Xiaomi Smartwatch Amazfit T-Rex User Manual

Xiaomi Smartwatch Amazfit T-Rex

Amazfit T-Rex User ManualOperating Instructions and Functions NavigationAmazfit T-Rex features one AMOLED touch screen and four physical buttons.

Basic Operations

Touch screenYou can swipe left/right or up/down on the watch face to switch between different function pages.

Tapping and exiting: You can tap to enter a specific function page and also display the tap tips on that page. After entering a certain function page through tapping, you can swipe right to quickly return to the previous menu level. Swipe left from the Notification List page will return you to the watch face.


Physical Buttons

SELECT button:

  • Long press the button for 2 seconds to power on the watch.
  • Short press to light up the screen.
  • A short press on the watch face will open the workout list. (You can also set this operation to quickly start other functions by customizing in the system settings.)
  • A short press on other pages will enter the next menu level, or enter a sub-page when on a listing page.
  • Long press for 10s to shut down.

BACK button:

  • Short press to light up the screen.
  • A short press on the watch face to turn off the screen.
  • A short press on other screens to return to the previous page.
  • Long press on other screens to quickly return to the watch face.

UP & DOWN buttons:

  • A short press on the watch face to switch between different widgets.
  • A short press on any list screen to change the currently selected item.
  • A short press on a long page to scroll up and down.

Functions Navigation

Swipe down from the watch face or short press the UP button to enter the shortcut control screen, where you can quickly turn on the flashlight, set screen brightness, set DND mode, enter battery saver mode, and enable screen lock.

Swipe up on the watch face or short press the DOWN button to switch between Health status Heart rate measurement. Keep swiping up to return to the shortcut control screen watch face.

Swipe left on the watch face to enter the apps listSwipe right on the watch face to enter the notifications list

Watch Wearing and Charging

Daily wearing: During daily use, it is recommended to wear the watch with a moderate tightness at a distance of two fingers far from your wrist to ensure that the optical heart rate monitor works properly.Wearing during workouts: During workouts, it is recommended to wear the watch comfortably and ensure a tight fit without slipping. Being too tight or too loose may cause the detected workout data to become inaccurate, so avoid doing this.Charging• The watch charger’s USB port needs to be plugged into a device that supports power supply through USB, such as a socket, PC, power bank, etc.• When placing the watch onto the magnetic charging base, it’s required to keep the watch in a proper direction and position. Be sure that the metal contacts on the back of the watch are closely connected to the charging base.• The screen will display a charging reminder when the watch is placed properly.

Use of FunctionsDownload the Amazfit app via the mobile phone before using Amazfit T-Rex. You need to pair the watch using the Amazfit app to enjoy its full functionality. In addition, a paired watch allows the saving of data generated on the watch to your personal account in the cloud, which will avoid data loss.

Device Pairing and Unpairing

  • Please download the Amazfit app through Google Play or App store, then scan the QR code on the watch, and register or log into your account.
  • Open the Amazfit app and tap the “+” icon in the upper right corner or tap “Profile Add device Watch Amazfit T-Rex”, and follow the prompts to scan the QR code on the watch.
  • Follow the prompts on your watch and mobile phone to complete the pairing process.
  • Once paired, it is usually necessary to perform a system upgrade on the watch. Please wait while this is happening and keep the phone connected to both the Internet and the watch via Bluetooth, so as to ensure a successful upgrade.
  • After the watch is paired and upgraded, its functions are available. The Amazfit app can also be used to configure the watch.
  • If you need to unpair your watch, open the Amazfit app, go to “Profile Amazfit T-Rex” and choose “Unpair”.

Shortcut control

Swiping down on the watch face page can quickly open the control shortcut menu page.


Tapping the flashlight icon will turn on the flashlight function. The watch screen will display a white background which can illuminate a small area at night. Once turned on, you can turn the flashlight function off by swiping right or short press the BACK button.

Brightness adjustment

Tap on the brightness adjustment icon to enter the brightness adjustment screen. Auto brightness: The watch will automatically adjust the screen brightness based on ambient light. Once this mode is enabled, you cannot move the screen brightness slider manually. Manual brightness: You can adjust the brightness by dragging the brightness slider up/down or press the UP/DOWN button.

