Whirlpool WHC20T321UK Integrated 70/30 Frost Free Fridge Freezer User Guide


Quick guide

THANK YOU FOR BUYING A WHIRLPOOL PRODUCTIn order to receive more complete assistance, please register your product on www. whirlpool.eu/register  Before using the appliance carefully read the Safety Instruction.


Wait at least two hours, after the installation, before connecting the appliance to the power supply. Connect the appliance to the power supply it starts the operation automatically. The ideal storage temperatures for the food are present in the factory.After turning the appliance on, you must wait for 4-6 hours for the correct storage temperature to be reached for a normally filled appliance. Position the antibacterial anti-odor filter in the fan as demonstrated in the filter packaging (if available). If the audible signal sounds, it means that the temperature alarm has intervened:  press the button to switch off the acoustic alarms.


  1. Refrigerator Temperature / Stand B
  2. Temperature Indicator setting
  3. Refrigerator Indicator
  4. Alarm Indicator
  5. Freezer Indicator
  6. Freezer Temperature / Stop Alarm


Press the Refrigerator Button to set a different temperature in the refrigerator compartment. Recommended setting for the Refrigerator compartment is MEDPress the Freezer Button to set a different temperature in the freezer compartment. Recommended setting for the Freezer compartment is MED

ON/STANDPress the Refrigerator Temperature button for 3 seconds to turn the appliance on standby. When in Stand-by mode the light in the refrigerator compartment does not turn on. Press the button again briefly to reactivate the appliance.

To avoid an increase in food waste, refer to recommended setting and Storage Time in the User manual online.

FAST FREEZEIn order to preserve at best, please use the Fast Freeze function before putting a large quantity of food in the freezer cavity. Press the button (6) until all the three LEDs are on in order to set the function.The function turns off automatically after 26 hours, or manually by selecting different freezer temperatures.Note: avoid direct contact between the fresh food and the food that is already frozen. To optimize the freezing speed,  drawers can be removed and the food can be placed directly on the bottom of the compartment.



Multiflow Air DistributionThe multiflow helps to distribute evenly the cold air in the cavity for better food preservation. Foods can be placed on any shelf of the appliance. Please pay attention to not obstruct the air distribution vents thus ensuring its free movement.

Humidity control*Open the humidity regulator (position B) if you want to store food in a less humid environment like fruit, or close it (position A) to store food in a more humid environment like vegetables.


MINOR COOL ZONESuggested for the storage of tropical fruit, cans, drinks, eggs, sauces, pickles, butter, jam
COOL ZONESuggested for the storage of cheese, milk, dairy food, delicatessen, yogurt
COOLEST ZONE/DRAWERSuggested for storage of cold cuts, desserts, meat, and fish.
FREEZING ZONE DRAWER(Max cool zone) Suggested to freeze fresh/cooked food

The load limits are determined by the particular construction (baskets, containers, flaps, drawers, shelves, etc.),  or the load limits are determined by natural load limits.

Multi Fresh Zone3 temperature selection to optimally preserve: Meat/Fish; Dairy; Fruit/ Veggies, offering also extra storage space for your fresh greens. Settings:LOW = Meat and FishMID = Dairy Food (Cheese and Yogurt)HIGH = Fruits and vegetablesFor the correct functioning of the “Multi Fresh zone” drawer, it is necessary that:

  • the appliance is turned on
  • one of the following special functions is not selected: Standby, Cooling-Off, Vacation (in this case, remove the food contained in it).

Light system (depending on model)

This product contains a light source of energy efficiency class G
This product contains a light source of energy efficiency class G
This product contains 2/4 lateral light sources of energy efficiency  class F and a top light source of Energy class G
This product contains a top light source of energy efficiency class G


Total No Frost systemThe Total No Frost system effectively prevents ice formation, avoiding the hassle of manual defrosting both in the freezer and fridge cavity. Its ventilation system provides perfect circulation of cold air in both cavities thus avoiding ice builds up.

Ice cubes*Fill 2/3 of the ice tray with water and put it back in the freezer compartment. Do not use sharp or pointed objects to remove the ice under any circumstances.The quantity of fresh food that can be frozen in 12 and 24 hours is written on the rating plate.

