METER TEROS 06 Soil Temperature Profile Probe User Guide

METER TEROS 06 Soil Temperature Profile Probe


Confirm that TEROS 06 components are intact. For installation, gather the TEROS 06 Auger, a dead blow hammer, pvc casing or flexible conduit, a cable inserting tool, a spade, and a level.Determine the desired installation location, avoid roots and rocks, and mark the drilling depth (104 cm on the TEROS 06 auger. Drill a hole stepwise until the marker reaches the soil surface. Avoid interfering objects, such as roots or rocks. Dig a narrow trench 15 cm deep with a spade from the installation location to the data logger site to bury the sensor cable.

METER recommends conducting a system check with a logger prior to installation.Read the full TEROS 06 User Manual at All products have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

ATTENTIONFor best results, use the latest versions of METER software and firmware for the computer or mobile device, ZENTRA products, and sensors. Please use the software Help menu to find updates. Consult the sensor user manual for more troubleshooting tips.


  1. Insert SensorGently insert the probe into the borehole until the shaft end is flush with the soil surface.If the borehole is too tight, remove the sensor and insert the auger. Rotate the auger one or two revolutions to expand the borehole a bit.DO NOT use a hammer to drive in the sensor!
  2. Protect CablesLay the cables in the trench. Gather and secure cables between the TEROS 06 and the data logger to the mounting mast in one or more places.Backfill the soil.
  3. Plug Sensor In and Check SensorPlug the sensor into the logger and use the software SCAN function to do a quick check of sensor operation before backfilling.
  4. Configure LoggerUse data logger software to apply appropriate settings to the sensors plugged into each data logger port.


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