ZTECH Mini Massager Instruction Manual


Indicator light, signal light

The indicator light indicates the gear size of the fascia gun. When one light is on, it is in first gear; when two lights are on, it is in second gear. Third gear when three lights are on, fourth gear when four lights are on.Turn on the green light once for a long time Four indicator lights are on once in turn. The signal light is red when charging. The signal light is green when the battery is fully charged.When the power is sufficient, the signal light flashes 3 times every 5 seconds, When the power is less than 60%, the signal light flashes twice every 5 seconds, When the power is less than 30%, the signal lamp flashes once every 5 seconds.


Please be sure to fully charge before first use. The signal light is red when charging, and green after charging.When the power of fascial gun is less than 10%, the signal light flashes red, and the signal light Turn on the red light and charge as soon as possible.

* To ensure the safety of use, do not use the fascial gun when charging* In order to protect the battery life, the signal light flashes red and charges as soon as possible


Pain and cramp due to muscle contusion, sprain and strain.To help the swelling flow.Loose and thickened connective fabric and fascia.Reduce the accumulation of lactic acid in muscle.Increase joint mobility.Eliminate muscle fatigue.


Aneurysm, bleeding, blood thinners.Heart disease, with pacemaker or deacidifier.Pregnancy, cancer.The device can not be used within 3 inches of internal fixation within 90 days after internal fixation.Sensitive area: head, face, cervical vertebra and spine.The position of tibia, dorsum of foot, dorsum of hand, etc.

Detailed list

Product parameters

Product name: MINIFascia GunBattery: 1800mAH High-Performance Lithium BatteryDuration: 8 hours or longerGEAR: 4-gear adjustmentInterface type: Micro USBRPM: 1800- 3200 RPMMassage headcount: 4CHARGING TIME: 4HShell material: ABSAMPLITUDE: 6mmGross / Net Weight: 350g


Product overview

Flat flat head

For every muscle Relaxation of parts. Plastic shape.

Round head

For massage Muscle parts, Such as palms, soles, etc


Suitable for impact depth Layer organization, such as collaterals, and joints


Double claw line

For neck massage And spine



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The above remedy is exclusive and XtremeTime Inc. shall NOT be liable for any incidental or consequential damages. This warranty is void if the product has been tampered with, ill-treated or if the defect is related to servicing not performed by XtremeTime Inc.

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