vita The Grande Trellis / Concord Trellis Instruction Manual

vita The Grande Trellis Concord Trellis Instruction Manual


The Grande Trellis / Concord Trellis

Please read through before starting assembly.


In the event of missing or defective parts please call our customer service dept. at 1 800 282 9346 (Mon. to Fri. 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST).

  1. Arched Top Rail (1) – 10864 White / 14084 Composite
  2. Post Caps (2) 10611 White / 14085 Composite
  3. Posts (2) Length – 94″ ( 238.7 cm) – 10865 White / 14086 Composite
  4. Vertical Spindles (2) Length – 83″ (211 cm) – 10866 White / 14087 Composite
  5. Vertical Spindles (2) Length- 84 3/4″ (215 cm) – 10866-2 White / 14087-2 Composite
  6. Vertical Spindles (2) Length – 86 1/2″ (220 cm) – 10866-3 White / 14087-3 Composite
  7. Vertical Spindle (1)Length – 87 1/4″ (222 cm) – 10866-4 White / 14087-4 Composite
  8. Horizontal Spindles (5) Length – 53 3/4″ (137 cm) – 10867 White / 14088 Composite
  9. Bottom Rail (1) Length – 53 3/4″ (137 cm) – 10868 White / 14089 Composite
  10. Ground Mounting Extensions (2) Length 30″ (76 cm) – 10869 White / 14090 Composite
  11. 3/4″(19 mm)Self-Auguring Stainless Steel Screw(25) 20016 White / 20025 Composite

Tools You Will Need

  • CordlessDrill
  • Hammer
  • TapeMeasure
  • Level
  • Shovel

General Information

  • Read Instructions through carefully before beginning assembly.
  • When assembling components, place on anon-abrasive surface. (i.e. shipping box) to avoid scratching.
  • We recommend an area approx 5′ x 8′(1.5 m x 2.4 m) for unobstructed assembling.
  • You should not need to use excessive force when assembling component.


NOTE: There are locking tabs located at the ends of the horizontal rails. Once inserted and pushed into the routed holes, they will lock into place.

  1. Lay one of the posts on the ground and insert the bottom rail and the five horizontal rails as shown aside.Note the holes orientation and ensure that they all face the same direction as shown in drawing aside.
  2. Insert the seven vertical spindles as shown aside. Please note that there are four different lengths of spindles and they should be inserted according to the pattern shown (spindles are labeled accordingly).
  3. Continue assembly by inserting the top arched rail end into the post and progressively into each of the vertical spindles.
  4. Proceed to attach the second post to the trellis assembly as shown below. Ensure tabs are inserted all the way into the posts.
  5. Install the post caps.


Install the ScrewsWhile making sure the trellis is square, secure the trellis with 21 of the provided screws at the locations shown below:

Mounting Into the Ground

Trellises must be well secured in the event of high winds, etc. We have provided two ground mounting extensions for securing the trellis either into the ground or into a concrete footing. If you are installing your trellis directly to the wall of your home, or on a wood deck or concrete surface, please see your hardware store for the appropriate galvanized bracket hardware.


Install the Ground Mounting Extensions

Insert the ground mounting extensions into the bottom of the trellis posts. Secure with screws as shown aside.


Install Trellis into Ground

A. Move the trellis to its final location. When you are satisfied with the location, mark the positions of the posts, then move the trellis aside and lay it carefully on it’s side. Excavate the 2 post holes approximately 22″(56 cm) deep x 6″(15 cm) diameter. Carefully move the trellis back into position.

B. Level it both vertically and horizontally into the excavated holes.

C. Back fill the holes with the excavated soil.

Note: For a stronger installation, consider purchasing pressure treated 2″x4″ (5 cm x 10 cm) lumber and trimming it down to 3 1/4 (8 cm) wide and cutting it into 36″ (91 cm) lengths. Insert into the bottom of the posts until they hit the bottom horizontal rail. Fasten accordingly with screws and install either directly into the ground or into a concrete footing.



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