ytilnternational 125LB Tow-Behind Spreader Instructions

ytilnternational 125LB Tow-Behind Spreader

GENERAL WARNINGSREAD and UNDERSTAND this manual completely before using a Tow-behind Spreader.The operator must read and understand all safety and warning information, operating instructions, maintenance, and storage instructions before operating this equipment. Failure to properly operate and maintain the tow-behind spreader could result in serious injury to the operator or bystanders.

Operation Warnings

  • Do not at any time carry passengers to sit or stand on the spreader.
  • Do not allow children to play on, stand upon or climb in the spreader.
  • Always inspect the spreader before using it to assure it is in good working condition.
  • Replace or repair damaged or worn parts immediately.
  • Always check and tighten hardware and assembled parts before operation.
  • Do not exceed equipment maximum load capacity of 125lb.
  • Avoid large holes and ditches when transporting loads.
  • Be careful when operating on steep grades (hill) the spreader may tip over.
  • Do not push close to creeks, ditches, and public highways.
  • Do not use a spreader on windy days when spreading grass seed or herbicides.
  • Always use caution when loading and uploading the spreader.
  • Never tow the spreader with a motorized vehicle.

Crush and Cut Hazards

  • Always keep hands and feet clear from moving parts while operating the equipment.
  • Always clear and keep the work area clean when operating.
  • Always wear safety gear, eye protection, gloves, and work boots when operating the spreader.

WARNINGThe warnings cautions and instructions outlined in this instruction manual cannot cover all possible conditions or situations that may occur. It must be understood by the operator that common sense and caution are factors that cannot be built into this product and must be supplied by the operator.

PROP 65 WARNINGThis product can expose you to chemicals including lead and lead compounds which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

Assembly has RequiredThis product requires assembly before use. See the “Assembly” section for instructions. Because of the weight and size of the push spreader, it is recommended that another adult be present to assist with the assembly. INSPECT ALL COMPONENTS closely upon receipt to make sure no components are missing or damaged.

Hazard Signal Word Definitions

This is the safety alert symbol. It is used to alert you to potential personal injury hazards. Obey all safety messages that follow this symbol to avoid possible injury or death.

DANGER   DANGER indicates an imminently hazardous situation that, if not avoided, will result in death or serious injury.

WARNING WARNING indicates a potentially hazardous situation that, if not avoided, could result in death or serious injury.

CAUTION CAUTION indicates a potentially hazardous situation that, if not avoided, may result in minor or moderate injury.

CAUTION CAUTION used without the safety alert symbol indicates a potentially hazardous situation that, if not avoided, may result in property damage.

ABOUT YOUR TOW-BEHIND SPREADERThis tow-behind spreader is designed to spreader a wide range of materials (Fertilizer, Grass Seed, and Ice Melt). Materials such as Powders, Manure, Top Soil, Gravel, and Mulch have the wrong physical characteristics and should not be used with this spreader. Never exceed the rated load capacity of 125lbs when operating the spreader. Your spreader needs to be pushed at three miles per hour, which is a brisk walking speed. Slower or faster speeds will change the spread patterns. Wet spreading material will also change the spread pattern and flow rate. Clean your spreader thoroughly after each use. Wash between the shut-off plate and bottom of the hopper.Technical specifications on the tow-behind spreader are provided in the “Specifications” section of this manual.

Component Parts

Assembly Instructions

STEP 1: Remove Screw M4x20 from the swivel axle, then insert impeller to the swivel axle (bulge face up) by reinstalling Screw M4x20. Assemble the wheel to the frame tube assembly. Fix 1pc axle bushing to the wheel axle at one side of the frame tube, inert the wheel to the axle; fix the wheel with 1pc Flat Washer Ø16 and 1pc Cotter Pin Ø5×35. (There are 4 extra pieces of Ø16 flat washer for adjusting the space between wheel and axle bushing.)STEP 2: Assemble the wheel on the other side of the frame tube assembly. Insert one axle bushing before assembling the wheel to the axle. Fix the wheel by using one inner hex bolt M5x45 and nylon lock nut M5. Make sure the hole on the wheel will be aligning at the hole on the wheel axle, and then secure the wheel by inserting the Inner hex bolt into the holes.