Easy access tray*Freezer tray is useful to easily access frequently used products, freeze or simply store leftovers or small items.*


The drawers, baskets, and shelves should be kept in their current position unless otherwise specified in this quick guide. The light system inside the refrigerator compartment uses LED lights, allowing for better lighting than with traditional light bulbs, as well as for very low energy consumption.

DISPOSALDoors and lids of the refrigeration appliance should be removed before disposal in the landfill, to avoid children or animals getting trapped inside.

Fast Freeze Pad (Alu PAD)*The metallic panel help to freeze faster the food. For easy cleaning, the metallic panel can be removed,  lifting it up from the left angle.Fresh Pad*The Fruit & vegetable drawer is equipped with a Hygiene grid. Thanks to the special design of this component fruits&vegetable are not in contact with the natural leakages (as drip loss and moisture from vegetables) that drop below the Hygiene grid. The Hygiene grid is treated with Microban SilverShield®  technology that reduces the harmful bacteria by up to 99.9% on the surface of the crisper grid, for enhanced preservation of fruit and vegetables**. The hygiene grid can be removed to be washed when dirty, simply raising t and pulling it out. It can be simply washed by hand, with water only, or with common neutral detergents for dishes. It can be washed also in the dishwasher. After cleaning, dry before putting it back into place.

REMOVING THE DRAWERSPull the drawers outwards as far as they will go, lift them up and remove them. To get more volume, the freezer compartment can be used without the drawers.Make sure that the door is closed properly after putting the food back on the grilles/shelves.


The control panel is switched off, the appliance does not work. The appliance could be in On/Standby mode.

There may be an appliance power supply problem.

Activate the appliance with button 1. Make sure:

  •  there is not a power outage
  • the plug is properly inserted in the power socket and the mains double-pole switch (if present) is in the correct position (i.e. allows the appliance to be powered)
  • the household electrical system protection devices are efficient
  • the power cable is not broken.
The inside light does not work. The light may need replacing. Contact the Authorized service center.
The appliance could be in On/Standby mode. Activate the appliance with button 1.
The temperature inside the compartments is not low enough. There could be various causes (see “Cures”). Make sure:

  • the doors close properly
  • the appliance is not installed near a heat source
  • the set temperature is adequate
  • the circulation of air through the vents at the bottom of the appliance is not obstructed.
The front edge of the appliance, at the door striker seal, is hot. This is not a defect. It prevents condensation from forming. No cure is necessary.
Acoustic signal sounds. Door open alarm

It is activated when a door remains open for a long period of time.

Close the doors of the product to deactivate the acoustic signal.



Black Out alarm

It is activated in case of a prolonged power outage causing an increase in the freezer compartment temperature.

Note: A different product temperature cannot be set until the Black Out alarm is deactivated.

Before deactivating the acoustic signal, it is advisable to pay attention to the Freezer temperature LEDs, corresponding to the highest temperature reached in the freezer compartment during the blackout. Press the “Stop Alarm” button briefly to deactivate the acoustic signal. After pressing the button, the temperature led shows the set temperatures again. If the freezer compartment has not yet reached

the optimum food preservation temperature, the freezer compartment temperature alarm could be activated (see freezer compartment temperature alarm). Check the food before consuming it.






Freezer compartment temperature alarm

The freezer compartment temperature alarm indicates that the compartment temperature is not optimum. This may happen: with first use, after defrosting and/or cleaning, if large amounts of food are placed inside the freezer or when the freezer door has not been closed properly.

Pressing button 1  or  button 6, the acoustic alarm is snoozed


Policies, standard documentation, and additional product information can be found by:

  • Visiting our website docs.whirlpool.eu
  • Using QR Code
  • Alternatively, contact our After-sales Service (See phone number in the warranty booklet). When contacting our After-sales Service, please state the codes provided on your product’s identification plate. The model information can be retrieved using the QR-Code indicated on the energy label. The label also includes the model identifier that can be used to consult the https://eprel.ec.europa.eu database portal.
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