Vivify health UC-352BLE Weight Scale User Guide

Vivify health UC-352BLE Weight Scale User Guide


The enclosed weight scale is provided for your use during your participation in the care management program. The following information explains the process for recording weight and viewing trend data.

Record Your Vitals
  1. On the tablet, select the scale icon.
  2. Step on the scale with bare feet. The scale turns on automatically and begins to take a reading.
  3. Step off the scale when you hear three beeps and see “Step Off“ display on the scale screen.
  4. Look at the tablet. Your weigh treading will appear.
  5. Select OK to accept. Select YES to confirm.If the device does not transmit to the tablet, move the device closer to the tablet. The scale and the tablet should be within 10 feet of each other.To record your data manually, select Manual Entry. In the fields provided, record your weight.If you realize that the number you entered is incorrect, select NO to clear the field and re-enter your data.For more information, review the A&D Instruction Manual for directions on how to use the weight scale.
View Trend Data

To view the changes in your biometric data over time, select the TREND button on the entry screen. Biometric data is available for the devices used for your program.

DO NOT USE THIS PROGRAM FOR EMERGENCY ORURGENT CARE. IN AN EMERGENCY, CALL 911 OR GO TO THE NEAREST EMERGENCY ROOM. The program and program nurses and other representatives cannot diagnose your problems or suggest treatment. This program is not a substitute for your doctor’s care. Your health information is kept confidential in accordance with the law. Any information and any device provided through this program is for your information only. Participation in the program and use of the device is voluntary, and your ability to use the device may differ depending on the nature of your medical condition. The program and device do not provide real-time monitoring or act as an emergency alert system, and are not intended for use when time-critical care is required.


If you have an emergency, call 911. The tablet is not for emergencies.Do not turn off or unplug the tablet.Check your tablet to ensure it is plugged into the wall and the cord is securely plugged into the tablet.If you forget your password, select HELP and then RESET. Your Care Team will be notified.DO NOT throw away the health kit box your tablet and devices came in. The box will be used to package the tablet and devices to be returned at the end of your remote care program.

Tips for Accurate Readings

Place the scale on a flat, hard surface. Do not take readings with the scale on carpet.The maximum measurement for this device is 450 lbs.See the manufacturer’s guide for complete instructions relating to this device, including information regarding when you should consult your physician prior to using this device.


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