STEP 3: Assemble the hitch tube to the middle of the frame tube assembly by using a hex bolt M6x40. Secure the bolt with a big flat washer Ø6 and nylon lock nut M6.STEP 4: Assemble one end of brace hitches to the middle of the hitch tube, secure with a hex bolt M6x35 and nylon lock nut M6.STEP 5: Assemble another end of the brace hitches to the inside of frame tube assembly (Hopper Frame) by using a hex bolt M6x35 and nylon lock nut M6STEP 6: Assemble the hopper to the frame tube assembly, make sure the six holes on the hopper are aligned with the holes hopper frame. Fix the hopper to the frame using 6 sets of hex bolt M6x40, big flat washer Ø6, and nylon lock nut M6.STEP 7: Assemble the R Pinto the hole of the Swivel Axle in the hopper.STEP 8: Assemble the adjustment rod to the bottom of the hopper. Slip a flat washer Ø8 over the end of the adjustment rod, then insert the adjustment rod into the hole at bottom of the hopper and secure the adjustment rod with a nylon lock nut M8.STEP 9: Before operating the tow behind the spreader make sure all hardware is securely tightened.


Capacity: 125LB / 60LDimension of Hopper: 29-1/2in.x16-1/2in.x13-2/5in. (75x42x34cm)Length of Tow Bar: 31-7/8in. (81cm)Overall Size: 41-1/2in.x29-1/2in.x29-1/2in. (105.5x75x75cm)Wheel Diameter: 12in. (31cm)Wheel width: 3in. (8cm)

Maintenance and Storage

  • After each use clean material out of the hopper.
  • Rinse/dry inside and outside of the spreader after each use.
  • Before operating make sure the tires have the RECOMMENDED TIRE PRESSURE.
  • Periodically check all fasteners for tightness.
  • Annually clean and lightly lubricate parts.
  • Use glossy enamel spray paint to touch up scratched or worn
  • painted metal surfaces.
  • Never exceed load capacity rating of 125lbs it will damage the spreader.

IMPORTANT:If a part needs replacement, only use parts that meet the manufacturer’s specifications. Replacement parts that do not meet specifications may result in a safety hazard or poor operations.

  • Never allow material to remain in the hopper for extended periods of time.
  • Before storing make sure the spreader is clean and dry for years of trouble-free service.
  • Store indoors or protected areas during severe weather and winter months.



Limited Warranty

WarrantyFor one year from the date of purchase, YTL International will replace the original purchaser, or repair the spreader. The warranty will not apply to any unit which was not assembled correctly, misused, overloaded, or which has been used or operated contrary to our instructions, or which has been repaired or altered by anyone other than an authorized representative.

Warranty ExclusionsThis warranty does not cover cosmetic defects such as paint, decals, or wear items such as tires. This warranty will not cover failures or problems due to acts of God, or events or forces beyond the control of the manufacturer.

Normal Wear ExclusionThe spreader needs periodic service to perform well. This warranty does not cover repair when normal use has exhausted the life of a part of the equipment as a whole.

Installation, Use, and Maintenance ExclusionThis warranty will not apply to parts and/or labor if the push spreader has been misused, neglected, involved in an accident, abused, loaded beyond its limits, modified, or assembled incorrectly. Normal maintenance is not covered under this warranty.

Limits of Implied Warranty and Consequential Damage ExclusionYTL International disclaims any obligation to cover any loss of time, use of this product, freight, or any incidental or consequential claim by anyone from using this spreader. THIS WARRANTY IS IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR.

An exchange unit will be subject to the original warranty. The length of the warranty governing the exchanged unit will have the date as the purchase date of the original unit. This warranty gives you certain legal rights which may change from state to state. Your state may also have other rights you may be entitled to that are not listed within this warranty.

Contact InformationYTL International17517 Fabrica Way, Suite HCerritos, CA 90703Phone: (888) 723-6534Phone: (562) 404-8016Fax: (562) 404-8013Email: [email protected]


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