The brightness adjustment will take effect immediately. You can swipe right on the screen or short press the BACK button to return to the previous screen.

DND mode

Turn on DND: once turned on, the watch will no longer vibrate when notifications and incoming call reminders are received from your mobile phone. Tap again to disable DND mode. Timed DND: You can customize the time period during which DND mode is automatically turned on or off. Smart DND: After you fall asleep with the watch, the watch will automatically turn on DND mode.

Battery saver mode

The Battery Saver mode can maximize your watch’s battery life. With the Battery Saver mode on, the watch will only display time and record your number of steps and sleep time. Other functions are disabled.

Long press the SELECT button to exit the battery saver mode.

Screen lock

With the screen lock function on, the watch can only be unlocked by using the watch button. This can prevent any error caused by unintentional screen touches. Once locked, the screen can be unlocked by short pressing the SELECT button to unlock the screen.

Replace the Watch Face

To replace the watch face, either long-press the watch face for 2s or go to “Settings Watch face settings”, swipe left and right to browse through the available watch faces, and tap in the middle of the screen to complete the replacement. To do this from the Amazfit app: Tap “Profile Amazfit T-REX Watch face settings” to download more watch faces from the Watch Face Store.


  • Swipe up on the watch face or short press the DOWN button to enter the status screen (You can also select “Status” in the apps list).
  • The status screen shows the current number of steps, completion progress against the target number, distance covered, and calories burned. Tap anywhere on the screen or short press the SELECT button to enter the Status Details page on which you can check the chart and data for your number of steps, distance, calories, and idle time.
Heart Rate
  • Continue swiping up on the watch face to enter the heart rate screen. After entering, the watch automatically starts measuring your heart rate. During measurement, it’s required to properly wear the watch and keep the back of the watch fairly close to your skin until the watch can measure a stable heart rate.
  • To enable the all-day heart rate measurement mode, open the Amazfit app and go to “Profile Amazfit T-REX – Heart rate detection”, and choose to enable all-day heart rate measurement. You can also choose other heart rate measurement modes and detection frequencies here.

Workout functions

The watch supports thirteen workout types: Outdoor Running, Walking, Outdoor Cycling, Pool Swimming, Open Water Swimming, Indoor Running, Indoor Cycling, Elliptical Training, Free Training, Climbing, Trail Running, Hiking, and Skiing.

Start Workouts

After unlocking, short press the SELECT button on the watch face to quickly open the workout list. After entering the workout list, swipe up or down on the screen, or short press the UP or DOWN button to choose the workout item you want to start. Tap the item on the screen or short press the SELECT button to enter the corresponding item.

Start Outdoor Running

After entering the Outdoor Running preparation page, the watch will automatically search for the GPS. Once it’s available, tap “GO” or short press the SELECT button to enter the outdoor running mode and start timing. You can also swipe up on the screen or short press the DOWN button to switch between starting and settings.

Operations during Running
Pause or Stop Running

Pause the workoutShort press the SELECT button to pause the workout, and short press the button again to resume the workout.

Finish the workoutAfter entering the Paused page, tap “End” to end the workout, tap “Continue” to return to the Workout page, and tap “Give up” to give up saving the current workout. Once the workout is finished, your watch will display and save the details of this workout, and you can view them again on your watch or in the Amazfit app later. Path in a watch: Watch ­ Activities. Path in Amazfit app: Amazfit app – Workout – See more statuses.

Workout SettingsWorkout goalYou can enable workout goals, such as Duration, Mileage, and Consumption, in the Workout goal settings. The watch will alert you once the set goal is reached,

Workout alertWorkout reminder settings allow you to control all different reminders, such as distance, heart rate reminder, etc. You can set reminders as needed in the workout alert settings.

Full kilometer alertThe watch will vibrate and display the duration of the last kilometer every time when the mileage increases a full kilometer. How to set up: Outdoor running > Workout settings > Workout alert > Distance, choose the number of full kilometers, and turn on or off the full kilometer alert.

Safe heart rate reminderIf the watch detects that your heart rate goes above the safe heart rate value you set previously, it will vibrate and display the alert on the screen. If this happens, you need to slow down or stop the current workout. How to set up: Outdoor running > Workout settings > Workout reminder > Safe heart rate, choose a safe heart rate value and turn on or off your safe heart rate reminder.

