BEAM IsatDock2 DRIVE with Active Magnetic Antenna User Guide

BEAM IsatDock2 DRIVE with Active Magnetic Antenna

IsatDock2 DRIVE Equipment Overview

  1. IsatPhone 2 Eject Button
  2. IsatPhone 2 (not included)
  3. IsatPhone 2 Docking Tray
  4. Function Buttons
  5. Status Indication Light
  6. Power Cable Looma. Power Supplyb. Satellite Connector (TNC-Female)c. GPS Connector (SMA-Female)d. Microphonee. Speakerf. BEAM Alert Loop (green & brown)Horn Alert (blue) 3Radio Mute (white)
  7. RAM® Mounting
  8. Privacy Handset Connection
  9. Micro USB Data Connection
  10. IsatDock2 Adapter
  11. Speaker
  12. Microphone

Specification Summary

Average Power Consumption Current @ 12V Average Watts
Power w/o IsatPhone 2 130mA 1.6W
Standby + Charging 360mA 4.3W
Transmit + Charging 875mA 10.5W
Sleep Mode 5mA 60mW
Peak Current 3.5A 42W
Physical Specifications Metric Imperial
Dimensions 229 x 99 x 76 (mm) 9.0 x 3.9 x 3.0 (inches)
Weight – dock 670g 1.47lbs
Total Kit Weight 1.67Kg 3.68lbs
Environmental Specifications
Operating Range -30oC to +70oC -22oF to +158oF
Storage -35oC to +85oC -31oF to +185oF
Battery Charging Temp* 0oC to +45oC +32oF to +113oF
Humidity <=75% RH
I/O Alert
1 x BEAM Alert Loop Bare wire – “Normally closed” loop IN to OUT
Personal Alert In-built – single key press
Connectors / Interfaces
BEAM Antenna TNC-Female
GPS Antenna SMA-Female
10-32V DC 4-way microFit (AC/DC adapter, or DC lead)
Privacy Handset Port RJ9 connector
Speaker 2-way microFit / Class D, >3W 8ohm
Microphone 2-way microFit / 2.5V DC bias electret

* It is ideal for the ambient temperature to be approximately 18 degrees below the 45oC upper limit for the handset to charge the battery whilst docked.

Mounting Cradle

The IsatDock2 DRIVE is supplied with a universal RAM® mounting bracket that enables mounting to any flat surface (vertical or horizontal) within a vehicle, or other required location.

  1. Attach one pivot base to the rear of the IsatDock2 DRIVE using the M4 screws and washers supplied.
  2. Secure the second pivot base to the location you have selected for mounting the IsatDock2 DRIVE. (screws not supplied)
  3. Use the interconnecting arm of the RAM® mount to secure the IsatDock2 DRIVE to the pivot base and tighten into the desired position firmly using the wing nut on the arm.

Antenna Connection

The antenna connections exit from the rear of the IsatDock2 DRIVE cradle, via the antenna loom. There are two RF connections required, the Satellite Connector (TNC Female) and GPS Connector (SMA-Female).

  1. Refer to the antennas installation guide for antenna mounting and location requirements.
  2. Connect the antenna cable labelled “Inmarsat” to the IsatDock2’s TNC connector
  3. Connect the antenna cable labelled “GPS” to the IsatDock2’s SMA connector
  4. Connect the antenna cable labelled “Inmarsat” to the antenna connector labelled “SAT” via the SMA connector.
  5. Connect the antenna cable labelled “GPS” to the antenna connector labelled “GPS” via the SMA connector

WARNINGDO NOT pull with force on the cables from the rear of the IsatDock2 DRIVE. Please install strain relief clamping for the antenna cables where required. Correct installation of the antenna system is a vital part of the IsatDock2 DRIVE system, to ensure reliable functionality, and drop-free calls.

WARNINGChanges or modifications not expressly approved by BEAM Communications could void the product warranty.

WARNINGTo satisfy FCC RF exposure requirements for mobile transmitting devices, a separation distance of 55 cm or more should be maintained between the antenna of this device and persons during device operation. To ensure compliance, operations at closer than this distance is not recommended.

Docking and Un-docking your IsatPhone 2

  1. Lift the antenna ‘cover’ and rotate through 180 degrees, then push down into the open position.
  2. The ‘cover’ in the base of the phone should be rotated 180 degrees to be in the open position
  3. Detach the USB/Audio adapter from the dock and insert by hand in the base of the IsatPhone 2.
  4. To dock the handset, open the antenna slightly, align the IsatPhone 2 with the phone tray and slide the handset down until it seats flush to the bottom of the tray. Swing the phone down into the cradle by applying pressure to the top of the handset. An audible ‘click’ is heard when the phone is in the docked position.
  5. To remove the handset from the cradle, press the EJECT button at the top of the docking station. The dock will swing out and the handset can be removed.
  6. Place the adapter back in its dedicated slot, when the phone is not in the docking unit.

Privacy Handset (Optional – Extra Order)

The IsatDock2 DRIVE provides a RJ9 audio socket on the bottom of the docking unit, for connection to the BEAM privacy handset. This provides a local handset function, conveniently mounted next to the IsatDock2 DRIVE cradle.

  1. The Privacy Handset Kit (purchased/ ordered separately) contains a bracket, spacer plate, screws, washers and nuts.
  2. Mount the handset cup to the bracket which can be installed to the left or right side of the dock. Use the washers and nuts behind the bracket to secure the cup.[a] Handset cup[b] Mounting bracket[c] 3 x M4x14 screws, washers and nuts
  3. Mount the spacer plate and the mounting bracket to the rear of the IsatDock2 DRIVE, by using the longer screws provided with the kit. The original RAM® Base is also reinstalled on top of the plate and spacer. Install in the following order:[a] Rear of IsatDock2 DRIVE[b] Spacer plate[c] Mounting bracket[d] RAM® Base[e] 3 x M4x18 screws and washers
  4. Plug the Privacy Handset RJ9 connector into the bottom of the docking unit.Privacy Handset mode is enabled when the handset is removed from the cup. Please ensure to re-dock the Privacy Handset when not in use.

IsatDock2 DRIVE Front Panel

Location Button Mode Action LED/Sound
Mute Press ON/OFF In a Call:

Mute the microphone (uplink) on the privacy handset if connected to cradle.

LED turns RED – Muted LED turns OFF – Not muted


UP/DOWN In a Call:

Increase/decrease volume on the internal hardware or privacy handset (optional accessory) if connected to cradle.

Audio will sound louder/quieter in privacy handset with each press.
Out of Call:

Increase/decrease volume of incoming ring tone on the internal hardware speaker.

A beep will sound indicating the in- creased/decreased ring tone volume
Single Press (1 second) Send a Personal Alert message to the IsatPhone 2’s pre-configured destination* A beep will sound to indicate that a Personal Alert button was pressed.#


Brightness dual button simultaneous press (1 second) Out of Call:

Enter LED brightness change mode. Press UP and DOWN arrows to vary intensity. Mode will automatically exit after 5 seconds after the last button press.

All LED’s will change to WHITE and a double beep will sound when entering brightness change mode.A short single beep will sound when exiting change mode.

* This action is optional, only when the Personal Alert Mode for your IsatPhone 2 is configured.# A beep will only sound if audible alerts are enabled in the Falcon

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