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Voice Amplifier



ZW-H6 UHF Wireless Portable PA System Loud Speaker with Headset. ZW-H6 UHF is a highly integrated system with many features. It is a public address system that amplifies your voice with HD sound quality. You can use a wired microphone or one wireless headset microphone to talk into it. It is a Music Player. You can play music from a TF card or USB flash disk. Support FM and REC functions.It’s not just a voice amplifier, it’s also a portable bluetooth speaker.

Please read the instructions carefully before using it.


  1. ZOWEETEK patented appearance;
  2. Bluetooth 5.0 which can support sync music play and wireless karaoke.Bluetooth connection distance is up to 33 ft;
  3. Supports TWS wireless Bluetooth connection;
  4. Supports FM and REC functions;
  5. UHF Wireless through-wall technology, high sensitivity Moving- Coil microphone, stable signal and clear sound;
  6. Super MP3 audio encoding technology — support TF card & USB flash disk and 3.5mm AUX audio input;
  7. Output power 25W with 4 inch Bass Speaker and 1.5 inch Treble Speaker, sound coverage up to 2000m2 ;
  8. Built in 2*2000 mAh lithium battery. Built in intelligent power manage ment module;
  9. Power double magnetic trumpet — more clear and penetrating;
  10. Adopt ZOWEETEK Acoustic amplification electroacoustic system;
  11. Equipped with ZOWEETEK special acoustic microphone — Loud and clear orginal sound amplification.


Function illustration

1. Power/Volume: Rotate the knob to “on ” till the display light up to turn on the speaker. During start-up status, rotate the knob clockwise to “ +” to continuously increase the volume; rotate the knob to“ – ”to decrease the volume. Rotate the knob to“off ” to turn off the device.

2. Digital display screen: Support FM radio frequency display, music play time display

3. Mode selection: Short press“ M ” to select TF card mode/USB flash drive mode/Bluetooth mode/FM mode/UHF mode.

4. One Key Bluetooth

5. REC Function:

(1). Connected with wireless or wired microphone, in any mode, long press “ ● ” when the time on the screen began to beat to enter into REC mode to record with inserting storage USB flash drive or TF card (maximum 32GB). After recording, short press “ ● ” again to stop recording and save the audio files and start to play the recordings.

(2). In music mode, short press “ ● ” to enter into recordings play mode with inserting storage (which have recordings). It will play the last recording by default and please press “ ” or “ ” button to select the previous and next recordings.

6. Play/Pause:

a. In music play mode, short press it to pause; short press it again to play ;

b. In any mode, double press the “ ” button to close the voice prompt of the speaker , and double press the “ ” button again to turn on the voice prompt of the speaker.

7. Next: Short press “ ” to select next audio file.Long press to fast forward.

8. Previous: Short press “ ” to select previous audio file. Long press to fast rewinding.

9. MIC volume: Rotate the knob clockwise to “ + ” to continuously increase the volume; rotate the knob to “ – ” to decrease the volume.

10. USB port: Support USB flash drive play, with a voice prompt “USB flash driver playing ”. Maximum support 32GB USB flash drive with MP3 /WAV /WMA format.

11. TF card slot: Support TF card play, with a voice prompt “ TF card playing ”. Maximum support 32GB TF card with MP3 /WAV /WMA format.

12. MIC jack: Insert the wired microphone with Ø3.5mm plug.

13. DC 5V: Please use the DC 5V=2A power adapter to charge the speaker.

TF card/USB flash drive function instruction

After inserted the TF card /USB flash drive into the slot of TF card /USB flash drive according to the direction of the speaker identification, the speaker will automatically play the music file of TF card /USB flash drive, and the previous song and the next song can be selected by pressing the “ ” or “ ” button.

Bluetooth Function

Step 1. Switch on the speaker and press “ ” to enter into Bluetooth mode. (The Bluetooth mode is ready with voice prompt “ Bluetooth is waiting for connection ” and “ ” on the screen keep flashing).

Step 2. Turn on the Bluetooth function of your mobile phone and search “ ZW-H6 ”. Click and it will be connected successfully with a voice prompt “Bluetooth is connected ”.

Step 3. After successful connection, it can play the audio files.

True Wireless Stereo Function

Step 1: Switch on two speakers and both press “ ” to enter into Bluetooth mode. Long press“ M ”of one speaker to enter into pairing status, when Bluetooth icon of another speaker stop flashing, which means this two speaker connected successfully.

Step 2: Turn on the Bluetooth function of your device and search “ H6 ”. Click and it will be pair successfully. Two devices will play simultaneously.

Step 3: Long press “ M ”of one speaker to exit this function.

FM Function

Switch on the speaker, short press “ M ” to choose the FM mode with the screen showing radio frequency; Long press “ ” to enter into automatic channels searching, after searched successfully, the device will save the channel automatically. Please press “ ” or “ ” to choose the saved channels.

About Speaker Charging

A. When working, the battery icon on the screen flash continuously, indicating that the battery is low, please charge it in time. Please use the standard adapter. Please unplug the adapter timely after fully charged the charging time is normally 4-5 hours. When charging, the screen battery icon will flash continuously. When fully charged, the battery icon will stop flashing and remain in the long light state.

B. In order to achieve the best effect when using the speaker for the first time, it is recommended to be fully charged before use.

C. Please use the standard 5V 2A charger to charge the device.

UHF Wireless Microphone

UHF Wireless Microphone Operation

Step 1: Turn on the speaker, fast and short press “ M ” 3 times to enter into UHF wireless pairing status with voice prompt “UHF is waiting for connection ”.

Step 2: Switch on the UHF wireless MIC and long press “ ” for 5s, pairing is successful with voice prompt “UHF is connected”. Then you can amplify voice with wireless MIC.

Note: During the use of wireless microphone, short press “+” to increase the microphone volume and short press “ – ” to reduce the microphone volume. Long press “ ” to disconnect wireless microphone with voice prompt “UHF is disconnected ”, repeat step 1 and step 2 to pair wireless microphone manually.

About UHF Wireless Microphone Charging

When the blue light blinks, it means the battery in the headset is low, Please push the switch to “ OFF ” state to close the microphone, connect one end of Micro USB connector to the DC 5V interface of the microphone, and connect the other end to the charger to the power socket. When charging, the red light will on all the time; it will go out when the battery is fully charged. Unplug the charger as soon as it is charged.

Wireless Microphone Technical Parameters

Caution And Trouble Shooting

  1. Aim at the MIC capsule when speaking and keep the distance between voice amplifier and MIC longer than 60cm avoid howling.
  2. No sound out from the speaker after the UHF Mic is paired. The connection between Mic and speaker may be lost. You should re-pair it as mentioned in the previous paragraph.
  3. Don’t insert or plug the connector frequently to avoid the looseness of socket or the bad connect.
  4. Recharge timely when battery power is low.
  5. Original accessories are suggested if they need to be replaced.
  6. Non-professional technician is not allowed to dismantle or repair the product, please contact the local agent if there is any question or service requirement.
  7. The amplifier should be kept in dry and ventilated area, rain, water, thump should be avoided.
  8. Please keep the product and accessories far away from children.
  9. This product needs to user the power adapter (DC 5V, 2A) to charge. After charged, please remember to unplug the power cord or power socket. We suggest stop other operations under the charging mode. Please cut off the power supply first if you need to use it.
  10. If you don’t need to use it, please switch off the speaker to avoid Zoweetek Guarantee: the loss of power.

Solve some normal problems by yourself

ZoweeTek Original Sound Voice Amplifier ZW-H6 User Manual – ZoweeTek Original Sound Voice Amplifier ZW-H6 User Manual –

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