Three Phase Four Wire Energy Meter User Manual

Three-Phase Four-Wire meter


It is a simple three phase four module Din-Rail meter with transparent meter case, which is widely used in Sub-metering system. This meter is very popular in worldwide for its novel appearance, good quality and reasonable price.

Features and Technical Parameters

  • LCD backlight display;
  • Inside battery to support power off display.
Technical Parameters

Voltage:3*230/400VCurrent:  3*5(80)AAccuracy class:  1.0Standard:  IEC62052-11, IEC62053-21 50-60HzFrequency:  800imp/kWhImpulse constant: LCD 6+2Display:  s.2W, 10VAPower consumption:  0.0041b

The meter can be started and recorded continuously at the reference current(see the table)



Meter class  

Power factor







Direct connect 0.004Ib 0.05Ib 0.01Ib 1
Recommended wire ( For your reference )
Safe carrying capacity of rubber or plastic insulated wire(1)



specification ( mm )


nominal cross section


Safe carrying capacity(A)








1*1.13 1 20 18
1*1.37 1.5 25 22
1 *1.76 2.5 33 25 30 23
1 *2.24 4 42 33 40 30
1 *2.73 6 55 42 50 40
7*1.33 10 80 55 75 55
7*1.76 16 105 80 100 75
7*2.1 2 25 140 105 130 100
7*2.50 35 170 140 160 125
19*1.83 50 225 170 205 150
19*2.14 75 280 225 255 185
1 9*2.50 95 340 280 320 240
Note : BX(BLX ) copper ( aluminum ) core rubber insulated wire or BV(BLV ) copper ( aluminum ) core PVC plastic insulated wire , widely used in 500V or less than 500V AC and DC power distribution system. The temperature for the data listed in the above table is 35°,C the safe

carrying capacity value for the wire on single coved.



A Power Indication of A Phase

B Power  Indication of B Phase

C Power Indication of C Phase


Connection DiagramMeter Dimensions

Installation Instruction

  •  Choose 35mm standard Din-Rail ( the length is confirmed by yourself), fixed them in the location which are waiting for installation;
  • Put the meter into the upper Din-Rail, then push down the clip in the meter bottom, see Fig. 1. After the bottom of the meter install into the Din-Rail successfully, release the clip to make sure the meter have fully installed, see Fig.2 and Fig. 3.
  • Fig. 4 is after installation
  • Making the connection according to the wiring diagram, see Fig. 5;
  • After connection, use lead sealing to seal terminal cover, see Fig. 6

Safety Instructions

Information for Your Own Safety

This manual does not contain all of the safety measures for operation of this equipment (module, device) because special operating conditions, local code requirements or local regulations may necessitate further measures. However, it does contain information which must be adhered to for your own personal safety and to avoid damage to the equipment. This information is highlighted by a warning triangle with an exclamation mark or a lightning bolt depending on the severity of the warning.


Means that failure to observe the instruction can result in death, serious injury or considerable material damage.


Means hazard of electric shock and failure to take the necessary safety precautions will result in death, serious injury or considerable material damage.

Qualified personnel

Installation and operation of this equipment described in this manual may only be performed by qualified personal.Only people that are authorized to install, connect and use this equipment and have the proper knowledge about labeling and grounding electrical equipment and circuits and can do so according to safety and regulatory standards are considered qualified personnel in the manual.

Use for the intend purpose

The equipment (device, module) may only be used for the application cases specified in the catalog and the user manual and only in connection with devices and components recommended and approved by Zhejinag Xintuo New Energy Co.,Ltd.

Exclusion of liability

We have checked the contents of this publication and every effort has been made to ensure that the descriptions are as accurate as possible. However, deviations from the description cannot be completely ruled out, so that no liability can be accepted for any errors or omissions in the information given. The data in this manual is checked regularly and the necessary corrections will be included in subsequent editions. If you have any suggestions, PLS let us know.

Subject to technical modifications without notice.


Copyright Zhejinag Xintuo New Energy Co.,Ltd,April 2016 All rights reserved.It is prohibited to pass on or copy this document or to use or disclose its contents without our express permission. Any duplication is a violation of the law and subject to criminal and civil penalties. All rights reserved, particularly for pending or approved patents award or registered trademarks.

General Warning

After removing the packaging make sure the integrity of the unit. If in doubt don’t use the equipment and contact technical staff.Mounting of electric appliances must be carried out only by skilled electricians. It is imperative to observe the generally applicable safety measures.In case of failure and /or malfunctioning of the device, turn off it. For any repair only contact technical staff. Failure to comply with the above may compromise the device safety.


The manufactory will repair or exchange the products while the lead seal is still exited, within 18 months, when discovering the products not accordance with the technical specification.

Three Phase Four Wire Energy Meter User Manual – Three Phase Four Wire Energy Meter User Manual –

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