Vive LVA2048 Compact Overbed Table Owner’s Manual



A. 1x Table Top F. lx Height  Adjusting Knob 
B. lx Table Top  

G. 1x Black Frame Pipe

C. lx Silver L-Shape Pipe 0 lx Tension Knob H. 1x Leg withLocking Wheels
D. lx Tension Rod I. 2x Bolts
E. lx Tension Washer J. 1x Leg withNon-Locking W h e e l s


For video demonstrationcheck out

  1. Insert Tension Rod (B) into The Silver L-Shape Pipe (C).
  2. Insert Tension Washer (E) onto the end of the Tension Rod (D) so it will fit flush with the hole of the Silver L-Shape Pipe  (C).
  3. Connect Tension Knob (D) to the Tension Rod (B), but do NOT tighten all the way yet, as you will not be able to complete the next step.
  4. Slide Table Top (A) into L-Shape Pipe (C), then tighten Tension Knob (D).
  5. Insert the Black Frame Pipe (G) onto the Silver L-Shape Pipe (C).
  6. Add the Height Adjusting Knob (F) to the Black Frame Pipe ( 6 ) .
  7. Join Leg with Locking Wheels (H) and Leg with Non-Locking Wheels (J) to the Frame (G) using the 2x Bolts (1).

NOTE: The Locking Wheels should be placed with the lock facing out flush to the pipe side off the table. This way they can easily be locked and unlocked when underneath a bed.

Note: The Table Top height can be lowered or raised with the Height Adjusting Knob (F). The Table Top (A) tilting position can be adjusted with the Tension Knob (D), but (D) must be securely tightened after adjustment to prevent Table Top (A)  from falling down.


Table Length: 24”Table Width: 16°Table Height Range: 28”- 46”


  • Max Weight Capacity – 22 LBS
  • Do NOT leave this product outdoors.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Be cautious of the table height, the higher the height the greater the risk of tipping.

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