WANPTEK DPS Series DC Power Supply User Manual

WANPTEK DPS Series DC Power Supply

Security Profile

This manual contains the important safety that DPSxxxx series products must follow in operating, using and storage environments. Instructions. To ensure your personal safely, you should read this manual well before using ii to ensure that the product works in the best environment.When you get a brand new power supply, you need to make the necessary checks to ensure the normal use of the instrument

  1. Check for damage caused by transportation.
  2. Check whether the random accessories are complete or not.
  3. Before switching on, please check the input power switch located behind he machine lo see if it meets your actual input voltage.
  4. Check the machine by electrifying, whether the output voltage and current are normal.

If any problems are found in the above inspection, please contact the distributor in time.

Product Overview

DPS series products are a three-window four-bit high-precision switching DC regulated power supply, which can display voltage, current and power at the same time. Products are widely used in mobile phone maintenance, computer maintenance, school and production line use, its output voltage and output current can be continuously adjusted between O and nominal value. Power supply stability and ripple coefficient are very good, with USB fast charging function and perfect short circuit protection circuit. It is small in size, beautiful in design, convenient in operation, and can work long hours at full load. It is loved by the vast number of users.

Specification Parameter


DPS305U DPS3010U


Output voltage




Output current




Output power




Auxiliary output

USB Quick Charging 18W, Supports multiple quick charging protocols

Input voltage

AC230V± 10% 50Hz (AC115V± 10% 60Hz)

Working TEMP

0 °C~40 °C ; Humidity:<80%RH

Storage TEMP

-10 °C~70 °C; Humidity:<70%RH


Voltage stabilitys0.1%+3mV

Load stabilityS0.1%+3mV

Ripple noise: S20mVrrns (Effective value)


Current stabilitys0.1%+3mA

Load stabilityS0.2%+3mA

Ripple noise: s5mArms (Effective value)

Protection mode

Current limiting protection/short circuit alarm stop output and self-recovery


Four-digit digital tube, three-window display




Voltage:00.01V current:0.001A

Product size

L225mm x W90mm x H145mm







Panel Description

  1. Voltage Display
  2. Current Display
  3. Power Display
  4. CV Indicator Light
  5. CC Indicator Light
  6. Voltage Coarse
  7. Voltage Fine
  8. Current Coarse
  9. Current Fine
  10. Quick Charge
  11. Short Circuit Alarm
  12. Power Switch
  13. GND (Green)
  14. – (Black)
  15. + (Red)

  1. Fan
  2. Power Selection
  3. Ac Socket
  4. Fuse Box
  5. Sticker

Work Requirements

  1. AC Input:Please confirm the AC voltage allowed by this machine first This machine can realize two kinds of AC voltage input through the switch of back panel: AC 230V±10% or AC 115V±10% When you can see “230V”, Permissible input voltage, AC230V± 10%When you can see “115V”, Permissible input voltage, AC115V± 10%
  2. Do not use in places where the ambient temperature exceeds 40 C. The exhaust fan is located at the back of the instrument. There should be enough space for heal dissipation.
  3. Positive and negative output terminals need lo be properly connected and in good contact, otherwise the connection will heat and damage the machine.

Operation Instructions

There are two modes of power output constant voltage output (C.V) and constant current output (C.C). The output mode is determined by the voltage and current values set by the user and the load that the user receives. The output voltage or current value of the power supply will not exceed the voltage and current value set by the user.In the constant voltage mode, the output voltage is equal lo the voltage set by the user. In constant current mode, the output current value is equal to the current value set by the user.

Voltage Regulation
  1. Adjust the voltage roughly to the required voltage value, then fine-tune the knob to the required specific voltage value.
  2. In general, the current knob can be adjusted to the maximum, and then the load can be connected for use.
Current Regulation

When the user needs to adjust the limiting current output,

  1. Firstly, adjust the voltage to about 5-10V, then short-circuit the positive and negative terminals with wires (short-circuit alarm needs lo be set lo C.C position).
  2. Adjust the current to roughly adjust the knob to the required current value, and then fine-tune the knob to the required specific current value.
  3. After disconnecting the short-circuit conductor and adjusting the required voltage by “voltage regulation” method, the connection load can be used.

