ULINE S-866 Tip-N-Tell Indicators User Guide

ULINE S-866 Tip-N-Tell Indicators User Guide




Each TIP-N-TELL comes complete with two warning labels per indicator device.

  • Place one warning label on the Bill of Lading to notify the carrier or consignee that the shipment contains a TIP-N-TELL warning device.
  • Place the second warning label visibly on your package or crate to inform handlers that the package contains this device.


  1. Hold TIP-N-Tell firmly with arrow pointing up. Do not tip during activation and mounting process.
  2. Slowly pull out T-Bar on left side of unit until the slide stops.
  3. Break off the T-Bar by bending the T-pin forward over the face of the indicator. NOTE: If the T-Bar slide is accidentally pulled all the way out, carefully re-insert and pull only to the stop. This will prevent beads from escaping through the slide track if the indicator is tipped.                                                              
  4. The TIP-N-TELL has a pressure sensitive backing to firmly attach the device to your package. Peel off release liner from back of the indicator.
  5. Firmly attach TIP-N-TELL to your package with arrow pointing up.

The TIP-N-TELL indicator is now activated.


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