ULINE S-21861/S-21862 Corrugated Plastic Receptacles Installation Guide

Table of Contents

ULINE S-21861/S-21862 Corrugated Plastic Receptacles


Bin x 3 (2 for S-21861)

Top x 1

Base x 1

Decal x 4

Insert Ring x 3 (2 for S-21861)


  1. Fold bin open and turn upside down. Fold tabs in order shown to form bottom of bin. Insert tab (4) into slot (1) to lock in place. Repeat for remaining bins. (See Figure 1).
  2. Turn bins right side up and press down into base. (See Figure 2).
  3. Press top down over bins until it rests securely. (See Figure 3).
  4. To apply decals to insert rings:a. Remove protective liner.b. Place in position.c. Press to secure.d. Remove top liner.(See Figure 4)
  5. Press insert rings into holes in top. (See Figure 5)


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