TURBO Electric Pet Hair Clipper User Manual

Quick Start

User Manualbefore using plase read the manual carefully and keep it properly for reference






  1.  Production under strict quality management and check.
  2. Problems during the normal use, a one-year warranty is offered by presenting the WARRANTY CARD.(blade is consumable, poid to provide)
  3. Some paid services are the following:a) problems caused by improper useb) problems caused by improper fix or modification:c) problems caused by natural disasters:d) problems or damages caused by hitting or dropping after purchase:e) problems caused by power fault; f) problems caused by not obeying the rules;
  4.  Please present the WARRANTY CARD for maintenance.

Product Diagram

Package Contents

Product Specification

Motor Powerful & Quiet Silver Palladium Alloy Motor
Blade Ceramic Upper Blade & Stainless Steel lower Blade
Adapter Input: ACI03-240v 50/60Hz Output:DC 5v 1009mA
Battery Type  Rechargeable li-ion battery(2200mA)
 Charging lime 3 Hours
 Using Time  300 Minutes

How to charge

  1. Put the connecting plug into the clipper dot.
  2. Put the adopter into an electrical outlet offer conflating the dipper is switched off.

TURBO FunctionUnder power-on status, press the TURBO button, and the clipper will switch the speed in turn from the lowest speed to the highest speed. There are 3 speeds available.


  1.  It’s normal to generate some heat while charging and using the clipper.
  2. Please use the original adopter to charge.

Blade Adjustment Method

Blade adjustment method

  1. To adjust upward, push the adjustment button directly to the required position.
  2. To adjust downward, press the lock key down and then push the adjustment button to the required position.

Indicator Instruction

First-level speed

Second-level speed

Third-level speed

•Real-Time Display of Battery level Display 5 levels of battery use in o red-time manner.The indicators will light up in the tum from low to high when the clipper B charging. All indicators wi stay on without blinking when the cipper is fuly charged.

• Oiling Reminder Function When the blade of the clipper is overloaded or the clipper has been cumulatively used for 30 minutes, the oiling icon will start to bink. reminding you of the blade in order to get o better cutting effect and prolong the blade lifespan.If the oiling icon continues to blink after cleaning and ding the blade. it indicates the blade has worn out and you need to replace the Mode with o new one.

•Charging Reminder Function When the battery is less than 5%. the charging icon starts to the bank, reminding you to charge the copper.When fully charged. the clipper automatically cuts off power. The charging protection function starts to work to prevent damage from overcharging.• When the battery completely runs out, the over-discharging protection function will be automatically activated to prevent the battery from overcharging and protect the battery’s lifespan.

Mounting & Unmounting Comb

  • Mounting the Comb Hold both sides, match the slot and push up (avoid losing or dropping)
  •  Unmounting the Comb Push away the locked part of the comb on both sides. (Do not press the front or bock poll to ovoid damaging the comb)


  1.  Before unloading the blade, make sure you have switched off the clipper. Use your thumb to remove the blade as shown above.
  2.  Use the brush to remove any remaining hair between the upper blade and the lower blade. Please do not take apart the spring of the blade in case it breaks down.
  3.  Use the brush to remove any remaining hair from the clipper. a Produktabbildung
  4.  After cleaning the blade, add some lubricant between the upper blade and the lower blade. Otherwise, the blades’ edge may go dull, make a weird noise, give out heat, and lower the performance.
  5.  Replace the blade. You will hear a clicking sound when done correctly.


  1.  Do not try to disassemble the clipper.
  2.  Do not clean the clipper with water. Keep it dry at all times.
  3.  Do not use any corrosives such as alcohol, gasoline, etc. to clean the device.
  4. Avoid charging it above 40°C and below 0°C.

If the product is not used for a long time. please charge it once at least every three months. Disposal of BatteryPlease takes the battery out before discarding the dipper and dispose of the battery in an environmentally friendly way.

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