YAMAHA P-37E Pianica Musical Instrument Owner’s Manual

Pianica™P-37EOwner’s Manual

Using the Carrying Case

Thank you for purchasing the Yamaha Pianica™. This instrument is a keyboard harmonica that can be played solo or in an ensemble.To obtain maximum performance and enjoyment from this instrument, be sure to read this manual carefully. After reading it, be sure to store it in a safe place so that you can refer back to it again as needed.* Pianica™ is a registered trademark of Yamaha Corporation.



CAUTIONAlways follow the basic precautions listed below to avoid the possibility of physical injury to you or others or damage to the instrument or other property. These precautions  include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Do not swing the Pianica or the extension pipe.Improper handling can damage the instrument, or cause personal injury.
  • Before playing, check inside the extension pipe and the mouthpiece.Inhaling foreign objects may result in injury.

NOTICETo avoid the possibility of malfunction and damage to the product, follow the notices below.


  • Do not disassemble the Pianica.
  • Do not expose the instrument to extreme heat such as in direct sunlight (inside a car during the day, etc.) and near a stove, or to extreme cold. Also do not expose it to excessive dust or vibrations. Doing so may cause deformation or alteration of the instrument.
  • Do not place products made from materials such as vinyl, plastic, or rubber on the instrument. Doing so can cause discoloration and alter the instrument.
  • Do not place foreign objects such as metals or scraps of paper in the gaps between the keys in the keyboard. Doing so can cause the instrument to malfunction.
  • Do not remove the mouthpiece or joint section from the extension pipe. Doing so can cause air to leak.

Yamaha cannot be held responsible for damage caused by improper use or modifications to the instrument.* All illustrations used in this manual are for instruction purposes and may differ from the actual specifications of the instrument.

Part Names


Attaching/Removing the Mouthpiece/Extension Pipe

When attaching, hold the mouthpiece/joint section and insert while rotating until it locks in place. To remove the mouthpiece/joint section, pull while rotating.

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NOTICEDo not remove the mouthpiece or joint from the extension pipe.Doing so can cause air to leak. If the joint section has become detached from the extension pipe joint section, reattach (as shown at right). If not properly refitted, the Pianica will become unusable.

Draining Moisture

When moisture accumulates in the instrument, hold the drain button and blow hard into the mouthpiece to remove the moisture.* Moisture can also be removed by removing the mouthpiece, then while holding the instrument over a cloth with the mouthpiece receptacle pointing down, tap the instrument lightly.

Instrument Care

  • Do not wash the Pianica. The extension pipe and mouthpiece can be cleaned with water.
  • Use a soft dry cloth or a soft damp cloth that is well wrung out to clean.
  • When cleaning, do not use benzene or paint thinner, alcohol, detergents, or chemically treated cloth. Doing so can cause discoloration and alter the instrument.
  • After playing, remove moisture from the instrument before storing.
  • A frequently used or aging Pianica may require maintenance (adjustment). For maintenance, please consult with your dealer.


  • Number of keys/range: 37 keys, f to F”
  • Dimensions: 483 × 104 × 50 mm (19″ × 4-1/8″ × 1-15/16″)
  • Weight: 830 g (1829 lbs.,13 oz)
  • Accessories: mouthpiece, extension pipe, carrying case

* This manual was prepared using the latest specifications available at the time of publishing. The most up-to-date version is available for download at the Yamaha website.

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