ZAGG 109906908 Pro Stylus Pen User Manual

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Warranty RegistrationYour ZAGG Pro Stylus comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. In order to activate the warranty, you must register your Pro Stylus as well as keep your purchase receipt. If you purchased your Pro Stylus from, ZAGG has already registered it and has a copy of your proof of purchase.Need more help? Please see our FAQ section at:


  1. The broad, pliable universal capacitive backend tip lets you scroll through pages easily.
  2. The active tip lets you draw smooth, precise lines for notes or sketches.
  3. To achieve a thin, precise line, hold the Pro Stylus at an upright angle to use the point of the stylus.
  4. They create a broader, thicker stroke, hold the Pro Stylus at a less upright angle that allows more of the stylus point to touch the screen.


The Pro Stylus comes with a replaceable tip. The stylus tip can be screwed on and off.


  1. Your Pro Stylus automatically connects with any iPad 2017 or newer. Simply press the Power button on the stylus and begin using.
  2. If you have previously paired the Apple Pencil with your tablet, you will need to unpair the Apple Pencil before using the ZAGG Pro Stylus. Once you have unpaired the previous stylus, there is no need to take any other steps to pair the Pro Stylus; simply press Power and use.


The Pro Stylus lasts up to eight hours before it needs to be recharged, so you can do a full day’s worth of work. You can charge the Pro Stylus quickly in about one hour and 25 minutes.

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To charge your Pro Stylus:

  1. Plug the Type-C connector into the charging port on the Pro Stylus.
  2. Plug the regular USB connector into any 5V USB outlet. A red LED will light to indicate your Pro Stylus is charging. This LED will turn off when the Pro Stylus is fully charged.


  • To see how much batter life you have left, press and hold the Power button for 2 seconds to activate the LED Battery Indicator Light.
  • 3 green flashes = 50% or more battery life
  • 3 yellow flashes = 25-49% battery life
  • 3 red flashes = less than 25% battery life


If your Pro Stylus does not operate as expected, there may be a simple explanation such as a dead battery or a previously paired stylus.

  1. Make sure your Pro Stylus is charged using the included type-C charging cable.
  2. ous stylus, there is no need to take any other steps to pair the Pro Stylus; simply press Power and use.
  3. If, after charging, your Pro Stylus doesn’t operate correctly, please contact ZAGG Customer Service.

For more help, please see our FAQ section at To reach a trained customer service representative, please use one of the | [email protected] 1-800-700-ZAGG [9244] | 00-1-801-839-3906 for international customersFor unparalleled scratch protection for your device, we recommend InvisibleShield® screen protection.

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