ZYXEL XGS1210-12 12-Port Web-Managed Multi-Gigabit Switch User Guide

XGS1210-1212-Port Web-Managed Multi-Gigabit Switchwith 2-Port 2.5G and 2-Port 10G SFP+Quick Start Guide

Package Contents

Hardware Installation

  1. Connect to an appropriate power source.
  2. Connect to a modem or router that has internet access.

Option A Manage Your Device

Configure the Switch with a Dynamically Assigned IP

  1. Connect the Switch and your computer to the same network that has a DHCP server.
  2. Use the ZON utility to discover the Switch. Select the Switch and click the Web GUI icon to access its web configurator.

Option B Configure the Switch with a Static IP

Connect your computer to the Switch using an Ethernet cable. Your computer must have an IP address in the same subnet as the Switch.Launch your web browser and go to Enter 1234 as the password. Click SIGN IN.


PWR/SYS Green– On – Power on.Blinking – Starting up.Off – Switch off.
Ports 1-8LINK/ACT GreenAmber– On – 1000 Mbps connection ready.Blinking – Data transmitting.On – 10/100 Mbps connection ready.Blinking – Data transmitting.Off – No Connection.
Ports 9-10(Left LED)(Right LED) Skye BlueGreenAmber– On – 2.5 Gbps Connection Ready.Blinking – Data transmitting.On – 1000 Mbps connection ready.Blinking – Data transmitting.On – 100 Mbps connection ready.Blinking – Data transmitting.
Ports 11-12(Left LED)(Right LED) BlueGreen– On – 10 Gbps Connection Ready.Blinking – Data transmitting.On – 1000 Mbps connection ready.Blinking – Data transmitting.Off – No Connection.


I cannot see or access the Login screen in the Web Configurator.

  • Make sure you are using the correct IP address.(The default IP address is
  • Make sure your computer is in the same subnet as the Switch. If you haven’t changed the default IP address, your computer IP address should be in the ~ range.
  • Make sure you have entered the password correctly. If you have changed the password and have forgotten it, you’ll have to reset the Switch to its factory default.(The default Password is 1234.)

A loop is detected.

  • A loop may happen in the following example situations:
  1. The Switch is connected to another device in a loop state.
  2. The Switch is connected to another device with two cables.
  • Loop Prevention is enabled by default. If a loop happens, the Switch will block the port in a loop state. If a loop happens on two ports, the Switch will block the higher-numbered port. For example, if a loop happens on ports 4 and 5, the Switch will block port 5, and its LED will be off. To restore a port in a loop state, disconnect it, check the network connections, and reconnect it.
  • You can log into the Web Configurator. Go to System in the Web Configurator to check your port status.

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