Walmart Anbull Power Switching Supply Instruction Manual

Walmart Anbull Power Switching Supply Instruction Manual

Dear Customer!

Thank you very much for your trust in us and our product.Please read these operating instructions carefully before start of operation.

1. Safety Rules and General Warnings

  •  ATTENTION: 110-264 Volts AC voltage, device is not suitable for children – danger of life!
  • ATTENTION: The device is exclusively designed as a power supply and must not be used for other purposes.
  • Persons, which are not able to use the device in a safe way, because of their physical, sensory or mental competence,or because of their inexperience, should not use the power supply without control or instruction of a skilled person. Look that the children don’t play with the device.
  •  Do not cover the vent outlet during operation!
  • If the mains connection of the device is damaged, you have to change it, with an original connection which is available at the manufacturer.
  • Don’t use the device near flammable gases, solvents or vapors. EXPLOSION RISK!
  • Use the device only in dry rooms and protect against dust.
  •  Protect against direct solar radiation.
  • Clean with a dry cloth only.
  • No fluids of any kind must get into the device.
  • In case of obvious damage or malfunction immediately disconnect the device from mains supply and protect against unintended reconnection.
  • Do not open! Repair work must only be accomplished by authorized companies or specialized technical staff.

2. General Information

This product is a new type of switching power supply controlled by pulse width modulation (PWM) technology. The input AC voltage is rectified and filtered to produce a DC voltage. Under the control of a dedicated chip, the transformer and switching devices in the circuit generate a high-frequency square wave voltage. After passing through a high-power rectifier tube, it outputs a high-precision and highly stable DC Voltage.

  • Product Type: Indoor Power Supply
  • Product parameters: Input voltage: AC220V or AC110V 50V/60Hz
  • Output voltage: DC 12V
  • Output current: 50A
  • Applicable electrical power: <600W
  • Product size: 230*115*55 mm

3. Special Features

  • Small size and Light Weight
  • Width Range of Input Voltage: the allowable input voltage ranges from 110-264V
  •  Safety, Reliable (Implement Standard: GB4943)
  • Excellent Performance: The high-power switching power supply has a 5-10 second delay detection circuit design, which can prevent the power supply from outputting unstable high voltage at the moment of power-on, thereby preventing the load from being impacted by high voltage
  • Protection: Short Circuit, Over Current, Over Heating Protection
  • Installation Method: This product is not designed for rainproof (indoor) use
  • Power Supply Protect Function will start when over loaded; please reduce load once on-off unusual status happened.

4. Precaution & Installation Method

  1. Precautions
  • Input voltage should connect into the allowance range of working voltage (Input voltage 115VAC or 230 VAC).
  • Strictly prohibited to use power supply in high temperature environment, it should has favorable heat transfer space and environment
  • Strictly prohibited to install power supply on inflammable (ex: woodwork, flammable plastic etc), should keep away from petrol stations or places where fireworks are prohibited

2) Installation Method

  •  Connecting to the indicated position according to power supply output terminal strictly, the wiring must be stable and make sure that the Input-Output wiring is not reversed. ( Input “110V AC or 220VAC” connect to the mains; Output “+” should connect to load anode, output “-” connect to constant cathode).
  • Please use multimeter to check if input voltage is identical to working voltage before the current is switched on ( Working Voltage 110VAC or 220VAC), You can have your electricity after confirmation.
  • Install wiring diagram

5. Disclaimer of Warranty

  1. Under normal conditions of use, the product has a warranty period of one year from the date marked on the factory. If the product fails during the warranty period, it is a quality problem detected by our company and will be guaranteed for free.
  2. The following cases are not covered by the warranty.
  • Damaged due to installation and use not in accordance with the instructions
  • Damaged due to the user’s disassembly of the internal components of the power supply
  • The box is afloat
  •  The shell is damaged or twisted
  •  The date marked on product has been erased or altered.
  •  Connecting terminal is charred.
  • Input-Output reversed
  • The company’s biggest responsibility for the factory products is to replace products of the same model and quantity.


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