove silver heat guard (9 bolts)
  3. Remove the (3) nuts and bolts holding the muffler to the chassis
  4. Remove the (4) springs holding the muffler to the header. Remove the muffler from the vehicle making sure not to lose and of the rubber grommets under the silencer bracket.
  5. Bolt-on the two billet muffler mounts to the steel mounting plate provided. Snug up the bolts on the two brackets and then bolt the plate to the chassis where the stock muffler mounted. Be sure to use the stock rubber grommets.
  6. Bolt the bell-shaped 4-bolt pipe to the muffler using the M8 button head bolts provided. Slip the muffler into place and attach it with the supplied springs. Make sure the muffler is positioned correctly and tighten muffler clamp bolts.
  7. Torque all mounting hardware to OEM specifications. All mounting hardware should be re-torqued following the first couple of hours of riding. Install large Trinity back shield plate with supplied (4) 3/8-24 x 5/8” button head bolts.
  8. Before starting the vehicle, clean all stainless steel sections of the exhaust system with carb cleaner, brake cleaner, or stainless steel cleaner to remove all oil and fingerprints from installation.

WARNING*Trinity Racing exhaust systems will require adjustment to OEM fuel settings such as jetting changes or installation of an EFI programmer. Trinity Racing will not be held responsible for damages that occur during the operation of your vehicle under improper fuel settings. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the owner/rider to adjust fuel settings to specific riding conditions and elevation changes before riding. *Inspection of the muffler packing is recommended following every 15 hours of runtime. Failure to maintain muffler packing will result in power loss, increased sound output, and damage to the muffler body or muffler components. *Trinity Racing exhausts systems are designed for high-performance applications and are legal for closed-course competition only. This product is not applicable nor intended for use on emissions-controlled street, highway, or off-road vehicles.

Trinity TR-4167 S Wildcat XX Stage 5 Slip On Installation Instruction Manual – Trinity TR-4167 S Wildcat XX Stage 5 Slip On Installation Instruction Manual –

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