TELTONIKA TRB141 Small Industrial LTE Cat 1 Gateway User Guide

TELTONIKA TRB141 Small Industrial LTE Cat 1 Gateway User Guide

Product Overview





DI1 and DI2 are DRY/WET configurable inputs. WET: 0-1.9 V is detected as logical “0”, 1.9-3.8 V is detected as logical “1”. DRY: Logical “0” is detected when input is shorted to GND, otherwise input is detected as logical “1”NC*, C* and NO* are respectively Normally Closed, Common and Normally Open contacts of internal Relays 1 and 2. Maximum Relay 1 (Non-latching) ratings: 0.5 A at 60 VDC/70 VAC, 1 A at 30 VDC/VAC. Maximum Relay 2 (Latching) ratings: 0.8 A at 70 VDC, 0.9 A at 70 VAC, 2 A at 30 VDC/VAC.A is ADC input. Analog voltage range 0-30 V. Input can be configured for 4-20mA sensor protocol as current measurement of 0-30 mA. I and  are isolated input contacts. 0-7.3 V is detected as logical “0”, 7.3-71 V is detected as logical “1”+ is power output connected directly to gateway’s power supply input pin. This Output can be used for powering external 4-20 mA current sensor. 3.8 is 3.8V power output which can be used to power 1-Wire sensors when needed.1W 1-Wire protocol input/output. is GND contact.Power pin: +9 … +30 VDC positive power input.Ground pin: negative/ground connection from power supply. I/O pins: programmable Input/Output pins (Open Collector output, max 30 V or Digital input where 0-7.3 V is detected as logical “0”, 7.3-30 V is detected as logical “1”).


  1. Unscrew two back panel hex bolts and remove the back panel.
  2.  Insert your SIM card into the SIM socket.
  3. Attach the panel and tighten the hex bolts.
  4. Attach the mobile antenna (max torque 0.4 N·m / 3.5 lbf·in).
  5. Connect the USB cable.


  1. Power on the device and connect the USB cable to your computer.
  2. Allow the gateway to boot up. This might take up to 30 seconds.
  3. Your computer’s OS should detect the USB device and install the driver.
  4. To enter the gateway’s Web interface (WebUI), type into the URL field of your Internet browser.
  5. Use login information shown in image A when prompted for authentication.
  6. After logging in pay attention to the Signal Strength indication displayed in the Mobile widget (image B). To maximize the cellular performance try adjusting the antennas or changing the location of your device to achieve the best signal conditions.




Radio specifications

RF technologies 2G, 3G, 4G
Max RF power 33 , 24 , 23

Bundled accessories specifications

Power adapter Input: 0.4 VAC, Output: 9 VDC, 0.5 A, 4-pin plug
Mobile antenna 698~960 / 1710~2690 MHz, 50 Ω, VSWR<2, gain** 2 dBi, omnidirectional, SMA male connector
  • Order code dependent.
  • Higher gain antenna can be connected to compensate for cable attenuation when a cable is used. The user is responsible for the compliance with the legal regulations.


TRB141 gateway must be used in compliance with any and all applicable national and international laws and with any special restrictions regulating the utilization of the communication module in prescribed applications and environments.

Hereby, TELTONIKA declares that this TRB141 is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive RED.

] Instruction Manual: Connect the power adapter to turn on the device. Open in your web browser to configure it. More information on

 This sign means that all used electronic and electric equipment should not be mixed with general household waste.

 This sign means that product meets the requirements of the applicable EU directives.



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