WESTGATE LFX-XS-15W-xxK-yy LED Flood Light Installation Guide

WESTGATE LFX-XS-15W-xxK-yy LED Flood Light Installation Guide


LFX-XS-15W-xxK-yy, LFX-SM-10-30W-xxK-yy, LFX-MD-15-50W-xxK-yy;LFX-SM-10-30W-MCTP-yy, LFX-MD-15-50W-MCTP-yy

Model description :xx=CCT (30=3000K, 40=4000K, 50=5000K)yy=mounting option (TR, KN)

Model number parameter list:

1. Suitable for use in the following locations:

• Ambient Temp: -4~+104°F• Wet LocationsNote: Save these instructions for future reference.

2. Installation


  • This product should be installed, inspected, and maintained by a qualified electrician only, in accordance with all applicable electrical codes.


  • Luminaire must be connected to a wiring system with an equipment-grounding conductor.


To avoid explosion:

  • Make sure the supply voltage is the same as the rated luminaire voltage.
  • Do not install where the marked operating temperatures exceed the ignition temperature of the hazardous atmosphere.
  • Do not operate in ambient temperatures above those indicated on the luminaire nameplate.
  • Keep lens tightly closed when in operation.

Installation Steps:

Refer to the following diagram when you install the fixture.

1. Directly fix to mounting surface

2. Mounting with a knuckle

Secure service wire or conduit to the wiring compartment cover with 1/2” connector ( not provided ). Connect white fixture wire to white supply wire, black fixture wire to black supply wire. Service ground should be attached to green ground screw provided.

Ground must be properly attached to avoid the risk of electrical shock. Use wire nuts, crimp-on lugs, or other approved devices to connect all wires, make sure connections are secure and that no loose wire strands are sticking out of connectors, Secure wiring compartment cover to fixture. With black and white connections inside the wiring compartment. Use UL and CUL Listed flexible steel waterproof conduit in trade sizes 1/2 and UL and CUL Listed Water-proof outlet box cove.

3. Function description of CCT&Wattage Tunable:

  1. If the luminaire is designed to be CCT tunable.Please screw the knob cap to select the corresponding CCT, as shown in Fig. 1, screw the knob cap after using the CCT selectable function.
  2. If the luminaire is designed to be wattage tunable.Please unscrew the knob cap before using the watt selectable function. According to the watt selectable label shown in Fig. 2,please toggle the DIP switch 1,2,3 to select the corresponding watt. Screw the knob cap after using the watt selectable function.

After installation, please

  • check whether the lighting fixture is firmly fixed.
  • check whether wires are connected correctly.
  • At last, turn on the power, and check if the lighting fixture works well. If not, please turn off the power and contact with local dealer.

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