V-TAC VT-7515 5W LED Rechargeable Desk Lamp User Manual

V-TAC VT-7515 5W LED Rechargeable Desk Lamp User Manual


  1. Switch off the power before starting the installation.
  2. Connect the adapter[included] plug into the socket
  3. Connect the adapter pin to the table lamp
  4. Switch on the power and tap on the on the touch button (as shown above) at the top of lamp to switch ON the light.
  5.  To change the dimming of the light: 5.1 Tap the touch button on the top of the lamp to turn ON the light at 100% brightness. 5.2 Tap the touch button second time of the lamp to dim the light to 60% brightness.5.3 Tap the touch button third time of the lamp to dim the light to 10% brightness. 5.4 Tap the touch button fourth time of the lamp to switch off the light.


Model VT-7515
Watts 4W
Lumens 210LM
Beam Angle 90°
CRI >80
Adapter Output DC:5V, 1A
Material Plastic + Metal
Cable Length 1.2m
Battery Capacity 2200mAH
Charging Time 5-6 Hours
Working Time 3-4 Hours
IP Rating IP20
Touch Dimming Level 100%-60%-10%


Thank you for selecting and buying V-TAC product. V-TAC will serve you the best. Please read these instructions carefully before starting the installation and keep this manual handy for future reference. If you have any another query, please contact our dealer or local vendor from whom you have purchased the product. They are trained and ready to serve you at the best.The warranty is valid for 2 years from the date of purchase. The warranty does not apply to damage caused by incorrect installation or abnormal wear and tear. The company gives no warranty against damage to any surface due to incorrect removal and installation of the product. The products are suitable for 10-12 Hours Daily operation. Usage of product for 24 Hours a day would void the warranty. This product is warranted for manufacturing defects only.


  1. Please make sure to turn off the power before starting the installation.
  2. The light source of this luminaire is not replaceable, when the light source reaches its end of life the whole luminaire should be replaced.
  3. For Indoor use only.


  1. Table Lamp (1pc)
  2. Adapter (1pc)
  3. User Manual (1pc)

Caution, risk of electric shock.


  1. Please do not put the lamp on the high-temperature surfaces, and do not use it in flammable or humid environment, to avoid the breakdown, short circuit etc.
  2. The adapter must be under the specialized range.
  3. Please ensure to place the lamp on a steady base only.


  1. Please clean the lamp every two months to keep it smooth and bright.
  2. Just use cleaning cloth and water to clean the dust.
  3. For the filthy mark, please use cleaning cloth and soap suds
  4.  Please do not clean the lamp by high-volatility and high corrosive liquid which may lead to discoloring or damaging the product.

This marking indicates that this product should not be disposed of with other household wastes.


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