LAMAX Muse2 Wireless Headphone User Guide



OnOffPairingPlay / PauseNext / Previous TrackVOL + / VOL –Answer / End CallReject CallRedial the last callActivate MobileAssistant Hold for 2 secondsHold for 2 secondsHold for 4 secondsPressHold / holdPress / pressPressHold for 3 secondsPress twicePress three times

Turning On

Press for 2 seconds to turn on the headphones. This is accompanied by an audible notification and the blue LED lights up.Pairing1. To enter the pairing mode, hold the button for 4 seconds. This is indicated by the LED alternately flashing red and blue.2. On your device, turn Bluetooth on and locate and select LAMAX Muse2 in the list of available Bluetooth devices. After successfully pairing, there is an audible notification. If you have trouble pairing, remove your headphones from the list of paired devices in your smartphone. Turn off the headphones and then hold the button for 4 seconds. The headphones turn on and automatically go into pairing mode. Pair the headphones again as in Step 2 above.Turning OffPress and hold them for 2 seconds to turn off the headphones.


To charge, connect the micro USB cable to the headphones and the other end to the 5V USB charger. The LED lights up red when charging and will turn off when fully charged.


Wireless technologyBluetooth rangeSupported codecsBattery capacityHeadphone charging timePlayback timeWeight Bluetooth 5.0up to 10 metersSBC500 mAh3 hoursup to 35 hours222 g

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