VOGUE F172/F174/F176/CN415 Scales Instructions

ScalesUser instructions

Model • Modèle • Modell • Modello • Modelo • Malli:F172/F174/F176/CN415


Note: Be sure to check all packaging materials for any small parts that may have come loose during transportation.

Please take a few moments to carefully read through these instructions. Correct maintenance and operation of this appliance will give the best possible performance from your VOGUE product. THIS APPLIANCE IS NOT SUITABLE FOR PRODUCTS SOLD BY MEASURE.


  1. Place the scales on a flat, stable surface.
  2. Fix the bowl mount to the scales using the nuts and bolts provided.
  3. Place the bowl in the bowl mount.
  4. Set the scales to `0′ by adjusting the Tare screw.WARNING: DO NOT completely remove the Tare screw.
  5. The scales are ready to use.Note: Always place the item to be weighed in the center of the bowl.

Technical Specifications

Model Capacity Gradation
F172 5kg 20gm/1oz
F174 10kg 50gm/1oz
F176 20kg 100gm/2oz
CN415   5kg   20gm/1oz

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