For ExampleVoltage value is set to SV and current value is set to SA.Operation steps:

  1. Tum on the power switch
  2. Adjust the voltage adjustment knob to SV
  3. Connect the “positive” and “negative” poles with wires, and adjust the current knob to SA.
  4. Disconnect the conductor and connect the load.

Short Circuit Alarm

This machine has the function of short circuit alarm interruption output,automatic return output for removing short circuit.Usage method:

  1. Put the short-circuit alarm switch to the OCP position c.c DID] oce , that is, turn on this function. When the output short-circuit (over-current) occurs, the machine will stop output and send out buzzing and OCP character prompts. When the output short circuit is removed, the machine will automatically return to normal output.
  2. Put the short-circuit alarm switch to the C.C position c.c [ll[Joce , that is, turn off this function. When the output is short-circuit (over-current), the machine will output themaximum constant current according to the current set by the user.
  3. The machine judges whether or not the output short circuit is based on whether the output current is larger than the current set by the user. Therefore, under this function, the machine can not work in constant current mode.

USB Quick Charging

This machine supports USB fast charging function, and has built-in fast charging protocol identification chip. It can provide fast charging for mobile phones, PAD, charging treasure and other devices with fast charging function. The output voltage and current are automatically adjusted according to the fast charging protocol of the equipment. When an electronic device without fast charging function is used, it will be charged according to the standard SV.

Supporting fast charging protocols include:Qualcomm QC2.0, QC3.0, APPLE, Huawei FCP, SCP Samsung AFC and other fast charging protocols

Connection Load

  1. Rotate counterclockwise lo loosen the terminal knob
  2. Insert Load Terminal
  3. Tum and tighten the knob of the connecting post clockwise
  4. Banana plug can be directly inserted into connection post hole

Constant Pressure/Current Characteristics

The operating characteristics of this series of power supply are constant voltage/constant current automatic conversion type. It can automatically change between constant voltage and constant current stale with the change of load. The intersection point between constant voltage and constant current mode is called conversion point. For example, if the load makes the power supply work in a constant voltage mode, a constant voltage is output As the load increases, the output voltage will remain stable and the output current will increase.

When the current value reaches the set current limit, the power supply will automatically be converted to constant current mode. The output current remains stable and the output voltage decreases proportionally with the further increase of the load. The conversion between constant voltage and constant current is indicated by the LED of the front panel. CV indicator is on at constant voltage and CC indicator is on at constant current.

Fuse Replacement

If the fuse burns out, the machine will stop working. To find out and correct the cause of fuse burnout, and then use the same specifications of the fuse replacement.

The fuse is seated on the power outlet.

Product Maintenance

  1. When the machine is not in use, please disconnect the power supply.
  2. Pull out the power plug before cleaning the machine.
  3. Do not use hydrocarbons, chlorides or similar solvents, or detergents containing abrasive ingredients.

Product Warranty

  1. The product will enjoy free maintenance service within one year from the date of purchase. Except for the following:
    1. Failure to produce the warranty card for this product:
    2. Faults arising from abnormal use, such as improper manual operation and improper repair, modification or adjustment of devices:
    3. Consumable materials are not covered by warranty.
    4. Natural irresistible disasters, such as floods, fires, earthquakes, etc.
  2. Maintenance fees are charged for repairs that exceed the warranty period. Users will lake care of the maintenance fees.

Packing List

  1. The whole machine *1
  2. Power cord *1
  3. Output Load Line *1
  4. Instructions for Use *1
  5. Guarantee Card Qualification Certificate *1

Common Problem

  • Power can’t be turned onCheck and verify whether the power cord has alternating current and the fuse is in good condition.
  • Power supply not outputCheck that the output line is in good condition. Whether the voltage or current is turned up or not
  • What is Constant Voltage (C.V)The power supply output is constant according to the voltage set by the user, and the current will be supplied according lo the actual needs of the load.
  • What is Constant Current (C.C)When the current required by the load exceeds the limit current set by the user, the power supply automatically turns to the constant current mode. At this time, the current remains unchanged, and the voltage will be supplied according to the demand of the load.The power supply can not be output according lo the current size set by the userThe current value set by the user refers to the maximum limit current value that allows the power supply to output, while the actual output current value is supplied according to the actual needs of the load, but it will not exceed the current limit set by the user.
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