Heart rate zone reminderWhen you are running, if the watch detects that your heart rate does not fall within the set heart rate range, it will vibrate and display the alert on the screen. If this happens, you need to increase or decrease your speed to maintain your heart rate within the set range. How to set up: Outdoor running > Workout settings > Workout reminder > Heart rate zone, choose a heart rate range, and turn on or off your safe heart rate reminder.

Pace alertWhen you are running, if the watch detects that your pace is slower than the one you set, it will vibrate and display the alert on the screen. How to setup: Outdoor running > Workout settings > Workout reminder > Pace, choose a pace, and turn on or off your pace alert.

Auto pauseThe auto-pause can be turned on or off in the auto-pause settings. Once it is turned on, whenever the exercise speed is too slow, the workout recording will be paused automatically. When the speed increases beyond a certain threshold, the workout recording will resume. Recording can also be resumed manually during the pause.

Real-time graphIn the real-time diagram settings, you can set if a real-time data plot should be displayed during the workout. The plot for each workout can be different, so one real-time plot using one set of data can be set up for each workout.

About GPS PositioningWhen you enter the Workout Preparation page for an outdoor exercise such as running, the watch will automatically start GPS positioning and alert you as soon as your location is confirmed. The watch will turn off GPS positioning automatically when you exit the Workout Preparation page or finish the workout. The GPS searching process will last for 5 minutes maximum. If positioning is not successful after that, you will be prompted to repeat the positioning process. If you do not start exercising within 10 minutes after you are successfully positioned, the watch will automatically turn off positioning to reduce power consumption. You will have to repeat the positioning process if you want to start exercising again.

Positioning tips:GPS positioning should be performed in an open area outdoors. Please wait for the positioning process to complete before starting your exercise. If you are in a crowd, raising your watch to your chest level may speed up the positioning process.

Assisted Global Positioning System (AGPS):AGPS uses the orbital information of the GPS satellites to help the watch perform GPS positioning faster. When the watch is connected to your phone via Bluetooth, the watch will actively synchronize and update AGPS data with the Amazfit app every day. If the watch hasn’t synchronized this data with the Amazfit app for seven consecutive days, the AGPS data will expire, and the positioning speed may be affected.

Pool Swimming

Useful termsLane length: The length of the lanes in your swimming pool. The watch will calculate your swimming data based on the lane length you set. Therefore, every time you change a swimming pool, please set the lane length accordingly so that the watch can accurately assess your swimming data.Lap: under the pool swimming mode, swim for a distance equal to the lane length you set.Stroke: finish a complete paddling action while wearing your watch on your wrist.Stroke rate: the number of strokes per minute.DPS: An abbreviation of distance per stroke, refers to the moving distance after finishing a complete stroke.SWOLF: SWOLF is an important indicator for a swimmer, which uses scores to make a comprehensive assessment of your swimming speed. SWOLF for pool swimming mode = duration of one lap (in seconds) + number of strokes in a single lap. SWOLF for open water swimming mode will be calculated using a lap distance of 100 meters. The smaller the score is, the higher the efficiency of your swimming.Stroke recognitionThe watch will recognize your swimming strokes under swimming mode and display the main swimming stroke you use.

Use a touch screen when swimming

To protect the screen from unintentional touching and water interference, the watch will disable touch screen functions after you start swimming. During this time, you can use the watch buttons to operate. The watch will re-enable touch screen functions after you finish swimming.

View Workout Records

View on watchEnter the workout record screen by tapping or short pressing the SELECT button, and a list of workout history will be displayed. Tap on a certain workout record to view its details. Any workout record that has yet to be uploaded to the app will be marked with a little red dot at the front. We recommend that you open the app to synchronize data in order to avoid the loss of workout records.

You can view the details of the 20 most recent workout records in the watch’s “Workout Activities” app. View on the Amazfit app On the Workout page of the Amazfit app, you can view all the workout details that have been successfully synchronized from the watch.

Indoor Running CalibrationOnce your indoor running is ended, select “Calibrate and Save” when saving the records. If the watch records a mileage greater than 0.5km, the calibrated mileage will optimize the algorithm to make subsequent mileage records more accurate. If the mileage records are still inaccurate after multiple calibrations, you can select “Recalibrate”.

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