XTREME XDC6-1003 Dash Cam with 1080p HD Recording User Manual






  • Please insert the card according to the right direction to avoid damage to the card or DVR.
  • It is recommended to format the card once a week. This product is not intended as an exclusive storage device.
  • Please back up the important files to a computer or another storage device immediately to avoid losing files.
  • Please check the mount carefully after installation to avoid damage caused by poor installationPlease do not use this product in a wet environment.
  • Please do not record or take pictures directly of the sun, to avoid damage to the optical devices.
  • Please do not use this product in an excessive dust environment, in case of the lens and other components be contaminated and thus producing a lower quality video. Please keep the lens clean using a microfiber cloth made for optical devices.
  • This product uses precision electronic components. Please do not be subject to intense impact or vibration.
  • Please kindly note working temperature is 14°F- 140°F. Storage temperature is -4°F-158°F. Please do not isolate DVR for a long time.


  1. Micro USB
  2. Lens
  3. Card Slot

Functions as the Up Key when short pressing this button. Functions as the ON/OFF Key when holding this button. Functions as the SOS shortcut key when short pressing this button while recording.

Functions as the OK Key when short pressing this button. Functions as the Mode Key when holding this button. Functions as the Down Key when short pressing this button. Functions as the mute shortcut key when short pressing this button while recording.

Functions as the Menu Key when holding this button.

  1. PowerOn: Recording
12. Time
2. Voice/Mute 13. Charging
3. Parking Monitor ON 14. Charging Indicator
4. Recording Time 15. Photo
5. Video 16. Exposure
6. loop recording 17. White Balance
7. Motion Detection 18. ISO
8. Exposure 19. Photo Quantity
9. Video Resolution 20. Image Resolution
10. Micro SD Card in 21. Image Quality
11. Date


  • In the off state, press the DVR enters into video mode, and will start recording automatically. When the device is connected with the car charger in the off state it will enter video mode and start recording automatically when the car is powered on. When the charger is disconnected, the DVR will automatically save the current file and shut down in a 5-second delay.
  • Note: LCD screen will show please insert micro SD card’ if Micro SD card not inserted. If the Micro SD card is inserted with DVR in its working state, the DVR will automatically power off.

Operating the Dash Cam

Power off:

  • In its working state, hold to power off.
  • Note: In low battery state, the screen will display low Battery’ and automatically saves the current file and shuts

Battery Charging:

  • In the charging state, the display will indicate that the device is plugged in and charging.


  • When the car is powered on with the device plugged in, the DVR will automatically start and enter into video mode, the upper left corner of the screen shows the red dot recording icon. While the green LED on the bottom left corner of the device will begin to flash indicating that the DVR is recording.


  • Hold to enters photo mode. The upper left corner of the screen shows the photo icon.
  • Short press to take pictures. When taking pictures, the screen flashes once and the green LED flashes once, indicating that a photo was taken.


Xtreme warrants its products for ONE YEAR against defects in manufacturing under regular consumer use with the original receipt of retail purchase.

We believe in our products and want to provide you with a replacement if needed, but we have to know about the problem while the product is still under warranty. If you discover a defect covered by this warranty, please contact us about receiving a replacement. In order to use the product’s warranty, the customer must provide proof of the retailer’s receipt.

*Any customers outside of the U.S. will be responsible for shipping and handling charges if a replacement is required that is not due to a manufacturing defect

Xtreme’s warranty is limited to our products only. Our warranty does not cover the replacement or repair cost of any third-party accessory, electronic device, or personal property.

For instructions about how to obtain warranty service for your product, please contact Customer Service at[email protected]

Package Contents:

Dash CamCar ChargerSuction Cup MountUSB CableUser Manual

Operating the Dash Cam Playback and Delete:

  • In video mode, press to stop recording.
  • Long press twice to switch to playback mode and the playback icon will be displayed in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Short press / to select the files up or down.
  • Short press to play the selected video file, then short press it again to pause playback.
  • In Playback mode, hold! to enter into the Delete or Protect interface. Short press / to select Delete or Protect files.


  • When the vehicle brakes suddenly or experiences abrupt impact, the G-sensor will activate to save and protect the current video clip from being overwritten automatically.


  • While recording short press manually to save the current video from being overwritten.

Parking Monitor:

  • In standby mode, hold! to enter the setting menu, then short press/ to select parking monitor and press to set it.
  • Short press/to select the sensitivity of /26/46/86, then press to confirm and exit the menu. In the settings menu, turn on park monitor function with screen display P icon (Turn off park monitoring function, P icon will disappear)
  • Turn off DVR, if DVR detects vibration, it will record automatically and shut down after 30 seconds,and aromatically lock the files. This function is applicable to parking monitor security.
  • The video resolution of the parking monitor is 1080FHP 30fps.

Motion Detection:

  • In standby mode, long press to enter into setting menu, then short press/ to select motion detection and press , to set it.
  • When DVR detects moving objects, it starts to record and green video Indicator light flashes. If there is no movement for 10seconds, DVR stops to record and enters into motion detection mode. DVR records again when detecting any movement. The default setting is off.

Setting Time and Date:

  • Press the device will enter into standby mode. Long press twice to enter into setting menu, then short press/to select date and time and press to confirm.
  • Short press /to adjust the date, then press. After setting the date and time, hold! to save the setting and exit menu.

Computer Connection:

  • Connect the device to the PC with a USB cable.
  • Select Mass Storage and the DVR will detect inserted memory card to show files.
  • When selecting PC Camera the DVR can be used as a PC
  • Note: Incorrect operation can lead to system crashes. Please use a pen or paper clip to press the reset hole to

System Settings

  • In standby mode hold to enter system settings. Press/ to select item and pressto confirm. Press to exit the menu.
MenuSetting Mode Category Sub-Category

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1080P 1440×1080

720P                            1280×720

WVGA                    848×480

VGA                              640×480

Factory default:108OP

Loop recording


Factory default:3Minutes



Factory default: Off

Record Audio


Factory default: On

Date Stamp


Factory default: On

G Sensor


Factory default: 4G




Factory default: 8M

Capture Mode


Factory default Off



Factory default: Normal



Factory default: Normal

White balance


Factory default Auto



Factory default: Auto


+0.0, -1/3, -2/3, -1.0, -4/3, -5/3, -2.0,

+2.0, +5/3. +4/3, +1.0, +2/3, +1/3

Factory default:+0.0



Factory default: Off

Quick Review


Factory default: Off

Date Stamp

Off, date, date/time

Factory default:Date/time



Delete current/ Delete all


Lock Current/Unlock Current/Lock A11/Unlock All

System Setting

Parking monitor


Factory default: Off




Auto Power-off

OW1 minute/3 minutes

Factory default: Off

LCD OFF Off/3minute/5 minutes/10 minutes Factory default: Off

Beep Sound


Factory default: on



Factory default: English





Micro SD Card

Default setting



The current versionnumber


LCD size 2.0inch TFT Screen
Video Resolution 1920*10801311440*10801311280*720P\848*480P\640*480P
Lens Diagonal 120° wide-angle lens
Video Format AVI
Image Resolution 12M/10M/8M/5M/3M/2/vIHD/1.3MNGA
Image Format JPEG
G-sensor support
SOS support
Motion Detection Support
Parking Monitor Support
Loop Recording Support
Microphone/Speaker Support
Memory                   Card

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Max. support 32GB( class 6 or class 10 or above suggested)
Frequency 50HZ/60HZ
Input 5V/lA
Battery Capacity 200mAh
Language English

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