V-TAC VT-10-R LED Rechargeable Light Installation Guide



Model VT-10-R
Watts 10W
Lumens 7001m
beam angle 100
PF >0.9
CRI >80
Battery 3.7V Li-Ion, 3600mAh
IP Rating IP44
Unit Color Green+Black
On/Off Cycles >15000
Input Power AC:100-240V
Dimension 175x125mm


Thank you for selecting and buying the V-TAC product. V-TAC will serve you the best. Please read these instructions carefully before starting the installation and keep this manual handy for future reference. If you have any other queries, please contact our dealer or local vendor from whom you have purchased the product. They are trained and ready to serve you at your best. The warranty is valid for 2 years from the date of purchase. The warranty does not apply to damage caused by incorrect installation or abnormal wear and tear. The company gives no warranty against damage to any surface due to incorrect removal and installation of the product. The products are suitable for 10-12 Hours of Daily operation. Usage of product for 24 hours a day would void the warranty. This product is warranted for manufacturing defects only.

WARNINGPlease make sure to turn off the power before starting the installation.

This marking indicates that this product should not be disposed of with other household wastes.

Caution, risk of electric shock.



  1. Never attempt to open for any reason.
  2.  Do not store in locations where the temperature may exceed 40 °C.
  3. Charge only at ambient temperatures between 4 °C and 40 °C.
  4. Charge only using the charger provided with the tool.
  5.  When disposing of batteries, follow the instructions given in the section “Protecting the environment”.
  6. Do not cause short circuits. If the connection is made between the positive (+) and negative (-) terminal directly or via accidental contact with metallic objects, the battery is short-circuited and an intense current will flow causing heat generation which may lead to casing rupture or fire.
  7.  If batteries are heated to above 100 °C, sealing and insulating separators and other polymer components may be damaged resulting in electrolyte leakage and/or internal short-circuiting leading to heat generation causing rupture or file. Moreover do not dispose of the batteries in fire, explosion and/or intense burning may result.
  8.  Under extreme conditions, battery leakage may occur. When you notice liquid on the battery, proceed as follows:•- Carefully wipe the liquid off using a cloth. Avoid skin contact.•- In case of skin or eye contact, follow the instructions below:i. Immediately rinse with water. Neutralize with a mild acid such as lemon juice or vinegar.ii. In case of eye contact, rinse abundantly with clean water for at least 10 minutes. Consult a physician.Fire hazard! Avoid short-circuiting the contacts of a detached battery. Do not incinerate the battery.


  1.  Use the charger provided with the tool only to charge the battery
  2. Never attempt to charge non-rechargeable batteries.
  3.  Have defective cords replaced immediately.
  4.  Do not expose to water.
  5.  Do not open the charger.
  6. Do not probe the charger.


This is not a toy; children should not permit to use it. This is a DIY product, all electronic parts fixed already, any intention of opening rechargeable floodlight or changing rechargeable floodlight is prohibitive.Do not attempt to replace or change or the diode lights! If the protective glass is cracked or broken, it must be replaced before the rechargeable floodlight can be used again.


  1. Rechargeable floodlight head
  2.  LED lamp assembly
  3.  Portable bracket
  4.  Protective cover
  5.  Micro socket
  6.  LED indicator
  7.  ON/OFF switch with mode function


The LED Rechargeable Floodlight’s portable bracket (3) is adjustable (Max. 45°). Adjust the bracket to the suitable position before using it.NOTE: Do not exceed to adjustable stands range which avoids damaging the bracket



  1. Open the protective cover (4) and push the micro plug (a) into the micro socket (5).
  2.  Plug the adapter into a suitable mains outlet. Do not use an extension cord.
  3. When the battery is loaded, three LED indicators (5) all illumine (Red light, yellow light, and green light up in sequence).NOTE: Reset the protective cover after full charge which to avoid water enter. (Refer to Fig. 2)NOTE: The LED indicator only will show red which means its batteries will soon run out and need to recharge.

SWITCH ON/OFF AND LUMEN ADJUSTMENT (See Fig. 2)The Rechargeable floodlight is equipped with an ON/OFF switch with mode function (7) locate on the backside of the rechargeable floodlight.WARNING!

  • To reduce the risk of injury, users must read and understand the instruction manual.
  •  Always make sure the work light is off and completely cool before attempting to clean it.

In case of any query/issue with the product please reach out to us at [email protected]V-TAC EUROPE LTD, Bulgaria, Plovdiv 4000, bul.L.Karavelow 9B

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