WILLIAMSSOUND WF T8 Sound Wavecast 8 – 8 Channel Audio Streaming Over Wifi User Guide

WF T8 Sound Wavecast 8 – 8 Channel Audio Streaming Over Wifi



Wi-Fi Network RequiredThe WaveCAST EIGHT connects to the installation location’s Wi Fi Network. It does not provide a network on its own. The Wi-Fi  network will need to be installed and established before the  WaveCAST EIGHT can be used.  

Upgrades to your network equipment may be necessary  depending on the performance desired from the WaveCAST  EIGHT. For instance, a higher-end, more powerful router will allow  more users to connect to your audio stream than using a less  powerful router.  

The WaveCAST EIGHT system will put a demand on the network.  If the network cannot handle the demand, the WaveCAST EIGHT  will be unable to reach it’s maximum audience.

Installation ProceduresNote that these instructions only apply to the WaveCAST EIGHT  and do not apply to other WaveCAST systems, including the  WaveCAST EIGHT D with Dante features.

  1. Position the WaveCAST EIGHT transmitter near the sound  system or mixer from which it will receive audio. We do not  recommend wall or ceiling mounting, or putting the device on  a cart.
  2. Connect the power supply to the Power Supply connector  located on the back of the WaveCAST EIGHT. Press the  power button on the front of the WaveCAST EIGHT. The   power button should light up. If not, go back and check the  power connections.
  3. Push the power button to turn the unit off.
  4. Connect the audio source(s) to the Phoenix-style connectors  the rear of the WaveCAST EIGHT. Each connector will be its  own channel.
  5. Connect a CAT 5e Ethernet cable from your local area  network, or Wi-Fi router to the connector on the transmitter  labelled Ethernet. This network will be used to broadcast the  audio.
  6. Push the power button to turn the unit on.
  7. Once the transmitter detects an active network is present, the  WaveCAST EIGHT’s IP address will be displayed at the top of  the main screen
  8. Open a web browser on a computer or mobile device that is  also connected to the same local network as the WaveCAST  EIGHT. In the address bar of the browser, type in the IP  address that is shown on the front of the transmitter’s main  info screen, and push the enter key on the keyboard. (Note:  it is not necessary to type “http://” or “www.” preceding the  IP address, just the characters following “IP:”, including the  periods)
  9. The browser will open the transmitter’s web page, displaying  a Login button. Click the log-in button and enter the user  name “admin” and the default password “admin”.
  10. The web browser will now show the transmitter’s Main  Settings tab, which shows the current WaveCAST EIGHT  status info. The tabs at the top navigate to different pages  that allow adjustment of the settings. The channel to adjust  can be selected from the drop down menu at the top right.
  11. Adjust any of the server settings, such as the server name, if  desired. For each channel:
  12. If the channel should be disabled, go to the options page.  Uncheck the ‘channel enabled’ box and click submit.  Channels are enabled by default, and will show up on the  WaveCAST App. Disabled channels will not show on the app.
  13. On the main settings page, adjust the audio gain, unbalanced  or balanced audio source, and the audio preset for each  channel that will be used. Click submit when finished.
  14. Adjust any other channel specific settings as needed.
  15. Use a personal device with the WaveCAST App installed to  listen to the audio and test that device is working and sounds  correct.

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WaveCAST App 

The WaveCAST app allows listeners to hear the audio on their  personal, Wi-Fi connected devices, such as a mobile phone. The  WaveCAST App can be downloaded from the Google Play for  Android devices or the Apple App Store for IOS devices.  

Make sure all devices are always using the latest version of the  app. Older versions of the app may not work.

Connect to Wi-Fi Network

The personal device will need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi  network as the WaveCAST EIGHT. Instructions for connecting  each device to the Wi-Fi network will differ; check the device  manufacturer’s instructions for how to set up a connection.

Connecting the App to the Channel

When the app is opened for the first time, a list of channels will be available. Tap on the channel to hear it’s audio.

The channel you are currently connected to will have a blue  checkmark next to it.

If a list of channels does not appear, check that the personal  device has Wi-Fi enabled. If it does, troubleshoot the network  connection of the WaveCAST EIGHT itself.

Listening via the App

Once connected to the channel, the audio should start playing  automatically. The volume of the audio can be adjusted using the  slider in the middle of the screen, or the physical buttons on your  device.

To mute the audio, tap the speaker icon. Tap it again to  unmute the audio. To switch channels, tap the icon on the bottom of the  screen to display the list of channels again.

For Additional Information 

This manual is a quick start guide for getting your WaveCAST  EIGHT system up-and-running. Most features and customization  options are not documented in this manual.

For additional information, feature instructions, commands,  warranty information and more, please download the full user  manual from the WaveCAST EIGHT system’s product page on  Williams AV’s website.

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