YOUTHINK H4 3 Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer User Manual

YOUTHINK H4 3 Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer User Manual

Warning:Do not let children to play with this product. This is not a toy.Always switch off the product before make any adjustment to prevent damage with your device.

Packing List

Item Product Name Qty’
1 handheld Gimbal Xl
2 USB Cable Xl
3 User Manual X1



  • Quick Adjustable By Hand
  • Automatic adjustment of up / down / left / right
  • Vertical shooting by hand gestures
  • One-Key Back original position
  • Scene mode: Locked mode / Half-follow mode / Full-follow mode
  • USB Charging ( Explosion—proof battery )

Product Display

  1. Smartphone Bracket
  2. Pan Motor
  3. Charging indicator
  4. Joystick
  5. Mode switching
  6. 1/4″ Threaded Hole
  7. Shooting Mode
  8. Power ON / OFF
  9. Working status indicator
  10. Tilt Motor
  11. Balance adjustment arm
  12. Balance Knob
  13. Roll Motor
  14. Bracket locking knob
  15. Micro-USB Charging Port

Product Display

  1. Smartphone Bracket: Hold smanphone steadily. Compatible with smart phone/action camera of 110-230g weight. 60-75mm width.
  2. Pan Motor: 320° rotation, responsible for the left and right stabilization of the picture.
  3. Charging indicator When charging, red light always on. Fully charged, green light always on.
  4. Joystick: Adjust the shooting angle up, down, left or right according to the pushing direction.
  5. Mode switching: Locked mode (The camera always faces the fixed direction); Half-follow mode (Turn left or right correspondingly with handle); Full-follow mode (The camera follows the direction of handle freely rotation) 6. 1/4″
  6. Threaded Hole: Tripod bracket interface.
  7. Shooting Mode: Connect Bluetooth after Gimbal power on. then click it to control picture shooting and video.
  8. Power ON / OFF:
    1. Long press 3 seconds to power on. Long press 3 seconds to power off.
    2. Double- press the stabilizer returns to the initial setting.
  9. Working status indicator:
    • Power on/oft Red light flashing.
    • All/Half/None Locked: Green light always/Slowly/fast flashing.
    • Low voltage: Red light flashing.
  10. Tilt Motor: 320° rotation, responsible for the up and down stabilization of the picture.
  11. Balance adjustment arm: Responsible for balancing the horizontal direction of mobile phone.
  12. Balance Knob: Balance bracket position fixed knob.
  13. Roll Motor: 180° rotation, Responsible for holding the mobile phone to a vertical position with the handle.
  14. Bracket locking knob: Lock mobile phone bracket.
  15. Micro-USB Charging Port: Insert Micro-USB cable to charge the stabilizer.

Balance Adjustment

Adjustment methods: Make sure the gimbal switch off before adjust. Load your phone to the bracket. Loose the balance knob and adjustment arm length. The mobile phone should remains at best balance level. Then tight the balance knob.Notices: Balance adjustment of mobile phone can make stabilizer work more energy-saving. When the balance deviation of mobile phone is large_ the stabilizer can still work, but motors will consume too much electricity. At the same time, the torsion used to enhance stability also decreases.

Product Usage

  1. Charge 4 hours to the stabilizer via USB port before use.
  2. Refer to the previous mobile phone loading / unloading and adjust the balance.
  3. Press and hold 3 seconds, green light display after turn on successfully.
  4. Open Bluetooth and search “GP H4” to connect, open mobile camera and press the Shooting Mode button to take pictures/videos.Notices:
    1.  Please he sure to load the phone before starting the stabilizer
    2. Samsung Mobile Phone shooting mode Settings: Turn on the cell phone camera, click on the Gear Settings Icon. set -Press the Volume Key’ to Photo/Camera, then press the Shooting Mode key of the stabilizer to take pictures/videos.
  5. Vertical / Lateral shooting modeVertical ShootingLantern Shooting
  6. Shooting Mode (Based on Framing screen)
    1. Locked Mode: All 3 axes are locked (TILT,ROLL and PAN). The camera stays still and stable. You may control TILT and PAN motors by using the joystick (press up/down/ and left/right)
    2. Half-follow mode: TILT and ROLL motors are locked. The smartphone pans left and right. You may control TILT motor by using the Joystick (press up/down).
    3. Full-follow mode: Roll Motor is locked. The smartphone pans left/right and tilts up/down.
  7. At locked axis, the direction of camera faced can be fastly adjusted by hand.


Charging voltage 5V No.3 Motor (Tilt) -160°-160°
Charging current 1A Battery specification 3.7V rechargeable lithium battery
Working voltage 3.4-4.2V Battery duration approx. 4H
Working current 0.2A-9A Working temperature 10°C -45°C
No.1 Motor (Pan) -160°-160° Net weight(including battery) About 4009
No.2 Motor (Roll) -90°-90° Product dimension(UW/H) 291.120*50mm

Safety instructions:

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Do not disassemble this product.Keep away from direct sunlight, fire and high voltage equipment.Do not store the product a car during hot weather. Shall not be exposed to excessive heat such as sunshine, fire or the like.Device may become warm while charging.Be assured to turn product completely off when plugging and unplugging into outlet.The marking information is located at the bottom of apparatus.

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